Lot 48: halloween carnival!!

October 27, 2014

halloween carnival!!

HALLOWEEEEEEN!!!! halloween is much more fun when there are kids involved. because then you get to go trick or treating and go to fun stuff like halloween carnivals.  it was actually a complete coincidence that we went because we got to my sister's house to visit my dad and right when we pulled up, my sister said "sorry, we are leaving right now. we are going to a halloween carnival" and i said "we want to come!" so we turned right around and left.

the two seconds that london allowed the tiara to be on her head.  she hates having things on her head, which is a real shame because she looks sooooo cute with bows, headbands, etc.

i tried to get a good picture of him in his swat team outfit, but he didn't want to look at me.  he liked it because of all the gadgets.  we were walking along and he pulled out his "phone" and said "yeah, i got the bad guys."

it was at the rec center and the pool area was converted into pumpkin diving and a "mystical lake."  whoever planned this was so creative!!

see all the "moss?"  you got in a canoe and rode around the "lake" and mermaids waved at  you and they had smoke machines and everything!!  it was so cool!  there were a lot of scary noises and lincoln clinged to me tight, which i am not complaining about.  he got so scared taran just took out of the pool area until our ride with london was over.

take a look at the video of our ride on the lake!!

then we went to play games. they had all sorts of stuff: ring tosses, donut eating contests, all kinds of games!! lincoln as a swat team and my eli as a firefighter

my sweet ollie as a firefighter.  the other day, i asked him what me and uncle taran should be for halloween, and he said i should be a dalmatian and uncle taran be a truck.  sorry dude, but i'm gonna be audrey hepburn and taran is going to be humphrey bogart.

i am the queen of blurry pictures!! 

my alma mater was playing the usc trojans that night, and my brother in law had dressed isaac appropriately. go utes!!  and, ps, we WON!!!!

this was a fun game where the kids had to hit the owl.  eli did it!!

oliver didn't have as much luck.

neither did lincoln.

cookie decorating!!! 

true to london form, she got very,very, verrrry messy.

eli is incredibly a normal amount of ocd so he announced his cookie was "done" and then we took pictures and then he carefully ate it.  he is very meticulous about everything: lining up his cars in an exact straight line, having candy pieces evenly on his cookie, etc.

THERE IS NOTHING SEXIER THAN A MAN WITH A BABY.  look how big my husband's muscles are. oh my word.

this was lincoln's favorite game. you punched the cup and got a  prize. we did it a bunch of times and lincoln had the time of his life.  

bounce house!!

not pictured:  "thriller" dancing. there was a dark lite room where we learned the dance and london just boogied down.  it was absolutely adorable.  she couldn't keep up with the moves, so she just frantically waved her  arms around, clapped and danced.  

i had so much fun and can't wait for more halloween fun all week long!! i demanded that i be invited to each halloween outing this week as i have one more week of unemployment freedom until i start my  new job on monday! so keep up on instagram for what is sure to be a fun week!

speaking of my new job, there are a lot of emotions going on around here.  i feel as though i just went through an incredibly heartbreaking and difficult breakup and i just got asked out/started dating someone else.  and all i can think about is the former boyfriend, the one who broke my heart, and how weird it feels to be dating someone else.

getting laid off felt awfully similar to a  breakup. i loved my job. i loved it so hard.  i planned on being with that company for years and years. it broke my heart when they let me go. i have a rule about where i work: i have to work at a place where the company is making a positive impact on the world.  a company that is making a difference. my former job was the epitome of that, which is one of the reasons why i loved it so much. i feel like such a fool.  i proclaimed my love for my job and how lucky i was to have  found it.   for all i know, i wrote that post when they were in a board meeting determining my future at the company.   now every time i hear of a dispatch call i will think of the company i loved so much, 

but now it is onto a new company, a new man as i should say.  we'll see how it goes.  


  1. That looks like such a fun carnival! The lake ride must have been so much fun!

  2. Sooooo cute! The kids looked like they had a lot of fun. Soooo funny that he told you guys to dress as a dalmation and a truck. Precious!

    Don't forget to link up with me today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Hey there, found your blog through the link up! That carnival looks like a blast, and the kids are too cute! Hope you have a wonderful week full of Halloween fun! :)

  4. Halloween is definitely a holiday more fun with kids around! I hope next year I am living in a place that gets trick or treaters.

  5. OH I love the canoe ride, how creative and fun!!!!

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