Lot 48: my college experience was not your college experience

October 30, 2014

my college experience was not your college experience

the other day, we watched the social network and it made me realize, the rest of the world's college experience was soooo not my college experience.  you know at the beginning of the movie, when he makes facemash.com and stays up until 4 am on a TUESDAY while drunk?  i'm just thinking, why aren't you in bed?!?!? it's a school night!! what are you thinking?!?!  and those parties!! insane!! i have never ever been to a party like that, nor do i have a desire to ever go to a party like that.  a large portion of this is due to the fact that i am mormon and have never had a drink and have no desire to take off my shirt and dance on a table and have sex in a bathroom stall (seriously, EW, how unsanitary is that?!) and the whole time i am watching this movie, i am thinking, is this accurate?!? is this how the rest of the world lives their college lives?? tell me. i'm not here to judge, never to judge, i just want to know. is that movie at all accurate?

in college, i had fun, i had a life, i went on dates.  my sophomore and junior years were the best.  

i dressed up as.... whatever we were for halloween and got a million phone numbers from lots of guys.  because we partied hard and took the dance floor by storm and our shirts were so loud, nobody could ignore us!!

i went on a study abroad to london  and became as much of a "londoner" as i could be

with the frequent occasional tourist pose in front of a castle.

 i watched several plays at the globe theater

 took "roommate pictures" my sophomore year to remember our "family" by
 traveled to rome and saw everything there was to see an then some

i did my internship in LA and worked for two production studios. i went on the fox lot and sony lot.  i delivered scripts and presents to directors and screenwriters and producers at their houses. 

 took in a football game or two. because even though i don't like football, you have to go to at least a few games.

go utes!!

i had a good college experience.  i liked college.  but i by no means stayed up until all hours of the night on a school night.  i was responsible.  i cooked all my meals.  i always had a job.  i got good grades.  i did internships.  i volunteered at church to make friends when i first moved 300 miles away from home 5 (!!!) years ago. i had lonely weekends like the rest of 'em.  i vomited on my first day of school because i was nervous.  new city, new school, new everything.  i was 300 miles away from home and knew 3 people!! 

so that was my college experience.  what was yours?
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  1. Okay I haven't seen the social network but I did go to a party school and I can tell you my college experience wasn't "just like the movies". Sure alcohol does play a large part in scandalous decisions and there were some crazy stories from crazy parties but I found most of my nights (and days) were like yours. I have more memories studying and eainmg candy in the library with my best friend. Grabbing coffee while walking to class with my sorority sisters, playing catch up while at the gym with my friend Allison, spontaneously jumping in the leaves on campus, working a lot, volunteering at the animal shelter and with habitat for humanity...these are the memories that constitute my college experience even though there were nights I dressed in barely any clothes (those were also the nights I never went home with a boy and clung to my besties).

  2. I'm participating in the giveaway with you and found your blog! :) It is definitely interesting to see how other people experienced college! I went to school in Baltimore at a Catholic school, but there definitely was a ton of the 2 AM bar nights on Tuesday's with people! Can't wait to follow along

  3. My college consisted of me going to bed at 10 pm throughout the week, working almost full time at a trampoline park and staying up til 3 am with cute boys on the weekend. haha. I was so predictable and not at all like the movies!

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing college experience! So much travel....lucky girl!!

  5. My college experience was a lot more like yours. Well, without the studying abroad or the internships on studio lots. But I had a lot of fun with my roommates and went to bed at (mostly) reasonable hours and cooked for myself most of the time because who can afford to go out all the time?? Plus I always had a part-time job while I went to school full time and STUDIED MY BRAINS OUT.

  6. I totally agree! Sure I went out but can't say I've ever hooked up with a stranger in a bathroom *cringe* I'll take studying abroad in Italy for a month any day :)

    PS Love your blog! Would love to button swap with you! :)

  7. your college experience seems WAY better than the social network. I would've loved to travel that much.

  8. Mine's probably pretty typical aka opposite of yours. Lots of drinking, lots of football, lots of tailgating, sorority and frat parties, costumes, boys, bars, pizza, FAC, after parties, some studying - minimal because hey, Iowa. Regular 4 am nights, even on week days. Especially on week days, actually, Tuesdays and Wednesdays were the best nights to go out! I loved it :)

  9. I do agree with you that everyone has a different college experience. I have not seen "The Social Network" (it is however on my list of movies that I should watch one day... I actually finally just crossed "Frozen" off that list, but anyways I digress) but from seeing other movies that have stereotypical college scenes I am not sure how my college experience fit in to it. Sure I had the nights where I partied a bit too hard and stayed up way too late, but I still ALWAYS made it to class. I may have partied hard in college, but I studied even harder. As much as I have memories of frat parties, sorority mixers, basketball games, football games, etc... I also have great memories of spending way too long studying in the library (it was open 24-7 and sometimes you could find me there at 4am still working on an assignment), having dinner at my professors house, playing croquet in the quad and things like that. I truly believe that your college experience is what you make of it and there is no right or wrong college experience, just what works for you.

  10. Love to hear about your college exprience! You got to travel so much! My college exprience was pretty low key. My school work came first so I made sure to be in a decent hour so I could get up the next morning. I miss taking naps every day!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. I love this post! My college experience was a mix of everything-- sorority life, friends, late nights chatting, boys, food... but everyones experience is totally awesome!

  12. I agree. Students have their own share of college experiences. What seem like fun and exciting to some people may not be as great an experience to others. But the important thing is that all of you enjoyed those moments. One doesn’t have to go along with what their peers dictate. Rather, be yourself do what makes you happy. Thanks for sharing!

    Valerie Casey @ College Funding Freedom


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