Lot 48: October 2014

October 31, 2014

well here we go.....

first off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! 

well, my dears, it is friday.  the last free friday i will have until who knows when.  i start my new job on monday.  and. i. am. t e r r i f i ed. oh my goodness.  
the last month before i went on disability leave at my last month was absolutely miserable.  i was so sick. it was so hard to work.  i haven't worked in three months.  and there has been a lot of self doubt and major anxiety hanging around here all week.  

what if i can't do it?  what if i fail again and get let go again?  what if i can't do it?  what if i let everybody down again?  if you ask those in my life, they will say that i didn't let anyone down, i didn't fail, yada yada yada but that is not how it feels. i am so scared.  i don't remember what it is like to not have to suffer tooth and nail through a work day.  

but i have gotten better.  a lot better.  my health has greatly improved.  i know that.  those close to me, we all know that.  but still, i am scared and terrified out of my mind.  out of my freaking mind.  fear is a beast.  doubt is the devil.  i am my own worst enemy.

but! i got soooo much done this week!! i was so productive!! i changed my oil, shopped and got a huge steal for new work clothes, returned library books, carved pumpkins, had fun with my nieces and nephews, went to a movie with taran, got my wedding dress preserved, got a flu shot, and got a everything on my list done!! my last week of freedom!! and i was productive, just like i wanted to be.  now i can enjoy halloween and spend all weekend trying with all my might to keep my major anxiety in check. 

who am i kidding, this is going to be a very anxious weekend.  a very nervous weekend.  a very scary weekend.  but i am meeting up with a friend i haven't seen since my wedding, so that's good.  my arm where my flu shot happened really hurts and i can't lay on it or touch it.  but i did it for you! my unborn niece who is to arrive any second!!! my sister is dialated to a two, i bet we will have a new baby girl by monday!! 

i also printed out some fun pictures to hang at my desk, pictures of my study abroad to remind me of happy things.  calm things.  

it's allllll gonna be okay.  i can do this.  i can do this.  I CAN DO THIS.   oh dear.  i hope i'm right.

if you need me today, i'll be trick or treating with adorable children while wearing my audrey hepburn costume.  i'm going to go watch the movie 21 now because i am writing this on hallows eve and cuddle with my husband because if there is one thing that cures my anxiety, it's him.

cheers.  have an AMAZING halloween and i can't wait to hear all about it on monday! muah! (that was a kiss from me to you ;))  and i won't update this post with my costume today, so be sure to follow me on intagram to see me in my audrey glory and my hunky hubs as humphrey bogart!! and yes, weird costume couple choice, but whatevs, okay?

oh, and also.  my space bar on my computer really is broken.  and useless.  so a special thanks to my in laws for lending me their laptop until we can save for that macbook i have my eye on.  i'm coming for you........

but wait before i go, i couldn't live with myself if i didn't share with you halloween gifs.  and don't forget to read this story of when i went to a party as my sister for halloween and everyone believed me!!
okay i really need to watch halloweentown now.

and now i need to watch all the halloween community episodes!! i love halloween episodes!!
happy halloween!! MUUUUAAAAHHHH (evil laugh)

October 30, 2014

my college experience was not your college experience

the other day, we watched the social network and it made me realize, the rest of the world's college experience was soooo not my college experience.  you know at the beginning of the movie, when he makes facemash.com and stays up until 4 am on a TUESDAY while drunk?  i'm just thinking, why aren't you in bed?!?!? it's a school night!! what are you thinking?!?!  and those parties!! insane!! i have never ever been to a party like that, nor do i have a desire to ever go to a party like that.  a large portion of this is due to the fact that i am mormon and have never had a drink and have no desire to take off my shirt and dance on a table and have sex in a bathroom stall (seriously, EW, how unsanitary is that?!) and the whole time i am watching this movie, i am thinking, is this accurate?!? is this how the rest of the world lives their college lives?? tell me. i'm not here to judge, never to judge, i just want to know. is that movie at all accurate?

in college, i had fun, i had a life, i went on dates.  my sophomore and junior years were the best.  

