Lot 48: November 2014

November 28, 2014

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November 27, 2014

i am thankful i am blessed

 happy thanksgiving everyone!! i am going to pull a total blogger cliche and share a list of things i am thankful for.  i know. soooo cliche and i am sure your feed is blowing up with the same kinds of posts.  so bear with me for a minute because i would feel uneasy and ungrateful if i didn't share my gratitude in my abundance of blessings the Lord has given me. i have shared what i am thankful for in the past, but so much has changed since then!! 

my Lord and the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  yes, i am Mormon and proud of it.  it is the single most important thing in my life.  i need this gospel.  i need my Lord.  i need him.  the gospel of Jesus Christ makes me happier than anything has.  i would go to the moon and back for it.  there is nothing in the entire universe that i love more than this gospel.  it has saved me.  it has improved me.  following the Lord's commandments and the teachings of this amazing church has turned me into the woman i have always wanted to be.  i could go on for hours.  i love this church.  i would be nothing without it.  nothing.  

my husband.  obviously, this is the first on the list.  last year, he came to thanksgiving with my family, but he was just my fiancĂ© then.  but now he is my husband!!  after 9 months of marriage, i still don't get tired of saying that!! i really want to do Christmas cards, and i blame natalie for putting the idea in my head.  i hadn't really thought about it, but now i want to do it!! but seriously, my husband.  he is an absolute saint.  i really, truly cannot believe how much i love him and how lucky i got.  how did i get him??  i really have no idea but i am oh so very grateful.  i love him so much.  i am so thankful for all he does for me.  he is the most amazing man i have ever known (sorry dad).

my family. i am a little disappointed that i won't be with my parent's this year, but am glad i will be with my sister.  how our family rolls is we alternate holidays.  this year, it is my turn to be with my in-laws this year for thanksgiving.  but they are going to california and we didn't want to drive that far, so i asked my sister if we could crash her party with her in-laws.  i really like her in-laws so i am excited.  but i am a little disappointed that we won't get to do all our traditions as per usual.  but it will still be a good day!! 

my job.  i am so incredibly blessed that i was only unemployed for one month after i got laid off.  in this economy, i feel like that is kind of unheard of.  i am so blessed.  it is like dating.  i loved my last job so much i thought i could never love another job more.  now that i am at this new job, i see all the flaws that were with the old job, all the red flags i should have seen, and how much better this new job is for me.  sounds like dating, right?  i really love my new job.  

taran's job.  he finally has an amazing job where he is an actual engineer and using his brilliant brain and gets paid what he deserves.  i am so beyond proud of him.  we both got our new jobs at the same time, it is so amazing how everything fell into place at the last minute. the Lord is so good.

you.  i can't believe how much i love blogging.  i really had no idea when i started how much i would fall in love with it.  i love the writing outlet, i love "meeting" other bloggers, i love the community, i love the friends i have made, it love it all.  it is so fun and i can't ever see myself giving it up!

there are million things that i could go on with, but i don't want to take any more of your turkey day time!! 

have a fantastic day with your friends, family, whomever and i will see you next week!! 

November 26, 2014

i love you so much i'm giving you two giveaways

i have two giveaways for you today!! yay!! so exciting!! on is a nordstrom gift card with sarah and below we have a gift card to world market with maegan.  enter away and happy holidays my dears!!

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November 25, 2014

how to look like a knockout

my dear readers, for you today i have a treat!! you might have notice boutique sui numeris has been hanging on my sidebar this month and you might remember them from the giveaway last month!  

today, we have a fun q&a with elizabeth from the company!!   boutique sui has also been featured in life &style and elle magazines!! these dresses are absolutely stunning and are sure to turn heads wherever you might wear them.  they would be perfect for holiday parties! AND at the end of the post, the boutique is premiering a brand new dress, only to be premiered on lot 48! exciting!! 
how long has the company been around?  

Boutique Sui Numeris is almost 3 years old!  We appreciate the support that we have received from so many women during this time that simply admire beautiful clothing.

what started the boutique?  

Boutique Sui Numeris started as an option for women who want to invest in beautiful, classic, and durable clothing.  Fast fashion is very common now, but classic fashion ..There's nothing like it.  A classic wardrobe can be subtle and simple. It can be chic and over the top.  We're in the business of promoting a pretty, polished, pristine, and provocative lifestyle.  We love it all!

tell us the story behind the name "boutique sui numeris" 

"Sui Numeris" is defined as "of its own rank" in classical Latin.  We encourage women to set their own trends and showcase their individual styles with selective items that complement authentic personalities and subtle sophistication.

where can we find the dresses at Boutique Sui Numeris?

