Lot 48: the easiest way to shop for your man

September 9, 2014

the easiest way to shop for your man

i don't know about you, but shopping for men is sooooo dang difficult. especially for my dad. he does this weird and frustrating thing where every birthday and Christmas, he goes out and gets everything he wants, instead of telling us what he wants and letting us get it for him. sigh.

my husband is equally difficult to shop for. i never know what he wants. for our six month anniversary last month, i didn't even get him anything. because i just had no idea what to get him.

this is where man crate comes to the rescue! they contacted me and asked me to put together a list of things i would want in my own survival kit list, and but i also wanted to show you some of the great product they have. the great thing about the company is they have gifts for men with all kinds of hobbies. you can personalize the gifts as well: athletics, carnivore, survivalist, beer lover, snack enthusiast, and gamer. you can for sure find something your man is sure to love!

my husband is obsessed with bacon, so he would for sure love this bacon gift. if there was bacon on everything all the time, he would be happy. he was pretty disappointed when i couldn't make bacon wrapped shrimp happen at our wedding.

he would also love this slaughterhouse gift. he doesn't like to eat anything that doesn't have meat in it, so he would definitely love this. look how much jerky there is in that crate!!

now here is my survival kit essentials. my husband's survival kit essentials includes meat upon meat upon meat, but mine is just a bit different.....

  • taran. he obviously goes into my survival kit! i could not live without my husband. some might say that makes me weak and blah blah blah, but i don't care. i couldn't live without him.
  • chapstick. nothing drives me crazier than having chapped lips. i can't stand it!! my lips must be soft and smooth at all times or i go crazy. chapstick is a must.
  • dried mangoes by phillippine. no other brand. this brand thinly slices them and sprinkles sugar on the mangoes. they are my crack. i looooooove them. i would eat them for every meal every day if i could. they are so tasty and curve my sweet tooth without making me feel too guilty.
  • bath and body works lotion. i love all their scents!! and their formula really hydrates the skin. i have to have it on me at all times. a big bottle on my nightstand and small bottle in my purse.
  • celeb gossip magazines! i just love knowing what celebs are up to. it is my guilty pleasure for sure. i am fascinated by their lives and really, how they can mess up their lives so fantastically is very entertaining for me. i find it truly amazing. i love this guilty pleasure of mine!!

so there you have it!! what would be on your survival kit essentials?

 be sure to go browse man crate and keep them in mind next time you need to get a gift for your man! they really do make it soooo easy!!


  1. This is a pretty cool company. They aksed me to do the same thing. Can't wait to write it up!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. omg how cool is that!! i need to check that out for sure!

  3. That's a cool company.

    I love your survival kit. I can't handle chapped lips either!

  4. I've heard of Man Crate before and absolutely love this idea! I think I'd get my guy one of the Zombie kits because he is absolutely positive that the zombie apocalypse is coming soon and wants to be prepared!

  5. Guys are seriously SO difficult to shop for. I had the most difficult time picking out a birthday present for a guy friend last month, I literally left the mall exasperated after 3 hours of searching (luckily I cheered myself up with a little gift for myself...haha oops).

  6. Ha ha ha man crate, what an awesome idea!

  7. Man crate is such an awesome idea. Something I'll have to remember if I draw one of my uncle's names for the christmas gift exchange this year!


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