i dressed up as.... whatever we were for halloween and got a million phone numbers from lots of guys.  because we partied hard and took the dance floor by storm and our shirts were so loud, nobody could ignore us!!

i went on a study abroad to london  and became as much of a "londoner" as i could be

with the frequent occasional tourist pose in front of a castle.

 i watched several plays at the globe theater

 took "roommate pictures" my sophomore year to remember our "family" by
 traveled to rome and saw everything there was to see an then some

i did my internship in LA and worked for two production studios. i went on the fox lot and sony lot.  i delivered scripts and presents to directors and screenwriters and producers at their houses. 

 took in a football game or two. because even though i don't like football, you have to go to at least a few games.

go utes!!

i had a good college experience.  i liked college.  but i by no means stayed up until all hours of the night on a school night.  i was responsible.  i cooked all my meals.  i always had a job.  i got good grades.  i did internships.  i volunteered at church to make friends when i first moved 300 miles away from home 5 (!!!) years ago. i had lonely weekends like the rest of 'em.  i vomited on my first day of school because i was nervous.  new city, new school, new everything.  i was 300 miles away from home and knew 3 people!! 

so that was my college experience.  what was yours?
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October 29, 2014

my man (and me!!!) tells all again!!

for this version of blogger men tell all, i thought i would switch it up and answer the questions myself too!! 
Is Halloween your favorite holiday? If not, what is? 
taran: no, thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of allll the food.
lauren:  halloween is definitely my favorite holiday!! call me a grinch, but i kind of hate the holiday season.  Christmas should be about remembering Christ and his birth and the Savior.  not about gifts.  NOT ABOUT GIFTS.  but everyone walks around for the entire month of December thinking about materialistic things instead of our Savior, the true meaning of Christmas.  it really bugs me to my core.  i hate the Christmas season.  it is my least favorite holiday.  

What will you be dressing up as for Halloween this year?  
taran: humphrey bogart.  because that is what my wife wants
lauren: audrey hepburn!  because we just watched funny face and then casablanca.  so, there you go.

What is your go-to drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)?  
taran: orange juice. nectar of the Gods!!
lauren:  diet dr pepper!! i can't live without it!! 

What is your favorite scary movie?  
taran: i don't really have one.  the very first one i ever saw was it and i saw it when i was 7 years old and i was scared of clowns until i was 16 or 17.  and spiders.  i was scared of spiders too.
lauren:  i am terrified of all things scary, and therefore have avoided horror films my whole life.  

What is your best Halloween memory?  
taran: i was 10 and my older brother wanted to go out by himself instead of going out with my parents like we always did for halloween so my parents so my parents finally let him go out by himself because it was his last year of trick or treating and he took a really big pillowcase, almost a body pillowcase and as i was walking around with my dad, he walked by us and bragged about his huge bag full of candy and i only had half a grocery bag full.  BUT THEN he came home crying because some older boys stole his candy.  and then i had the candy and he didn't. HAHHAHAAHAHHA! (evil maniacal laughter)
lauren: probably this post sums it up the best.  when i fooled everyone by being my sister for halloween!!

Becoming Adorrable

marriage myths

today i am collaborating with the grits blog to share marriage myths!!  we are both newlyweds so we thought it would be fun to share common marriage myths that are floating out there!! i absolutely LOVE ashley's blog and am so excited that i have been hanging out on her sidebar all month and that we get to do this collaboration together!!                                        

1. that you will know how to fight fairly.  i remember our first fight as a married couple.  we still had my twin bed in the apartment  because we hadn't  sold it yet.  in the middle of the fight, i was  so angry with him that i left our bedroom and  went to the bed that was in the living room.  i then thought to myself, "i'm married.  we are married.  i should probably try to be mature or whatever and not run away when we have a fight."  i had no idea how to be a good wife or be married!!

2. that you will both have the same ideas about money.  i am spender, taran is a saver.  he doesn't like going out to eat, movies, spending anything more than $5.  he is very frugal.  i knew that when we were dating which caused a lot of fights even when we were dating.  in the first few months of our marriage, we fought about money alllll the time.  we have both gotten a lot better.  i have gotten a lot better at spending and better  at saving, and taran has gotten better at getting annoyed everytime we go  out, which now, is very rare.

