Lot 48: getting to knooooooow meeeeeee......

November 20, 2014

getting to knooooooow meeeeeee......

carly at musings of a wanderer was kind enough to nominate me for a liebster award!! i have received the award back in april and am so excited to be nominated again!! i love answering these fun questions, and since i am always up for you getting to know me better i was excited to have a prompt of questions instead of me trying to think of what to say about myself!! 

1.   If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? greece, for sure!! that is my #1 travel choice right now.  my husband and i are dying to go and is something we HAVE to cross off our bucket list.
2.   If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?  go to greece.  ha! and buy two new cars.  we both need new cars.  and get an imac.
3.   If money were no object, what would you do all day?  work.  i need to do something with my brain.  it could be volunteer work.  i would love to start a foundation of some kind with that money and then my husband would use it to build a medical device that would do well in a third world country and we would travel there and help people.  we really want to do that.  that's what i would do all day.  run a charity.
4.   Wine or beer?  as my readers know, i don't drink, so neither! but wine smells much better than beer, so i bet if i did drink, i would like wine. 
5.   If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to? it would definitely be in the 1800s when they had those beautiful dresses, even with those corsets!! i am so in love with that time and the dresses.  the dresses!! i would kill to wear one of those dresses, they are so beautiful.
6.   If you were to create a piece of art, what would the subject be?  me?  art? haha! that would be horrible.  i guess it would be a painting?  i would just take some colors and splash the paint on the canvas and that would be it.  because my artistic abilities end there.
7.   What Harry Potter house would you be sorted into? gryffindor!! i like to think that i am brave and courageous and would fight to the death.  definitely not ravenclaw, i am not nearly smart enough.
8.   Who is your favorite blogger?  sarah at venus trapped in mars and i think it has a lot to do with her blog design. and her pictures.  i am in love with her blog design.  it is a little too sporty for me, but i just love it.  and i love the way she writes.  also, i love amanda at the laurel gazette.  i adore the way she writes and is oh so very hilarious.  she is the blogger i most want to be friends with.
9.   If you never had to work would you still want to? yes!! i think i mentioned above, yes!! yes yes! i need my mind to be creating something, contributing to something. i feel my best when i am doing that.  exercising my mind, i need that.  crushing problems.  thinking of a solution with my brain.  i have to have that. i know i said in yesterday's post that i don't want to work when i have kids, but i will for sure be doing something.  it could be part time work or just.... something!!! i'll figure it out!! kids are years away.  for now, i really love working.  i didn't realize how much i missed it until i went on disability leave and then came back to work after 3 months off.  i am so happy to be working again, but the break was also very necessary.  i had stretched myself too thin.
10.  What are you most looking forward to this holiday? being in my house with my family!! last time we were all together for Christmas, we accepted that it was the last Christmas we would have in our house we grew up in as my parents were trying to sell it, but my dad decided to put the house on hold so we could have Christmas there!! i am so excited!!!! 
11.  What is the bravest thing you have ever done?  i think moving to a completely different city has been the bravest thing i have ever done!! whether it was to LA or to London or to where i currently live, Salt Lake City, it was scary!! but i did it!! and those were the best choices i ever made.  i love the life i have built for myself!!

thanks for giving me this prompt carly!  it was fun! now go answer some of those questions yourself and leave a comment!! happy thursday!!

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  1. I'm always such a fan of these sort of get to know you posts. I pinky swear if you drank you would like wine better than beer...I honestly have no idea how anyone likes beer I think it tastes like cat pee (or what I would imagine cat pee to taste like). I also LOVE Amanda at the Laurel Gazette, she is so hilarious.

  2. I love these posts because you get to learn so much! I like to think I would be in the same house. Seeing the 1800's would be pretty cool!

  3. Oh I''m pretty sure I'm going to love Venus Trapped in Mars page also, just started following!

  4. These posts are so much fun! I would totally be in Gryffindor too. We could hang out in the common room!

  5. AHHH thank you for the LOVE!!! You are so sweet!!

    And lets take a moment to talk about the dresses in the 1800s. I AM OBSESSED with those. Talk about the perfect shape for every female. I wish those could come back around in fashion, i'm on board with wearing dresses every single day!! :)


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