Lot 48: best halloween memory

October 13, 2014

best halloween memory

unfortunately, i don't have a picture of my best halloween.  but i kind of have a picture of it. 

take a look at the picture above.  that is me and my sister rachelle and her friends.  i was going to a small college my freshman year and i wanted to go visit my sister at her college 3 hours away and party halloween with her.  

her apartment building was  having a party the first night i got there, but rachelle had to work.  and i got a brilliant idea.  everybody always told us that rachelle and i look identical.  in high school, people would come up to me alllllll the time and say, "hi rachelle!!" so being the brilliant and fun person i am, i wanted to switch places with her and see if anybody noticed.  i told rachelle "this is the perfect opportunity! you go to work, i'll dress up as a greek goddess with your friends and go to the party as you!!!" she was all for it.

at the party, i was rachelle.  people came up to me and said "hi rachelle!" i met people and told them "my" major, blah blah blah.  i talked to her bishop (an lds leader of a congregation) about her putting in her mission papers to serve her lds mission (that she didn't serve as got married instead) and everyone believed i was rachelle.  it was EXCELLENT. 

some people followed me and her friends back to their apartment, and then rachelle came home. i told her "you talked to this person, you did this with this person, this and that" so if someone asked her about it, our prank wouldn't fail!

there was a guy sitting in the living room that i had talked to at the party and she decided to tell him that she was rachelle and i was her sister.  he got kind of mad.  i think he liked her and had just wasted 10 minutes talking to someone who he thought was her but wasn't.

the next day, we hit another party where i dressed as a witch, hence the picture above.  

and just for fun, some pictures from a few years later when i went as serena vanderwoodsen.

me and my two best friends.  left to right: patrisha, a 1940's knockout, and elise, some 60's icon i forgot the name of.

and here i am with rachelle again.  she was engaged here and her and her husband went as mr and mrs smith.  

caught in a spiderweb!

more of our friends, dressed as dinosaurs! 

i am so glad i got an excuse to tell that story!! i was pretty proud of myself that everybody believed i was rachelle!! 

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  1. I have a twin sister and we do this switching prank a LOT. I would have been tricked too because you guys look so alike.

  2. That looks like so much fun. The switching prank is AWESOME. I've never had anyone to do that with, but there was one Halloween where my brother and I dressed up as each other. The next year, there was a rule against cross-dressing...

  3. That is too funny! Great trick. :)

  4. How funny...you hear of that happening on tv and movies but I have never known anyone that actually did it and fooled people!!

  5. That is hilarious! Love that you were able to pull off the prank!

  6. Hahaha!! LOVE IT!! Everyone says my sister and I look a lot like - you have made me want to do this with my sister!


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