Boutique Sui Numeris is a luxury e-boutique available to the professional on-the-go or ladies who would rather shop in the comfort of their own home.  We offer a quality customer experience complete with tailored, individualized packaging for each item.  

where does the inspiration for the boutique come from?

We are inspired by everything pretty, and we just adore authentic vintage.  We love Old Hollywood--the elegance and glamour of Diahann Carroll, Dorothy Dandridge, Grace Kelly.  We also like a little edge--Just a bit to keep things lively.

what is your #1 fashion tip?

Less is more. A dress simply complements YOU.  You are the focal point, so take good care of yourself and let your style complement a happy, healthy you.

i love this company and the inspiration behind it!  
and now..... their brand new LBD dress as part of their vintage line..... the yasmin dress!! this dress is to be sold exclusively for lot 48 readers, so if you are interested in buying, email support@boutiquesui.com

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thank you boutique sui for sponsoring lot 48 this month, and everyone have a happy turkey day tomorrow!! 

and don't forget! i am a semi-finalist for a "favorite blog of the year" so please please please pretty please vote for me!

men tell all - thanksgiving edition

before we dive into getting to know my man a bit better, i wanted to tell you what an amazing experience it was dropping off my operation Christmas child box!  

 the small pieces of paper was where you could write a prayer for the children and then they taped it together for a prayer chain! i took a picture of my prayer, but it was blurry.  typical me.

look at all the boxes!!  i was so happy to participate in this amazing organization and brighten a little girl's Christmas!  and because i paid online, i get to track my box so i will get an email with where it ends up! i can't wait!

and now! let's hear from my husband!

Becoming Adorrable

{everybody loves uncle taran}

What food do you look forward to most at Thanksgiving dinner? mashed potatoes and turkey together.  it is the epitome of thanksgiving.  it just takes like thanksgiving.  

Do you ever go shopping on Black Friday? never.  who wants to wake up to go shopping that early? and i never go shopping anyway, that is just insanity on top of insanity.

What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? getting together with the family and eating lots of food.  pretty much everybody's Thanksgiving tradition.

Do you travel for the Thanksgiving holiday or stay close to home?  now that i'm married to lauren, it alternates years.  it is our turn to stay close to my home, to be with my family, but they are leaving to california for thanksigivng.  we didn't want to drive that far so we are crashing lauren's sister's thanksgiving dinner with her in laws.

What are you most thankful for this year?  my beautiful wife, whom i have still newlyweddded to {i did not tell him to say that!!} and it has been the best year of my life and i can't wait to spend many more Thanksgiving dinners with her and build a life together.  and go on more vacations with her.  vacations with lauren are the best!! i can't wait to go to LA in april.  with her there, it just makes it better.

can't wait for many more thanksgivings with you too baby!! love you!!

and hey guess what! i am a semi-finalist for a "favorite blog of the year" so please please please pretty please vote for me!

i'm also over on sarah's blog today! check out how i would spend my ideal saturday.

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November 24, 2014

darling, would you like some tea??

i know i am infamous for my dislike of weekend recaps, but i gotta tell ya, i feel myself warming up to them.  i have started to kind of like sharing what i did over the weekend, if it is something really fun, and reading what all of you did over the weekend too.  

but before we do that, i have three very exciting announcements!

i  guest posted on the southern thing's blog yesterday! you can check out my post here

i have been invited to the social fabric community!!! ever since i started blogging and saw these posts around the internet on blogs, i have wanted to be part of this community!!   it has been a great goal of mine, but is invite only.  and on saturday, i was invited!! i am so excited!! so yes, we will have some sponsored posts now and then, but i promise to make them fun!! i am so excited and honored and can't wait to get started!! 

we have planned a trip to LA in april!! one of my favorite bands, maroon 5, just released their new album and it is the their best album yet.  once i fell in love with the album, i just knew i had to get to a concert.  so we are going to see them apr 4!! we will be in LA apr 2-5.  we will go to universal studios, six flags, knotts berry farm and the concert!! disneyland bores us, we are kind of over it.... .so that is not on the agenda.  we WILL make it to disneyworld again and this time it won't be a business trip and we will take a full week to see all the parks because disneyworld is infinitely more awesome than disneyland. i am so excited for this LA trip i just can't wait!! sooooo excited!! i have a countdown on my phone and can't wait!! 

