Lot 48: disney on ice: worlds of fantasy

November 16, 2014

disney on ice: worlds of fantasy

a few weeks ago, i saw an ad on the board in the break room at work for disney on ice. 

i immediately texted all my sisters and my mom, who would be in town helping my sister as it was the weekend after rachelle had june and asked them if they wanted to go.  my sisters had concerns about their really little kids, like their 1 yr old and their 2 yr old and didn't think they would be able to sit still for a long period of time and enjoy it, so we took the 3 yr old and the 4 yr old, the 2 yr to get her out of the way of rachelle as she had a two second old baby on her hands.  and as we know, avery is obsessed with babies and refers to june as "her baby" and rachelle greatly appreciated having her out of the way for a few hours.  {ps when i took avery home, i wasn't allowed to hold june.  avery got very upset when i did because "my baby!!" and then she decided june needed socks on her hands and put them on her, resulting in smushing june's fingers and yes..... avery is possessive of "her baby."}

my mom and i were so excited to take them!! they dressed up, because that's what you gotta do when you go to see disney on ice!! lincoln doesn't have a disney costume, so he wore his halloween costume of a swat team member.  rock it, dude.

my mom was super worried about being late, as our family tends to be, so we left reallly early and got to our seats a full 30 minutes before it started.  my mom was so worried about being late eli (center, 4 yrs old) commented as we drove there "wow! we are going fast!!" 

the show started and the kids were riveted by mater and lightening mcqueen, sally and the whole cars gang!! 

eli is so funny.  ever since he was a baby, he has never shown any reaction on his face when something fun is happening.  i knew he was enjoying it, but this was his typical eli face. 

 i sat next to avery, who had never seen little mermaid so she had a million questions.  "who's that?  what's that?" that's flounder, he's a fish.  that's sebastian, he's a lobster, that's ariel, she's a princess.  lots and lots of questions.

then she decided she wanted to sit on ama's lap.  #rude.

then the tinkerbell section!!! they made up a whole story of tinkerbell and her forest of fairies.  i didn't get the story, i couldn't follow.  the whole show was to a track, and angelica houston was the voice of the fairy queen and kristen chenoweth was one of the fairies.  eli was sooooo bored during this part.  he was bending over the seats, throwing his head back, soooo bored.  he's a big boy, he has no interest in fairies. 

 after intermission was the main event: toy story!!! the green army men came out.

 buzz!!! eli wasn't bored anymore!!   they followed the plot of toy story 3 so there was the big purple bear that was really evil and it was really well done.

 avery had never seen toy story either, i guess she has only seen the recent disney movies, so i had the pleasure of her sitting on my lap during this part which was heaven!! she had a million questions. she really liked the bear, i didn't tell her he was the evil one.  and she was too young to follow the story, so i made sure she believed he was just a soft cuddly guy.

 there was a huge sequence of ken and barbie which avery was very interested in.

sorry your eyes look demon-ess, mom.

going home, eli said "can we go back tomorrow?" and avery yelled "THAT WAS FUN!!!" 
my mom hasn't lived in salt lake city in 19 years, since she and my dad packed up our family and moved us to my hometown 300 miles away so i was trying to tell her how to get on the freeway to take the kids home, but she ended up going on a backroad that is in the baaaad part of town where people go to die and drug deals happen and i locked those doors real fast.  but it was all okay, because there was the home of lewis stages buses, and lincoln got real excited to see all those big buses and asked why they weren't moving.  i told him they were napping.

when my mom was young, she was an olympic level ice skater.  she was kind of i think almost maybe if my memory serves me asked to be on the olympic team. so periodically throughout the show, i looked at mom, wondering if the skaters were any good, because i had no idea.  i just get excited when they jump and twirl and i'm easy to please and like, "wow!!" but once we got to my sister's house and all the kids were in their proper places, it didn't long for her to say "well it was clear the skaters were not olympic level.  i saw 8 falls.  one was in the first few minutes. there were some good parts like this move and that move.." and i'm like "how did i miss all of these falls?!?! i didn't see any!!" and she said it happened when they weren't in the spotlight.  my sister and i looked at each other because it was just what we expected after an ice show.  hahaha

can i just brag about her for another minute??? my mom grew up in detroit.  she skated during recess and her dad built her a rink at home.  she skated at school and then when she got home, she skated from then until bed time.  she would sit next to the radiator and thaw her feet and be near tears as the pain of thawing your feet after 8+ hours of skating is rough.  she really, really, really good. after the olympic coach saw her skate, she decided she didn't want that lifestyle.  which works out well for me, because then she never would have been a nurse and she never would have met my dad!! 

ANYWAY!! disney on ice was fun and the kids are still talking about it.  #auntwin


  1. This sounds like such a fun show to attend. I went to a production of Peter Pan on ice earlier this fall and like you I was so impressed I saw anyone jump or twirl. My cousin was also a figure skater and therefore was less impressed than I (also noticing the falls). Your mom is crazy impressive she seems like she was such a dedicated and talented skater.

  2. Can I just say how amazing this is?! I wish I knew kids so that I could take them to something like this. Just amazing! Also, your mom is an Olympic level skater?! #howcoolisthat?!

  3. Best aunt award goes to you!! That seriously looks like the best time. I love how your nephew shows little emotion. Too funny!!

  4. What a fun outing with the kiddos and your mom! You are the best auntie ever.

    And that's amazing about your mom. How cool!


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