3. that you will lose your single friends.  i still hang out with my single friends all the time!! i actually only have like, 3 married friends, and they live an hour away, so i rarely hang out with them.  the majority of my friends are single and it really doesn't matter. it's not like we only hang out with married people.  we have only gone on a double  date once in our 9 months of marriage.

4. that it will be easy to split up time between your families.  since my sister moved here a few months after i got married, i have really been monopolizing taran from his family.  i feel bad about it. it's just that for the first time in 12 years, all my sisters and i live in the same city.  and it will only be like this for a year so i am trying to really milk it.  we have a ton of family gatherings, and i think we have been to taran's parent's house like 3 times.  i feel bad. he goes and sees them by himself like when i was working and he got off early, he would go hang out with them until i got home.  but the fact is, his family doesn't have as many gatherings as my family, so, i guess maybe that is another reason.

(5) The laundry. Oh it won't be that much more - I mean what's one more persons clothes?!

Oh the laundry. I used to do four small loads a week -when it was just me. I had my pinks, reds, and yellow, my dark colors, whites, and towels. Now I have that plus all of Chris's stuff plus double the towels. It's a lot and it piles up quickly. Chris though, when he is in the mood - he does his own laundry and leaves mine and the other house laundry to me. To say that's been a big source of contention would be an understatement - but we have been working on it. He now at least asks if there is something of mine or a load of towels he can do. #progress - it's all you can ask for.

(6) The groceries. It's not that much more expensive to grocery shop for an extra person.

So not only is it more expensive to grocery shop for two but it's more time consuming. I have to ask Chris before every trip, because he always forgets to write it down, if there is something in particular that he needs or wants. It's a pain but at least it prevents multiple trips.

(7) The schedules. Finding time to still have dates will be easy, you live together! How hard can it be?!

Chris works two jobs - voluntarily - and then is a avid hunter and fisherman. So when he's home, typically he's preparing for a hunting trip or fishing trip. Then I am a part of the JWC and I blog - a lot. It's been hard making everything line up for at least one date night a week.

Making that time for each other is hard and it seemed much easier when we didn't live together and was not yet married. So this is a work in progress for us.

(8) The little things. They won't bother you - i.e. leaving cabinets open for example.

I will never understand why Chris can't put his clothes in the basket that's a foot away from where he is taking them off. He will never understand why I can't put my shoes in my closet instead of leaving them all over the house. Both of these things drive each other crazy.

(9) The chores. Splitting those up will be a breeze.

The chores, in the beginning, was the biggest source of all our fights. I felt like I did everything, Chris felt like he did stuff but that I didn't notice. Lately, his job is finishing our house and mine is keeping up the one we are in. For now it works - but when we move into our new house..I do wonder how that will shake out in regards to chores since he has a free pass right now while fixing up the new house.

We will cross that bridge when we get there.

(10) The activities. They take up more time that you know!

Like I mentioned in number 7 - sometimes you have to give an activity or two in order to make time for your partner - otherwise you just end up seeing each other before bed and first thing in the morning, which is so not romantic.

Any wedding myths you experienced or you have heard of?

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October 28, 2014

and you thought i wouldn't notice...

if you aren't a major gilmore girls fan, this post probably won't interest you. have you ever noticed that they recycle their actors?  well they do. and they thought i wouldn't notice.  joke's on them!!

actress: sherilyn fenn.  is jimmy mariano's partner when jess goes to california to live with his dad at the end of season 3.  then in seasons 6 and 7, she is anna nardini, luke's baby mama, april's mother.

actress:  samantha shelton.  she is libby in season 2 in the cotillion episode where rory comes out. she talks to her in the dressing room and sneaks booze and  is afraid her lipstick will make her look like a hooker or a teacher. then in season 6, in episode "bridesmaids revisited," the episode honor gets married, she is walker, one of the many girls logan slept with while rory and logan were on "break."

