Lot 48: things i wish siri could do

September 17, 2014

things i wish siri could do

siri can be so helpful sometimes.  she can navigate for me, send text messages for me and look up restaurants for me.  but there are a lot of things that i really wish she could do that she just can't. 

navigate for me.  often times, she sends me in the wrong direction.  more often than i would like.  but! yesterday, i got so lost going to the library.  i was going to the library from a different city and i took a different freeway and i got soooo turned around.  and luckily, for ONCE siri came through for me and i said "take me ----- library" and she did! it was a miracle.

cook dinner for me.  sure, she can find the nearest restaurant for me, and i talked a little about how this might be an option in the future, but it isn't something she can do now.  and it's like "whaat's up apple? #slacking

call the appropriate person.  she still can't call my husband.  my aunt's name and my husband's name sounds almost exactly the same (karen, taran) so she always thinks i am asking her to call my aunt. no!! call my HUSBAND, read the text from my HUSBAND. i want to talk to my HUSBAND. i have thought about just putting in "husband" or "my love " as his name in my phone, but we know how i feel about that.  

complete the tasks on my reminders for me.  i don't know about you, but  i use the reminders app as a way to keep track of everything i have to do each day.  it is kind of my life saver.  and it would be real nice if she just did it all for me.  that would be really helpful siri.  why can't you do that? 

actually get the voice to text right.  every. single. time. that i do voice to text she gets it wrong. and when i send it to the person, they always text back "um.... that made no sense." and then i try to have siri say "oh sorry! siri is doing this and she is dumb" but she can't even do that. it is very annoying. #thestruggleisreal. #toomanyhashtagsinablogpost

this isn't siri related, but what is this "your iPhone hasn't been backed up in x amount of weeks?" i have no idea what this is.  and i bet siri couldn't tell me.

what annoys you about siri?

and in case you missed it, siri takes over us all and rules the world. WATCH IT. 


  1. I'm a huge fan of the reminders app too. Why can't SIRI just do the stuff and cross it off our lists. I think you're on to something here! As for the voice texts; I gave up. It took more time to correct the text than it doe sot just send the text the old fashioned way....me!

  2. That would be awesome if it could cook dinner. I hate cooking!

    ~Ashley @ A cute Angle

  3. I never use Siri for this very reason! she and I just don't seem to mesh well haha.

  4. I really wish she could understand my "southern accent" because she never knows what I'm asking her to do! but! on the husband thing, you can add that as part of his description in your contact field under "add related name"

  5. Bahahahha, I am dying laughing at the HUSBAND thing. I had to do that, literally. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If you ask Siri to send a text to your husband (like "Send a message to my husband"), she will ask you who your husband is. Then you can tell her, and she'll remember! Same with your sister or your mom or anyone else like that. And then you don't have to save that person as "Husband" in your phone :)

  7. I love this! Without fail every single time I try to do voice text she texts the most random jumble of words that make no sense. And whenever I ask her to call someone she either tells me she's busy (doing what?!?!) or that she can't understand. My husband is listed as "my husband," cause I'm a paranoid person and I like to think that if I was hurt or something someone would find my phone and call "my husband." Also it's just funny to hear Siri say, "calling my husband." No...He's MY husband Siri!

  8. I almost never use siri- every time I accidentally bring her up I'm reminded shes there,tell myself I should use her more, but then never do. I kind of feel silly talking to a phone like that, giving commands and whatnot. haha!

  9. Maybe she's rebelling because you called her dumb. :P I actually never used Siri until a few weeks ago. I tried it a couple times, but I felt like it was just as difficult as actually typing, and I don't have anything important enough to say that it can't wait until my hands are free/I'm done driving. And I'm a little obsessive over proper punctuation and case, even in text, so it bothers me when I find mistakes later!

  10. Why can't SIRI just do the stuff and cross it off our lists. I think you're on to something here! Dragon City Mod Apk


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