Lot 48: "robin hood and little john walkin' through the forest..."

October 7, 2014

"robin hood and little john walkin' through the forest..."

you know what today is?!?! it is my nephew's 3rd birthday!!! i can't believe you are 3, my baby boy!! i remember so clearly when you were born.  i was working in LA, and my phone was dying.  so i turned it off to save power because my mom said that you were going to be a while until you came.  and then i turned on my phone to check and you had arrived!!! and i missed it!! horrible.  

lincoln, you are the sweetest boy.  you really are.  you are so polite and love playing with me.  you are also obsessed with your uncle taran.  the other day, your mommy told me that as you were driving around, you told her "i saw uncle taran driving a u-haul with a zebra on it."  okay lincoln, okay.  so random.  you say the sweetest things and finally, you live 20 minutes away from me!! you will only be this close to be for a year, so i soak up as much time with you as i can.  

on saturday, we had his birthday party, and let me tell you, my sister is a-ma-zing.  she made everything for the robin hood themed party, and it looked like pinterest threw up on everything.   jessica is soooo creative.  i was completely blown away by every detail she thought of.  she is incredible. she made his costume. she made every single thing you see. lincoln's costume?  she claimed it only took her five minutes to make.  amazing.

the signs that greeted the guests when you entered the party. 

everybody got to pick out what color of feather they wanted in their hat and i was in charge of gluing them in.  jessica thought of everything!!!

 and archery!! jessica made these archery things and we had so much fun playing with them!! i was sooo bad at it.  i was scared of what would happen, i was nervous i would get a cut from the wood, so i didn't pull it back that far.  #wuss.

but my husband!! look how studly and manly he looks!! and his muscles!!! he is sooooo hot.  doesn't he look so good?? he was a total boss at archery and his went way far. 

jessica made a teeny tiny hat for isaac and i glued a extra tiny feather on his hat.  he didn't like wearing it that much.  can you believe he is two months?!

she MADE these leaves and hung them in the family room!! 

this was my favorite treat at the party.  we got donut holes, we dipped them in frosting and then sprinkles and stuck a pretzel in them.  how cute!! and yummy!!

look at all the food!! i am pretty proud of that table, there was a lot of brainstorming involved! every thing was wood themed.  and that cake!! zoom in on the picture so you can see everything.  the honey and peanut butter sandwiches were "wood" the chicken, cheese, lettuce sandwhiches were "tree rings", the pretzels were "twigs" the salad was "leaves" the cheese and triscuts were "moss and bark" and the grapes were "caterpillars."  it was funny because the table was a little wobbly, and the tree stand that held the cake wouldn't stand up on it's own.  so my brother in law hid behind the table by standing on the stairs behind and held it steady.  but you can't see him!! my sister jessica even made the big number 3 to put in the cake!!

the whole robin hood gang! i love that after 12 years, my sisters and i finally live in the same place!! my parents were so bummed they missed they party, we video chatted with them and showed them everything. it's so funny how in family pictures, somebody ends up holding a kid that isn't theirs.  like jessica is holding oliver, who is andrea's child, who is on your right of me.  it is just so hard to get all the kids to stand still and smile that we just grab whatever child is near and make them stay!!  also, lots of our hats on backwards.  ooops.

and then the presents!! the cousins were very upset that they didn't get any presents.  this happens at each of my babies' birthday parties.  the cousins see a new toy and try to take it away from the birthday boy or girl, we explain it is the birthday boy or girl's present and then all the kids start crying.  but once lincoln opened his new excavator, he didn't care about any of the other toys.  the toy avery is playing with above? it was a little car with lights on the headlights and windshield wipers that work and a car phone.  the car phone.  all the cousins were fighting over that.   and avery and london were wearing the same thing by accident!! this happens a lot. 

i guess my mom got this for lincoln for his second birthday, and they just forgot to open it, so yay another present!! and i put that tepee together like a BOSS.  we got him a bath toy because jessica said he didn't have that many.  it is a pirate boat that you pour water in the back and it propels across the tub.  he loved it.

and now a series of blurry pictures of his presents because when you give kids that much excitement, they are a blur. 

his new excavator!!

this was that elephant that blows out butterflies and you have to catch it in the net.  the kids loved it.

his little doggie is "scout" and lincoln goes nowhere without him.  nowhere.  

happy birthday baby boy!!! i love you so much! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, he is so cute! And that party, AMAZING! Your sister really did do an amazing job! It's quite obvious how looooooved your nephew is! This post is so sweet and it really makes me hope that Mia is loved just the same by her aunts, uncles and the rest of the family!!

  2. This is such an adorable party theme! I love that it's so timeless. I remember being Robin Hood for Halloween as a kid, and the idea is just as relevant now.

  3. I have a doggie named Scout too! He's a real black and white dog! Lol. This is the coolest party I have every seen. Very unique. All of the munchkins are sooooo cute!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. I LOVE throwing parties and this is AMAZING. Party details make me so happy and giddy seeing all the pictures. What an awesome time and sounds like you have a really cute nephew!

  5. What an adorable party! Your sister did a really amazing job. I love the little hats with feathers!

  6. What a cute party! Now I want to throw a theme party just for fun!


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