 actor: joe fria.  in season 1, he is the waiter in episode "double date" when sookie and jackson go on their first date.  in season 3, he is joe, an old friend of soookie's who she worked with years ago.  they decide to go to a restaurant of an old coworker's of theirs, and joe thinks it is a date, even though sookie is married.  ooops.

actress: marion cross.  she plays gran, richard's mother in several episodes.  she also plays cousin marilyn in several episodes.  and they thought i wouldn't notice. ha!

i am the gilmore queen. don't ever think you can outbeat me with gilmore girls trivia.


and now i would like to introduce you to someone very special.  i found amanda's blog a few months ago and totally fell in love with it.  this post on her son's winnie the pooh birthday party blew me away!! she is the best mom and also is going to school full time and working full time!  i don't know how she does it!! i love this girl and am so glad to call her my friend!! 

what is your favorite tv show???  REVENGE on ABC!!! My mom and I are obsessed with it! We will either watch it together or immediately call each other after to talk about it. If one of us doesn't get to watch it right away, the other is constantly waiting on pins and needles to talk about it. It is just filled with so much drama and suspense! Plus, the main characters name is AMANDA! Well, aka Emily. You just need to watch it!! If you haven't, you are missing out!

Tell us about how you went back to school and what for.  that is so impressive!!  I always knew I would go back. When I met Barrett, I had just finished my fourth year at OU and I had 2 years left until I would graduate with my teaching degree. When we decided that we wanted to get married the following summer, my parents told me I had to graduate before getting married. So, I changed my major, but they still wanted me to get my teaching degree. Deep down, I knew I would want that some day, but it wasn't until I had my son that I really started to realize how much I wanted to be a teacher. I have always known that I was meant to teach children. However, now that I have a child, I want to be able to spend as much time with him and any future minis as possible. So, teaching is the best option! I will have summers of, Christmas break, fall break, thanksgiving break. Sure, teachers don't make the most money, but look at all the time they get to spend with their kids! That makes it all worth it for me, and it is my motivation!

if you could have dinner with anybody, dead or alive, who would it be? I would love to be able to sit down to dinner with my Mamaw, Delores Steinborn. She was my mother's mom. She passed away when I was only 9 years old. I would like to sit and talk with her about her life and just get a chance to get to know her and let her get to know the person I have become. I also would love for her to get to meet Xander! She would love him so much! 

what is your favorite halloween costume that you have dressed up as?   My favorite Halloween costume is probably my Minnie Mouse costume. I got it from the Disney Store when I was in high school. It was a little big when we got it, so it had to be taken in, and somehow, after the freshman (too many to mention) and having a child, I can still fit in that costume! It is such a fun costume. Also, it is really durable! It has to be to have lasted 8 years! We even got the ears and the shoes to go with it! 

if you could go to one concert, who would be the artist? Right now I would really love to go to a Hillsong concert! They were just in Tulsa a few months back, but I didn't get tickets because I thought it was my friends bachelorette party. Turns out, I had the dates wrong, so I could have gone anyway! Oh well... I'll just have to catch them next time! 

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?  I would want to go to Fiji and stay in one of those over the water bungalows. My best friend just bot married in May, she and her husband honeymooned in Moorea in French Polynesia. It just looks so relaxing! Regardless of where I went though, it would have to be all-inclusive. We honeymooned at Sandals in Jamaica, and that was awesome! I learned that it really is the best way to go! 

how do you manage/organize/juggle your crazy busy schedule??  2 words: A PLANNER!!! I will admit, I am kind of a planner snob! I have found over the past 10 years that the more money I spend on a planner, the more likely I am to use it. The more likely I am to use it, the more stuff I get done. The more stuff I get done, the less stressed out I am. The less stressed = HAPPINESS! I am currently using the Erin Condren Life Planner and I LOVE it! 

her (and mine!) favorite posts:

happy tuesday!

October 27, 2014

halloween carnival!!

