Lot 48: audrey was a fan of peacocks, you know

November 3, 2014

audrey was a fan of peacocks, you know

i have mentioned before that i don't like doing weekend recaps, but when the weekend includes halloween, i have to recap, right?

i had such a fun halloween and i really hope you did too!! halloween is so much more fun with kids.  it really is.  and it gives me an excuse to go trick or treating.

we started the day off by trick or treating at my grandparent's nursing home.  the residents were so sweet and loved having all these kids visit!! 

it is so hard to get kids to look at the camera all at the same time!! but we have a princess, a swat team member, two firemen, their dalmatian, and a peacock!! aren't they the cutest??

my sweet isaac who is only 3 months old looked soooo cute in his costume!! i wanted to eat him. he is sooo squishy!! 

and i was dying with how cute my niece london was in her peacocok costume.  my sister is so talented and creative!! she made the costume all by herself!! 

my grandparent's door won best door contest! they had pictures of spooky skeletons and stuff on the the wall and all those cobwebs!! my nieces and nephews had so much fun going from door to door getting candy and their sweet little voices were adorable when they said "trick or treat!" and "happy halloween!" and "thank you!!" whenever i reminded them to say thank you, they would just say, "happy halloween!!" haha, especially avery, the princess.

this year, we were humphrey bogart and audrey hepburn! our costumes put together didn't really make sense, but i didn't care.  taran look reallllly sexy in his fedora hat and i wanted to be audrey, so there ya go!! my nephews were very wary of me.  especially oliver (the tiny fireman).  when i got to his house, he just stared at me.  for a really long time.  i said "it's okay honey, it's aunt lauren!! i'm just wearing a costume because it's halloween!!" but he just looked at me warily like "um.... i'm not sure.... i don't know you..." the black hair really threw him off.  and lincoln (swat team guy).  i asked him if he liked my costume, he said no. 

the gang.  we passed a black cat!! ironic!

i love the sign my sister made to put on her belly.  she is about to pop, and could have her baby girl any day now.  i am getting really excited!! she told avery that she was the queen of the pumpkins so that avery would listen to her.  i love my baby girl, she was so cute the entire night!! i love the conversations we have.  and she is going to be the best big sister.  she is obsessed with babies.  every time one of us holds isaac, she demands to hold him too.  

my brother in law is in his intern year of residency and only was able to trick or treat with us for about 20 minutes before he had to go to his night shift at the hospital.  i told him, "great costume, scooter.  everyone is going to think you're a doctor."  guys, i'm sooooo funny. 

audrey was a fan of peacocks, you know.  i couldn't get over how cute she was!! and she knew she was cute, too!! she would strut down the street, wagging her peacock feathered butt.  it was so adorable.  

after the kids went to bed, we went home and watched all the halloween episodes of community, as i mentioned i would on friday.  once we had watched all of those, we watched the modern family episode of halloween.  can you believe there is only one good hallowen episode of modern family?! and then we watched halloweentown, again, as i mentioned i would on friday, with warm apple cider and cookies.

and this!! it is a huge rice krispy treat my sister made that looked like candy corn!! i am telling you, this girl is sooo creative!! 

i gave out alll my halloween candy that i bought because it was time to stop eating it before i got fat. it was for the best.

and now!! today is the big day!! the first day of my new job!! like i predicted on friday, this weekend was anxiety ridden and awful.  saturday was one of the hardest days of my life.  i was soooo incredibly anxious and nervous about today, i had the biggest knot in my stomach all day and despite all my efforts, i couldn't get rid of it.  sunday was much better and i started to get excited instead.  

i know this job is going to be really good.  i know it.  and i am really excited.  and if you follow me on instagram, you know that i got a bunch of new work clothes for a steal of a price from one of my favorite stores!! yay for warehouse sales!! i am READY! wish me luck!! happy monday!! 


  1. You look completely stunning as Audrey...seriously SUCH a cute costume! Your nieces and nephews all look adorable, halloween really is so much fun with kids. I love the peacock costume, I want one in my size!

  2. I'm glad you had a great Halloween and I can't wait to hear all about your awesome first day at your awesome new job!

  3. Loved your costume and please thank your sister for making me want a rice krispy treat right now! Ugh. I love them!

  4. (1) You make a FABULOUS Audrey and (2) I LOVE the little fireman!! So so adorable!! However, I might be partial to fireman - that's what my husband dressed up as this Halloween LOL

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