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October 17, 2014


okay, this week has been good and bad at the same time.  i felt really really sick for a good 3 days.  it was so frustrating because i never vomited but i was soooooooo nauseated and it was sooo uncomfortable.  i don't handle nausea well.  i kind of turn into a baby.  a big baby.  there are lot of tears.  needless to say, i have been pretty miserable this week.  so for this oh hey friday! edition, i am going to do a currently post.

  • feeling good because it was a good week because of our good news announcement and i had two interviews for jobs this week!! so that is good! 
  • needing a floppy winter hat.   i know that i have talked about this before, but i really really need one. 
  •  annoyed by these new sheets for our bed. i got the full size, but they don't fit on our new bed!! so  frustrating.  can i return sheets to target after i have slept in them?? probably not.  because target has a stick up their butts when it comes to returning things.
  • excited about my sister finally coming over to my apartment today!! i am making her and her kids brunch!  it should be fun!!
  • looking forward to.... pumpkin  carving!! i think this weekend we will finally get some pumpkins and go to town!
  • happy about..... the success of last night's baby shower  for my sister!! she is 37 weeks along with her second child, second kid, and i decided she needed a baby shower, even if it was her second kid. and the best part was that it was a total surprise!! she went to book club and we invited all her friends and had her book club suggest they go to chili's and there we were!! i had great fun yelling "SURPRISE!" when she walked in. 


  1. Ah I'm sorry you were sick. I hate being nauseated, so I usually force myself to throw up. Also, if you put an ice pack on the back of your neck, it really helps with nausea too.

    I can't wait to carve a pumpkin too! I will be out of town for Halloween though, so I feel like it's a waste :(

  2. Target's return policy is a big reason why I don't shop there. :-/

  3. Khol's has the BEST return policy. Seriously... receipt or not / used or not / whatever - they let you return everything! That's why they're my faves. I love target but you're right you can't return diddly with them.
    I hope you're feeling better and I hope you get some good news from the interviews! Fingers crossed!! :D
    Good job on the surprise shower!

  4. I'm glad the surprise baby shower was good!

    Congratulations on the two interviews! I hope that turns into something fantastic for you!

    I want to carve Halloween pumpkins too...


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