HALLOWEEEEEEN!!!! halloween is much more fun when there are kids involved. because then you get to go trick or treating and go to fun stuff like halloween carnivals.  it was actually a complete coincidence that we went because we got to my sister's house to visit my dad and right when we pulled up, my sister said "sorry, we are leaving right now. we are going to a halloween carnival" and i said "we want to come!" so we turned right around and left.

the two seconds that london allowed the tiara to be on her head.  she hates having things on her head, which is a real shame because she looks sooooo cute with bows, headbands, etc.

i tried to get a good picture of him in his swat team outfit, but he didn't want to look at me.  he liked it because of all the gadgets.  we were walking along and he pulled out his "phone" and said "yeah, i got the bad guys."

it was at the rec center and the pool area was converted into pumpkin diving and a "mystical lake."  whoever planned this was so creative!!

see all the "moss?"  you got in a canoe and rode around the "lake" and mermaids waved at  you and they had smoke machines and everything!!  it was so cool!  there were a lot of scary noises and lincoln clinged to me tight, which i am not complaining about.  he got so scared taran just took out of the pool area until our ride with london was over.

take a look at the video of our ride on the lake!!

then we went to play games. they had all sorts of stuff: ring tosses, donut eating contests, all kinds of games!! lincoln as a swat team and my eli as a firefighter

my sweet ollie as a firefighter.  the other day, i asked him what me and uncle taran should be for halloween, and he said i should be a dalmatian and uncle taran be a truck.  sorry dude, but i'm gonna be audrey hepburn and taran is going to be humphrey bogart.

i am the queen of blurry pictures!! 

my alma mater was playing the usc trojans that night, and my brother in law had dressed isaac appropriately. go utes!!  and, ps, we WON!!!!

this was a fun game where the kids had to hit the owl.  eli did it!!

oliver didn't have as much luck.

neither did lincoln.

cookie decorating!!! 

true to london form, she got very,very, verrrry messy.

eli is incredibly a normal amount of ocd so he announced his cookie was "done" and then we took pictures and then he carefully ate it.  he is very meticulous about everything: lining up his cars in an exact straight line, having candy pieces evenly on his cookie, etc.

THERE IS NOTHING SEXIER THAN A MAN WITH A BABY.  look how big my husband's muscles are. oh my word.

this was lincoln's favorite game. you punched the cup and got a  prize. we did it a bunch of times and lincoln had the time of his life.  

bounce house!!

not pictured:  "thriller" dancing. there was a dark lite room where we learned the dance and london just boogied down.  it was absolutely adorable.  she couldn't keep up with the moves, so she just frantically waved her  arms around, clapped and danced.  

i had so much fun and can't wait for more halloween fun all week long!! i demanded that i be invited to each halloween outing this week as i have one more week of unemployment freedom until i start my  new job on monday! so keep up on instagram for what is sure to be a fun week!

speaking of my new job, there are a lot of emotions going on around here.  i feel as though i just went through an incredibly heartbreaking and difficult breakup and i just got asked out/started dating someone else.  and all i can think about is the former boyfriend, the one who broke my heart, and how weird it feels to be dating someone else.

getting laid off felt awfully similar to a  breakup. i loved my job. i loved it so hard.  i planned on being with that company for years and years. it broke my heart when they let me go. i have a rule about where i work: i have to work at a place where the company is making a positive impact on the world.  a company that is making a difference. my former job was the epitome of that, which is one of the reasons why i loved it so much. i feel like such a fool.  i proclaimed my love for my job and how lucky i was to have  found it.   for all i know, i wrote that post when they were in a board meeting determining my future at the company.   now every time i hear of a dispatch call i will think of the company i loved so much, 

but now it is onto a new company, a new man as i should say.  we'll see how it goes.  

