Lot 48: and you thought i wouldn't notice...

October 28, 2014

and you thought i wouldn't notice...

if you aren't a major gilmore girls fan, this post probably won't interest you. have you ever noticed that they recycle their actors?  well they do. and they thought i wouldn't notice.  joke's on them!!

actress: sherilyn fenn.  is jimmy mariano's partner when jess goes to california to live with his dad at the end of season 3.  then in seasons 6 and 7, she is anna nardini, luke's baby mama, april's mother.

actress:  samantha shelton.  she is libby in season 2 in the cotillion episode where rory comes out. she talks to her in the dressing room and sneaks booze and  is afraid her lipstick will make her look like a hooker or a teacher. then in season 6, in episode "bridesmaids revisited," the episode honor gets married, she is walker, one of the many girls logan slept with while rory and logan were on "break."

 actor: joe fria.  in season 1, he is the waiter in episode "double date" when sookie and jackson go on their first date.  in season 3, he is joe, an old friend of soookie's who she worked with years ago.  they decide to go to a restaurant of an old coworker's of theirs, and joe thinks it is a date, even though sookie is married.  ooops.

actress: marion cross.  she plays gran, richard's mother in several episodes.  she also plays cousin marilyn in several episodes.  and they thought i wouldn't notice. ha!

i am the gilmore queen. don't ever think you can outbeat me with gilmore girls trivia.


and now i would like to introduce you to someone very special.  i found amanda's blog a few months ago and totally fell in love with it.  this post on her son's winnie the pooh birthday party blew me away!! she is the best mom and also is going to school full time and working full time!  i don't know how she does it!! i love this girl and am so glad to call her my friend!! 

what is your favorite tv show???  REVENGE on ABC!!! My mom and I are obsessed with it! We will either watch it together or immediately call each other after to talk about it. If one of us doesn't get to watch it right away, the other is constantly waiting on pins and needles to talk about it. It is just filled with so much drama and suspense! Plus, the main characters name is AMANDA! Well, aka Emily. You just need to watch it!! If you haven't, you are missing out!

Tell us about how you went back to school and what for.  that is so impressive!!  I always knew I would go back. When I met Barrett, I had just finished my fourth year at OU and I had 2 years left until I would graduate with my teaching degree. When we decided that we wanted to get married the following summer, my parents told me I had to graduate before getting married. So, I changed my major, but they still wanted me to get my teaching degree. Deep down, I knew I would want that some day, but it wasn't until I had my son that I really started to realize how much I wanted to be a teacher. I have always known that I was meant to teach children. However, now that I have a child, I want to be able to spend as much time with him and any future minis as possible. So, teaching is the best option! I will have summers of, Christmas break, fall break, thanksgiving break. Sure, teachers don't make the most money, but look at all the time they get to spend with their kids! That makes it all worth it for me, and it is my motivation!

if you could have dinner with anybody, dead or alive, who would it be? I would love to be able to sit down to dinner with my Mamaw, Delores Steinborn. She was my mother's mom. She passed away when I was only 9 years old. I would like to sit and talk with her about her life and just get a chance to get to know her and let her get to know the person I have become. I also would love for her to get to meet Xander! She would love him so much! 

what is your favorite halloween costume that you have dressed up as?   My favorite Halloween costume is probably my Minnie Mouse costume. I got it from the Disney Store when I was in high school. It was a little big when we got it, so it had to be taken in, and somehow, after the freshman (too many to mention) and having a child, I can still fit in that costume! It is such a fun costume. Also, it is really durable! It has to be to have lasted 8 years! We even got the ears and the shoes to go with it! 

if you could go to one concert, who would be the artist? Right now I would really love to go to a Hillsong concert! They were just in Tulsa a few months back, but I didn't get tickets because I thought it was my friends bachelorette party. Turns out, I had the dates wrong, so I could have gone anyway! Oh well... I'll just have to catch them next time! 

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?  I would want to go to Fiji and stay in one of those over the water bungalows. My best friend just bot married in May, she and her husband honeymooned in Moorea in French Polynesia. It just looks so relaxing! Regardless of where I went though, it would have to be all-inclusive. We honeymooned at Sandals in Jamaica, and that was awesome! I learned that it really is the best way to go! 

how do you manage/organize/juggle your crazy busy schedule??  2 words: A PLANNER!!! I will admit, I am kind of a planner snob! I have found over the past 10 years that the more money I spend on a planner, the more likely I am to use it. The more likely I am to use it, the more stuff I get done. The more stuff I get done, the less stressed out I am. The less stressed = HAPPINESS! I am currently using the Erin Condren Life Planner and I LOVE it! 

her (and mine!) favorite posts:

happy tuesday!


  1. Haha I was a major Gilmore Girls fan, but the only one of those doubles that I caught at the time was Marion Cross. Great job!

  2. In the first few episodes, Kirk is like 10 other people before he's Kirk!

  3. I love gilmore girls! one of my favorite shows. :) I definitely didn't catch all of those though! great job!

  4. oh my gosh I was so mad when they did the luke's baby mama one, i was like do you think i am stupid?!!?!

  5. The Gran and Marilyn one makes sense to me, weren't they sisters? Or were they cousins? I couldn't remember, but in my head, it made sense that they would look alike! The first one, Jimmy's partner and April's mom, how did I not notice that one before?!?!? I've watch the series four or five times now.... :P

  6. I just finished 90210 today and am gonna watch Gilmore Girls next! I've seen an episode here and there but I'm excited to watch it straight through.

  7. I've only seen a handful of Gilmore Girls episodes, but I've seen that happen on different shows too and it always cracks me up.


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