Lot 48: why merida is my favorite disney princess

September 12, 2014

why merida is my favorite disney princess

last weekend, the hubs and i watched my favorite disney movie, brave.  okay, maybe it isn't my favorite disney movie, because tangled and frozen are really, really amazing, but brave has a really speacial place in my heart.  i feel like i am merida.  i identify with her on so many levels.

let's think back to all the other disney princesses.  let's thing about all their stories.  think about it, all the other disney princesses end up with a prince at the end.  except elsa, but we will talk about her later.  

this is a huge reason why merdia is my favorite princess: that she has no love story.  that she makes her own fate.  that when her mom forces her into marrying a stranger, she fights for her own hand in marriage and then runs away on a horse. how bad a** is that?? i just LOVE IT!!!!! 

we don't need men to have our own happy endings.  and merida shows us that.  that is why she is my favorite.  she doesn't need a prince.  she makes her own fate, okay now i am just repeating myself, but i just love this movie so much and merida is soooo awesome.  if i were her, i would do the same thing.  i would totally be the one who would be an expert archerer (archerist?) and i would make my own fate.  

yes, it sucks that she turned her own mother into a bear.  that sucks.  and is unfortunate.  but i am with you mer, i am with you on wanting to change your mom.  we have all been there.  but you fixed it and it brought you and your mom closer together and it all worked out!!! (*cough cough, it's a movie so of course it did *cough cough)

now you might be thinking "elsa from frozen doesn't end up with a prince, why don't you like her? well, come on guys, elsa's crazy and has some serious issues.  girl froze her whole town and brought on an eternal winter and doesnt' know how to handle her emotions.  girl is emotionally constipated.  it's kind of sad, actually.  girl has serious issues.  i don't want to be her.  i don't even like her.  raise of hands, who even likes elsa??

i love that disney finally made a move with no prince.  that is amazing and shows little girls all over the world that they DON'T need a man to be happy and they CAN change their own "fate" or "destiny".  we are in charge of our lives.  we  can be happy without a prince.  merida had no man at all in this movie and that isn't what the movie was about and i just LOVE THAT.  

don't you love this picture of jessica chastain as merida?? i love this series that disney did with recreating all the princesses in real life and i guess they are making a coffee table book or something? all i know is the jennifer hudson was princess tiana (another favorite disney of mine! i love that it exposed me to another culture) and penelope cruz was belle and jeff bridges was the beast,  weird choice, but whatever.  but i love this above picture.

so, who is your favorite disney princess??? 



  1. Ok, Missy you already made it into my blogger favorites for the week and then there's THIS! Seriously though, I couldn't agree more! Brave is one of my most favorite Disney movies for ALL of the reasons you listed! Plus, the music is incredible! I may have to suggest this for our Friday movie night at home tonight. :)

  2. I love Jessica Chastain as Merida. That's a great choice. Penelope Cruz as Belle? Ugh. No.

    I don't love Brave at all, but I DO love Merida and think you are absolutely right about her character and the good things about her. She's a heroine to admire, that's for sure.

  3. "well, come on guys, elsa's crazy and has some serious issues." Ha ha ha, you crack me up! I agree though, as much as I love the traditional Disney princess movies I did enjoy seeing one that swayed from the norm.

  4. I thought I was the only person in the world that didn't get the obsession with Elsa. Girl is cray-zay!

    Is it weird my favorite Disney movie is UP!?
    I think that makes my favorite Princess...Carl?! lol

  5. oh I love Brave, and Merida! I love all things Disney, though :) Elsa is fabulous but yes crazy, I like Anna better anyway ;) But my fave girls are from my days, Belle + Ariel. Lol. Love the actress recreations of disney princesses, seriouly if that were a coffee book I'd buy it!

  6. :whispers: I like Elsa. ahem.....I meeean, okay maybe I just have an obsession with Idina Menzel (the actress that voiced her) and that's why i like her. I'm almost positive that's why I liked her. Idina is a Broadway theater goddess. lol! I'm a huge theater dork. BUT ANYWAY, I didn't like the story to Brave so much but I like that she wasn't the typical princess that needs saving.

  7. Can you believe I have never seen Brave or Tangled? Whoops! I need to change that soon!

  8. I like that direction Disney is going in. No man is ever going to take away all your problems and save you! Cool post.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. This post certainly got me thinking about the number of Disney films I've watched throughout the years, and they're a lot! Hahaha! I guess I'm really a fan. As for my favorite princess, I'd have to say it's Rapunzel in Tangled. I can relate to how she's afraid of venturing out of her comfort zone, and at the same time, looks at the world with such curious eyes. I also love Hercules, though he's technically not a princess. I guess one's favorites reflect their personality. Anyway, Thank you so much for sharing! Wishing you all the best!

    Simon Walker @ The Viewlorium

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