also, i am putting together a giveaway for december that will be paypal cash!! you are more than welcome to join in, participating in giveaways is the BEST way to gain followers!! the more links you submit, the more money will be up for grabs!!! please fill out the form and submit money by thursday, november 27.  the giveaway will run from dec 1 - dec 8. 

okay!! now the weekend!! my sweet friend elizabeth hosted a tea party on saturday and it was so much fun!! she had been to london and just gotten back from a meditteranian cruise and had gotten all these authentic tea cups from all over the world.  my tea cup was from buckingham palace!!! it was so fancy!! look at that table!! 

the serving table

me with my lovely friend and host, elizabeth.

everything was absolutely delicious!! elizabeth knew everything about high tea, and all the traditions that went with it.  she knew that high tea included lunch, so we had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwhiches and she got clotted creme for the scones and tea from the downton abbey line, and had cut the lemon just the right way so that it fit the ccircumferenceof the tea cup, just as tradition indicated!! she had her friend who owned a catering business make all the authentic treats, and it was alll sooooo good!! 

cucumber sandwhiches, gluten free chocolate chip cookies, and my lovely tea cup!! 

my favorite tea was the wild berry.  it was delicious!! what you see are smore cupcakes, chocolate carmel candies and oraange scones and biscuits!! 

this is the traditional english cake that is accompanied with high tea.  it was amazing, and the pink part was rose/lavender flavored. 


those purple cakes were to die for, they were raspberry with this crusted sugar on top and the white things are pumpkin.  then we had traditional biscuits.  

that night we headed to my sister's house because we were really missing my babies.  i only expected to see my sister andrea's kids, but jessica's kids were there too!! and my parents!! it was such a nice surrise!! there were all the babies except sweet june and avery!!
everybody loves uncle taran!

i am so in love with that boy

even though he spat up on me everywhere.  alllll down my arm, my pants and my shirt.  yum.

 i love having all my babies around me!! 

ollie in his pilgrim hat.  {insert heart emoji here}


that night, we went to red iguana to celebrate my invite to social fabric.  i had been craving this place for a looong time.  it is the BEST mexican food you will ever have in your life.  unfortunately, it is only in northern utah.

TACOOOS!! lindsay, natalie, are you jealous??

there was a guitarist going around to tables, and asked us if we wanted a romantic, happy, or sad song.  i said "romantic!!" i really liked the song.  what do you think?? 
when we got home, we decorated our tree!! because we don't believe you have to wait until after Thanksgiving to put it up!! 

Christmas time is here!!!!!!'

sunday my lovely health issues really flared up and it was a very painful day physically.  i spelt until 2 and then blogged and read cosmo and lost lake by one of my favorite authors, sarah addison allen. then my visiting teacher came over {a visiting teacher in the Mormon church is someone who visits your monthly to give you a friend, support and kindness. they kind of are your automatic friend who helps you when you need it and watches your back.  it's koool} then taran and i cuddled and watched our movie, megamind.  we watched it on the night taran kissed me for the first time, so it is our movie.  then because tobias from arrested development is in it, we had a craving to FINALLY finish the fourth season of arrested development because we all know that was the worst season and hard to follow.  but we needed to finish it! so we made some progress on that.  

i felt really lousy all day sunday because i felt so crappy physically.  my health problems that put me on disability leave haven't fully resolved themselves.  so i was feeling lousy and bad about myself and bad for me.  but then i thought, "hey, any day i get to cuddle with the hubs and relax is a good day."  so then i just decided to enjoy it.  and that was my weekend!! not too shabby!! right???

ps. best lines from megamind:
"it's a window.  all the kids are looking out 'em."
"i went to shoooool"
"but revenge can reheated in the microwave of evil!!"
"a lifetime warranty doesn't apply if the product isn't used for the intended purpose!!"
"that was weird for everyone."
"sure, everyone make fun of the cool guy."
we love that movie!!

and now in the holiday spirit,  win this awesome gift car to world market to decorate your house in the holiday spirit! hosted by meagen at the modern tulip!! best of luck!! 

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