Lot 48: #groopdealz party

November 17, 2014

#groopdealz party

several weeks ago, i got an email from groopdealz inviting me to their relaunch party.  i am ashamed to admit that i had only heard of groopdealz due to blogging but wasn't entirely sure who they were or what they did and certainty never used them.  but i am all for a party so i registered!! 

a few days before the party, i got a box in the mail with my wrist bands that were my tickets, a necklace, some fun glitter, nice headphones, an airhead and pixy sticks! i was stoked!! 

the first thing i saw when we got there was a red carpet!!! i was so excited!! i felt so legit and fancy and important and FAMOUS!!! 

and they had one of these things!!! i felt even more famous!! the next day, my sister told me "your posing skills look so legit!! you look famous!!" YES!!!! VICTORY!! 

we got there just as the party was starting, because i am one of those lame people who shows up only slightly late to a party.

they had the BEST mocktails!! this is utah, people, so, there was no alcohol in anything. and i checked!
they had a full on dinner, which was so delicious.  tacos with a million choices of meat and salsa!

i loved the view from the top! get it?  cause i'm faaamous. not.

 i loved the lights! i tied two on my arms. correction. taran tied two on my arms because i couldn't figure out how to snap them together.  i needed an engineer's help.

"taran, take a picture of me with two glasses like i'm trying to get drunk.  i'll caption it, 'i'm really thirsty.'"

then the CEO took the stage and gave out an iphone 6 and took a selfie.  it was awesome.

how did my business cards get there?!?! FINE. when i don't have the nerve to talk to people, i just leave my blog cards on tables in the hopes that someone picks it up and is like "this sounds awesome.  i am going to follow right away."

crazy dancers in the air!!!!!

and then everything exploded and it was AWWWWWWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo booth we never made it into because the line was loooooong 

and then i got carried away by party excitement....

"TARAN!  let's take a bunch of selfies!!"

"TARAN!! dance so i can take pictures of you and show everyone how sexy you are!!"

and then my mom called me and immma like "scuse me, you're daughter is partying" and texted her this and i thought to myself "oh, she is gonna be like "oh, my daughter is sooooo cool."  i called her after to revel in my victory of being a cool daughter but all she wanted to talk about was the next day and taking the kids to disney on ice and then i'm like, "ummm.... hellllo..... did you not get my text.  i was at a cool party." and then she got on board and was like "yeah, what was that z? what's groopdealz? were you at a club???" no mama, i was at a party that i was INVITED to cause i'm kooool.....

and then we got really tired and i was really sweaty so i was like let's sit down.  and we drank our mocktails and then there was this guy who was pushing 70 and he started dancing and dropping it like it's hot towards us on the couch and i was sitting next to a woman who was my mom's age and he was all shakin' it and taran and i look at each and are like "that guy is the coolest man we have ever seen." and then i went to take the pictures you see before you.

we did not stay until the balloons dropped because yours truly had to wrangle three kids in the morning for disney on ice so we left at 930 like the bosses we are.  and the entire time i was there, i was thinking, "my husband is pushing 30, i wonder if this is too loud for him.  i wonder if he's tired."  the second we left, hubs said "wow! i'm getting old! it was so loud in there!!! i could do that in my early 20s, but that was just too loud!!" and then i remembered my husband is nearly 6 years old from me and i was like wooooaaaaaaah cause i often forget our age difference.

thank you groopdealz for inviting me, i had a blast!! but really, i have no idea how i got your email invite but i am oh so glad i did.

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  1. this looks like such a blast!! i love the pics!! i would be mad too if my mom didn't notice what a party girl I was being :)

  2. I love Groopdealz! I had to auto-archive their daily emails to prevent from over spending!

  3. Looks like it was a fantastic time! I've never heard of the company but I might check them out..

  4. This looks like so much fun! I'm officially jealous and want to move to Utah ;)

    1. Psst I nominated you for a blog award here --> http://bit.ly/1wQJT57

  5. Oh my gosh you're hilarious, I love your text to your mom, I would totally send something like that. I'm glad you had so much fun, I totally want to go to. groopdealz party if I'm ever cool enough to get invited!

  6. This looks like a blast and a half! So wish I was there!

  7. This looks fun!! Groopdealz is one of my favorites!

  8. That looks like so much fun! I hadn't even heard of Groopdealz before. What kind of blogger am I???


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