Lot 48: state fair!!!

September 15, 2014

state fair!!!

how was your weekend my dears?? ours was rockin'.  first i need to give a HUGE shoutout to my parents who are rockstars for getting us a new mattress.  you know my parents live in my hometown which 300 miles away, but given how much time they spend up here staying at my sister's house to spend time with us, they bought themselves a good mattress.  so we just got the exact same one from the exact same place that they went to and wala!! that doesn't look right.  is that how you spell WA-LA!!! i thought it would look more exciting!  i should get delivered today!! 

and then it was state fair time!! 

i had been looking forward to the fair for weeks and was so excited to go!! i love the fair! it is crazy expensive.  the food is expensive, the rides are expensive, you have to pay to get in, yada yada yada. but i think it is completely worth it. 

i told taran the first matter of business was ice cream.  and it was good ice cream.  real good.  okay, i want more ice cream now.  all of it.

then we went over to ride the ferris wheel!! the line was surprisingly short!! and this picture is weird, but i added it to help you imagine us sitting in the cart on the wheel. 

and okay, guys, i hadn't been on a ferris wheel in a really long time. and therefore, i had forgotten how much fun it was.  the speed! the height! how you went backwards as you went up really high!! the excitement!! it was amazing!!! you can see how much freaking out was going on.  i had totally forgot how much fun it was!! taran was trying to talk to me during the ride, and i was like "shhhh!! do you not understand what is happening right now!! this is amazing!!" 

maybe it is my fear of heights that made it particularly fun, but it was just so dang fun i wanted to go again.  but like i said, everything at the fair is so expensive.  

and now i give you, views from the top of the wheel!!

and then a picture of the fair once we were safely on the ground!!

obligatory state fair selfie

hey! we're at the fair!! my hips look enormous!!

so every year, some genius carves a huge statue out of butter.  and this was this year's creation.  genius!!

this was the indoor exhibit with arts and crafts and stuff.  aka the place to get out of the heat.

 dragon like WOAH

and then as we were leaving, THIS.

how was your weekend??


  1. 1. Adorable dress and hat, you look so perfect for the fair!
    2. Ferris wheels terrify me, I literally hyperventilate on them!
    3. A new mattress is SUCH a treat!
    4. It is spelled "voila", oh those french and their tricky phrasing! (:

  2. This looks like such a great weekend! I'm not really afraid of heights, but I'm afraid that the ride would fall apart haha. It always gives me anxiety!

  3. I was going to tell you about Voila, but it looks like Princess Jord beat me to it. ;) Hooray for a new mattress though! That's always so exciting. I'm glad y'all had fun at the state fair though.

  4. You look adorable...no hip issues at all. And can I have your eyelashes? Good for you for tackling your fear and going on the ferris wheel anyway...you amaze me.

  5. Fairs are so fun! Cool hat.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. That looks like so much fun. And I love your outfit. Especially the hat! It's so perfect!


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