Lot 48: kissing onstage: it's awkward

October 20, 2014

kissing onstage: it's awkward

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did i ever tell you i used to be a performer? well, i was.  i did a ton of shows.  and i was good. i made money off it.  my plan was to be a performer forever.  but life got in the way.  and i also realized i didn't want to live that lifestyle.  my major freshman year was theater but when i transferred to a bigger school i was wait listed for the theater program.  then i got interested in screenwriting and decided to major in communications and marketing.  so there ya go, my college story. 

one of the shows i did was little women.  i was meg.  you can see me, in the circle.  the boy in the circle is the guy i had to kiss. in the various shows i have been in, i have had a total of 3 stage kisses.   and let me tell you.  they are AWK-WARD.

first of all, this particular circumstance was awkward because the boy and i liked each other.  oh dear i hope he doesn't find this blog or this blog post.  his name was kaden.  oh dear i hope he never finds this.  come on kaden, we both knew we liked each other.  you told my best friend and you asked me out when you got home from your lds mission.  a date we never went on, might i add.  

but anyway!

another reason it was awkward is because i didn't get kissed outside of a play until i was 19.  i stopped performing when i was 18.  so therefore the first time i kissed a boy ever was in front of dozens of people.  and i had absolutely no idea what i was doing.  and i was terrified of boys at this point in life.  TERRIFIED.  

well, you know the song that meg and her husband sing when they get engaged? there is a kiss after it.  in rehearsals, the director told us to "practice."  did i mention this was high school?? i had already had two stage kisses by this point but since i like the guy, i was sooooo nervous.  we went into the girl's dressing room to "practice."  are you cringing yet from the awkwardness of this situation?? 

okay, guys, this is how bad i was at kissing.  i didn't know i was supposed to kiss the boy back.  that just didn't occur to me.  like i said, i had no idea what i was doing.  so we are in the girl's dressing room and we are all nervous and then i just barked at him "just do it" and he kissed me but my awkward self didn't kiss him back so he asks "are you okay?" and then i'm like yes, fine.  and then a girl in our cast knocks on the door and i'm like "sammy come back! we're practicing!" and then he kissed me again and i still had no idea what to do.  

and that wasn't even the worst part of it!! now comes the rehearsals where you are kissing in front of dozens of people.  and the techies, the behind the scenes people, the cast, friends of the cast, is all standing there staring at you while you try to kiss so it looks convincing and like you're in love.  ah! so awkward!! i am cringing just writing this! ah! 

i was so nervous about these scenes that i always felt nauseated before the scene and so terrified it was like i was walking into the gallows.  it took five times (yes, i counted) of me kissing this boy in front of dozens of people before i figured out how to kiss him back and before it stopped being so terrifying.  by the time the show ran, it was no big deal.  

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  1. As a fellow former performer, this story totally cracked me up! No matter the circumstance, stage kisses are just always completely awkward!

  2. I can imagine stage kissing would be so awkward...I still get nervous to kiss someone I like and I'm 22 years old. I can't imagine I would be able to do it in high school or college. Acting is such an art and I really admire anyone who can do it as I certainly cannot.

  3. I was like peaking through my fingers while reading this!!! I can't imagine!! At the same time, I am sure looking back you laugh about all of this because I mean seriously, great blog material here.

  4. that does sound totally awkward. i hate kissing my husband for photos (why do people always want us to kiss for photos, can't we just smile?) so i could absolutely not kiss anyone on stage. blechh! but i love your outfit as Meg!

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