Lot 48: niecephewisms

September 25, 2014


kids say the funniest things don't they? it is one of my favorite things about them.  

we all know i have a lot of niecephews (a term i coined to say nieces and nephews because nobody got time to say both words. come on now) 6 to be exact, but 4 of them are talking.  isaac is the 6th and he wasn't born when this picture was taken.  he turned 2 months old two days ago!!!! 

clockwise: london: 1yr, avery: 2 yr, oliver: 2 yr, eli: 4 yr, lincoln: 3 yr

the day after lincoln moved to utah i was pushing him in his swing in his new home.
lincoln: aunt lauren, thanks for making my house better.
he was referencing me helping them unpack.  what a sweetheart

me: what did you do today avery?
avery: worked.
me: oh you worked?
avery: no, daddy worked.

lincoln: there is a tire on the towtruck!
me: you know, a few weeks ago, i got a flat tire and that big tow truck came and used that tire on the back to make my car all  better.
lincoln: oh!! and then what did you do?
me: then i went home.
lincoln: and then did you and uncle taran play with your toys?

me: what's the name of your baby, avery?
avery: katienbaksdkflj
me: katie?
avery: katiekansdkfsioi
i look at her mom to translate
rachelle: she's saying katiebaby.
me: oh! katiebaby? is that your baby's name?
avery: yeah. 

while pushing lincoln and avery on the swings shortly after avery  had moved into her house.
me: lincoln, have you been to cousin avery's new house yet?
lincoln: oh i can't be there, it's just such a mess.

me: oliver, you are so cute.  i love you.
oliver: no!! i'm a big boy!! 

me: lincoln, are you a big brother?
lincoln: no. i'm lincoln.
me: you're cousin was born today.  did you know you were as tiny as he was once? you weighed only 6 pounds!
lincoln: no i didn't! i'm lincoln.

while my sister is trying to get oliver dressed.
oliver: no! i don't want to wear that cute shirt!
proceeds to throw himself into a tantrum

at family dinner all the kids are playing in the playroom.  i walk in and ask lincoln what he is doing.
lincoln: i'm painting the walls!!
me: uh oh.  let me see what you are painting with.
it is a lipgloss palette.  this is avery's playroom after all.
me: sweetie, this is lipgloss.  girls put it on their lips to look pretty.
lincoln: oh! then i put it on you.
he does so very carefully and then puts lipgloss on avery, my mom and his aunt rachelle.  he is such a sweetheart!! 

i wish i had some eli-isms for you but he is too cool for me and runs away when i come to his house.  he's too cool for me now and thinks i'm super annoying.  sigh.

also, musings of an aunt.


  1. this is beyond cute! :) I love little kids way of thinking.

  2. Kids are so adorable. I love the funny things they say. And I genuinely think the things they say to their aunties are infinitely funnier than anything they say to mom and dad.

  3. hahahahaha! I love it. Kids can be so cool.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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