October 24, 2014

a week of good things!!

this week has been a whirlwind!! a lot of good things have happened this week and i can't wait to share it all with you!
  • my daddy got his knee replaced on monday,and it went really well.  my parents still live in my hometown 300 miles away, but they came up here for the surgery as well as for the impending arrival of my sister's baby.  i was so worried about the surgery.  he  had me go to a class on his surgery that all patients had to attend, but him being 300 miles away, i went for him and learning all about the surgery really scared me.  

i got to his bedside right before they took him into surgery.  the surgeon came in and drew the purple line and then the nurse asked my dad to write "yes" in red for the leg that needed the operation  because apparently they can't remember that it is his right knee that needs replacing.  he drew a smiley face.  he's funny.  his doctor looked so young and i had to bite my tongue to ask where he went to med school, i didn't want some baby taking out  my dad's knee.  so when the surgeon left the room, i asked "how did you find this guy??  i thought your surgeon would be older.  he looks too young. i don't know about this."  but my dad being a doctor himself, he had called the head of all  surgeons at the hospital who is a friend of his and asked who the  best was.  and apparently baby face is one of the best and did  his fellowship at harvard.  so, okay.  i approve.

he was  sooooo drowsy and adorable when they brought him to his room.  he was in recovery for almost 2 hours, and as my mom is a nurse (remember that's how they met??) she got suspicious and figured out that something wasn't right.  when the nurse came in, she coaxed it out of her that my dad's oxygen level went all the way down to 50 and they had to intubate.   scary stuff. but he seemed     fine and couldn't stop saying how much he loved us and my parents kept kissing and my dad kept saying sweet things like "i would be nothing without you" and "you are my whole world i love you so much" and he was squeezing my hand really really tightly and kept telling me he loved me.  and then he started singing "i feeeeel goooooood....nuhuhuhuh....."  and kept saying "i feel so strong!!!" and then he would flex.  and he kept saying "i want to exercise" and kept asking the nurse when he could exercise.  she said how bout tomorrow.  but he kept flexing every muscle he could and saying "i feel so strong!!!"  that anesthesia, man.  it brings out the funniest in people.

my sweet nephew eli who is 4 was very concerned about his pop pop so we had  a video call so he could see his pop pop was okay.  it was adorable.  and he said "i love you pop pop"and then his two year old brother said the same thing and later when i asked my dad about it, he didn't remember any of it.  but eli made the above card. he is so smart my sister just  told him how to spell everything and he knew how to write the letters!!
and on the left is my dad in his hospital bed, and the long lines are eli's healing fingers.  and we don't know what is below.
all the handprints from all his grandkids.  adorable.

oliver's get well card.  we have no idea  what it says.  he's 2. whatyagonnado.

  • i know that you are all dying to know more about my new job that i mentioned yesterday!! you know those "for profit" universities that are online and have small campuses, like university of phoenix, western governors university, etc? well my job is for a company that owns 4 of the those kind of schools and my job is the social media manager. so i will manage the social media liasons at 12 campuses and will travel once a year to those campuses. it is a GREAT  job and pays more than the job i had when i got laid off, and i am really excited about it!!! i start first monday in november.  it is such a blessing.  i knew the Lord would take care of me.  He has blessed my husband and i with amazing jobs in the past two weeks, and  now both of us are right where we want to be financially and career wise!! God is so good!! right when taran was losing his overtime, which was what was keeping us  afloat  with me not having a job, he got his new job that pays more than double what he was making.  it all came right in  to place right when we needed it!! God is so good and we are so blessed!! and i am so blessed that i was able to find a job only 3 weeks after i was laid off!! the Lord is amazing!!! 
  • i want to take full advantage of my free time, so i  want to read as many books as possible before i start my new job and have as much fun as possible.  so i have a list of things to accomplish.  get my wedding dress preserved (finally) finish all 8 books i have checked out.  and household things, like finally  hanging up wedding pictures and other things.  i only have one week left of  freedom before i have to join the work force after a 3 month break!!  
  • part of the list is that i saw the best of  me yesterday at a matinee by myself and omg it was sooooo depressing.  i was sobbing so hard.  darn you nicholas sparks!! why do you always write heartbreaking love stories!!
  • now that my dad's surgery is behind us, we can focus on awaiting the arrival of my new niece!! i can't wait and am so excited to meet her!! i bet she will  come early, her arrival date is nov 4.
  • what am i going to be for halloween?  it is my fav holiday and  i haven't even started thinking about my costume.  suggestions??
this weekend will be full of celebrating and spending time with family.  i am so excited about this new job and i can't wait to go celebrate!! yay! have a fantastic weekend!! also, have you entered these giveaways? 

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