Lot 48: movies i grew up with + blog hop!!

October 10, 2014

movies i grew up with + blog hop!!

today i am so excited to be part of Casey from we took the road less traveled's fresh face friday blog hop! i have been a fan of her blog for a long time and have wanted to participate in FFF for so long!! i am so excited!!

movies were a large part of my childhood. so i thought it would be fun to show you the five movies i grew up with.  these are movies that we watched on repeat, all the time.

with a family of four daughters and no sons, this was our movie.  this was my sister's and i's movie. the movie.  we would sing the song all the time and watch it on repeat.  i can quote every line from this film. i think we even dressed up in 80s clothes and made a music video singing to the song and recorded it on one of those really old camcorder.  oh, the 90s.  it was a huge camcorder.  that was like the size of a toddler.  

oh my gosh this movie.  this is a doxey family classic.  we watched it all the time as a family, from the time i was like, 7.  i had this bit where i went around telling everyone "then why do i see fear behind your eyes"  and everyone thought it was sooooo hilarious and that i was sooooo cute.  

i come from a family of performers, so this movie was a favorite in our house.  have you seen it?  if you haven't, stop what you're doing and rent it on amazon instant for $3 because it is one of the FUNNIEST MOVIES IN THE WORLD.  christopher guest is a GENIUS and he has made five (that i know of) movies that are equally hilarious.  and they all have the same cast and they are all amazing.  i love watching movies with my dad because his laugh is really contagious.  his face gets all red and he nearly cries when he watches that movie because it is soooo funny.  

"these mashed potatoes are so creamy."  just a phrase from this movie that we said as a family around the dinner table.  we love this movie, i can quote every line.  i  can with all of these.  this movie is so romantic and sweet.  it's on netflix! go watch it!! 

i saved the best for last.  let me explain something to you first.  my dad is not someone who likes tv or movies.  he likes to read autobiographies on presidents and books about the economy and dislikes all movies in general.  but this movie.  this is his movie.  i have such good memories watching this movie with my family.  and around the dinner table, we would moan  while we ate like bob does in that one scene and we would do it until someone said richard dreyfuss' line "will you stop that!!!" and then my dad would laugh and laugh and oh what a fun dinner we would have.  okay, i need to go watch this movie right now.  rent it on amazon for $3

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and now it's time for the blog hop!! hop around, and enjoy! take it away casey, to explain the rules!! 

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  1. I surprisingly haven't seen "girls just wanna have fun" which is ridiculous given my love for 90s girly girl movies! I need to have a girls night in and watch it while painting my nails or something (:

  2. What About Bob always makes me laugh! I will always keep watching and rewatching the movies I grew up with, especially the cheesy 90s rom-coms!

  3. I'm ashamed to say I've never seen What About Bob or Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I might have to add those to my list of movies I need to catch up on! I do LOVE While You Were Sleeping, though. I used to watch it with my mom when I was younger. Sandra Bullock is perfection!

    Thanks for co-hosting the hop this week! So thrilled to have you, girl!

  4. I love What About Bob! It's so funny!

  5. I grew up with Princess Bride, and can probably quote the entire movie. It goes down as one of my top 5 favorites! I also love What About Bob. Such an underrated comedy!

  6. All of these are some of my absolute favorites. I quote What About Bob ALL the time. My co workers don't get it. They've never seen it, but my Aunt thinks I'm hilarious when I randomly bust out with "I'm Sailing! I'm on a boat and sailing!" haha. love it.

  7. I loved the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun movie.

  8. Great choices! I absolutely love Princess Bride. :)

  9. The first time I saw What About Bob, I thought it was the dumbest movie ever made. Now? I LOVE IT.

    My go-to movies as a kid were Star Wars (as every good child of the late 70s/early 80s), Superman 2 (which was way better than the first one), Splash, The Goonies, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    Oh, memories!


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