Lot 48: lauren for president!

October 9, 2014

lauren for president!

i know that this prompt for the #blogtober14 challenge is a few days early, but it was too good to pass up, and i usually don't blog on saturdays.  

this post was originally posted in january with the title "if i was queen."  but i figured it's okay to recycle because blog has grown immensely since then, so i am sure that a lot of you haven't read this!

  • there would be no asking of "how are you?" instead, people would greet each other by saying "my favorite color is red and i don't like cereal." or read the latest random fact from this tumblr.
  • there would be an END to any kind of talent/singing show of ANY KIND. haven't we had enough? no talent shows of any kind at any time, on tv or in real life. aren't we tired of this yet? 
  • Justin Bieber would be put DOWN.  down i tell you. and miley cyrus would be put in a cage where she was forced to dance in an empty room 24/7 where nobody could give her any attention. Guys, what would she do without attention.  And Demi Lovato would be made a mute, as would Jennifer Lopez and Anne Hathaway and Pitbull.
  • child stars would be required to work with a therapist from day one.  some seriously messed up child stars around who have grown into craaaaazy adults.  i'm talking to you, Justin Bieber and Amanda Bynes and Miley.  
  • there would be disney worlds in every state. and it would be affordable.  let all people enjoy the amazingness of Disney!
  • ice cream and donuts would not make you fat. because really, though, give us this one, universe.
  • everyone would be happy.  somehow, i would create a world where everyone is happy with things. And everyone is safe and well fed and no violence and such. Cause this is a realistic goal, yeah?  I thought so.
  • You would get a four day weekend once a month.  Cause weekends are much too short.
  • Dishes would do themselves. So there would always be clean ones! Ta-daaaa!
  • i feel so cliche for saying this, but no war.  why can't we all stop fighting and use words to solve our problems?
  • there would be no butt shorts.  it would be illegal to wear shorts that are so short everyone can see your butt cheeks.  why do people do this?!?
my America would be AWESOME wouldn't it?

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Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. Sign me up for the four day weekend once a month! I'll spend the whole weekend eating ice cream and not worryig because it won't make me fat, woot!!!

  2. Yes!! This would be the best America ever!! I especially like the restrictions for child stars. You sold me with that - you have my vote.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Seriously, Bieber should be deported back to Canada. How many more years til you're eligible to run??

  4. Down with butt shorts! I cannot agree more...do these people realize that we have to look at them??

  5. I laughed at your point about Justin Bieber. I don't understand how people still like him. He has turned into a horrible person and a criminal.

    Katie Petty

  6. This is such an awesome list I agree with every single one - Dishes that clean themselves.. that should be a real thing, whoever invents that will probably be a millionaire! :)

  7. Yes to all of these. It's surprising how many blogs I've read today that say they would get rid of the Biebs in some way, shape, or form :)


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