Lot 48: "when i was your age"

September 5, 2014

"when i was your age"

 first of all, i really can't' believe it's friday.  this week flew by.  maybe not for some of you, but it for sure did for me!! i can't believe it's friday!! but for oh hey friday! today, i thought i would speculate 5 things our grandkids will have when we are old.  

i was thinking about this the other day when i was thinking how iphones, ipads and all other "devices" baffles my grandparents.  they have no idea what's going on.  and it got me thinking.....

what will there be that will baffle us when we get to that age??? we already have crazy devices that make our lives so much easier, i literally can't even imagine what kinds of things apple and google and amazon and samsung and whomever else will think of by the time i get old. 

so let's speculate, shall we? 

ps. don't you love that you got a sneak peek at my beyond messy desk? i bet this made you oh so very happy.  yes. i am messy.  and so is my husband.  so, just don't come over.  you'll just be embarrassed for us.

  1. robots. obviously.  they will clean for you.  and............clean for you.  really, that's all i want from them.  that's all they are good for.  just clean for me.  oh and grocery shop.  that'd be great kthnxbye.  
  2. self driving cars that fly.  it will happen, and soon, i think.  i feel like my granddaughter will call me and be like "kay, cool, i'll be at your mansion in 10 to pick you up for lunch cause yes you're old, but you aren't old and gross, you're still fun and cool and i want to hang out with you." and then she will honk the horn and i will hobble outside roll outside on my awesome skateboard cause i still got it and i will be like where is she?? and then i will look up and realize her car is hovering above me.  and i'll be like whaaaaaaa??????? and then i'll be so surprised my teeth will fall out i'll fall off my skateboard.
  3. phones that order food for you before you realize what you are craving. right?  wouldn't that be amazing?  how often are you like, "i'm hungry but i don't know what i want?" hello, this is toats possible and they could create something that makes it so a device  knows you so well it knows what you are craving before  you are realize you are craving it!  and then order it for you and it magically appears on your doorstep and best of all, it's FREE!! just kidding, that would be crazy.  let's stick to reality here. 
  4. computer chips implanted into our brains.  maybe this is just me loving nikita too hard (because it is my favorite tv show in the history of FOREVER) but if you don't know where someone is because heaven forbid they lose their phone, you can just talk to them through your brains and you know where they are always and you never have to worry about forgetting your phone ever.
  5. a siri that rules your entire house.  like that one disney channel original movie that i can't remember the name of where the house took over the lives of the people who lived inside it and went evil and never let them leave.  and it got real creepy real fast.  like that.  so be careful, google/apple peeps, siri could turn on us, any second.  but you know, a siri that like you just talk into the air and are like "make me dinner" and she does and then you're like "find me a husband" and she does and then you're like "what do i wear today?" and then she picks out and super cute outfit and then you're like "go to work for me" and she does.  because 'merica. also, for a hilarious video of where siri turns evil and kills everyone, watch this because it's hilarious and amazing and i believe it will happen one day. 
have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone!! this weekend we are going to the farmers market and the greek festival!! excited!! 


  1. Your desk looks like mine! I'm messy too. And I am positive Siri is going to take over and trap me in my house. I try not to tell her too much for fear she will use it against me ;)

  2. Did you ever see the Disney Channel movie Smarthouse when you were younger? It makes me think of number 5 and while that sounds cool, well you need to see the movie...

  3. I want the SIRI, the self driving car and a robot to cleanly house NOW!

  4. Lovin on the messiness! So our golden years will be The Jetsons!!!!

  5. This post reminded me of The Jetsons , I loved those flying cars. I wonder if Siri robots are ever made (which seems kinda possible) , Siri would totally rule me.

  6. Your desk is like mine! NO worries! And I'm digging the idea of Siri in the house!!

  7. Before I even read what you wrote behind "a siri for your entire house" I totally thought of that movie!! I would love one of those as long as it doesn't go postal like the one in my movie did.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. This post cracked me up. Because I can already see technology growing up faster than me. There's so much stuff I don't get!

    But the flying car thing? That will be awesome.


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