Lot 48: labor day weekend: too good not to share

September 2, 2014

labor day weekend: too good not to share

i'm not a big fan of weekend posts.  i find them boring because i don't really care what you do over the weekend.  so this is mostly for my benefit.  so read if you want.  also, my pictures are crappy.  and i don't care because i think photography is boring and i don't care.  can you tell i am in a bad mood today?  coming back after a long weekend sucks.  and nobody is reading my blog.  tay wrote about how it's okay, traffic drops in the summer, which i don't understand because i hate summer and i spend more time indoors in the summer than i do in the fall and winter.  i am more likely to blog in the summer and read blogs in the summer than i am in the fall/winter.  i don't understand you people.  i am in a thunderous mood. but this weekend and now it's over and my husband is at work and i wish he was here at home with me to cuddle with me and bleh bleh BLEH. 

first off, my mom surprised my sisters and i by not telling us that our cousins that we hadn't seen in 5+ years were visiting for the weekend!! i was so excited to see them! the one on the left (your left) is chloe and has an almost 4 yr old boy named kaden whom i had never even met! she is a nurse and lives in texas. and celeste lives in colorado springs and is getting married in october!! i was so so happy to see them!! 

we kicked off the weekend by all meeting at a splash pad near my grandparent's condo and isaac wooed me by smiling me at me as i gave him kisses on his cheeks.  we tried to recreate it on camera with no success.  i guess he didn't want to be put on the spot.  but he did smile at me lots after those kisses!

isaac will be six weeks old tomorrow!! 

you can see my family off in the distance playing frisbee.  it was a fun day!! 

in addition to my cousins visiting, my mom's cousin andy visited as well, with his wife and two daughters. they live in san fran area and he works at google!!  

whenever isaac is swaddled up like that, i call him my little baby burrito.  

miss londy loo still insisting on crawling instead of walking.  15 months and only taking a few steps still!!

cousin hug/tackle??

 taran is so obsessed with london.  how could you not be??? she is so sassy and adorable.  i texted my sister the other day to ask if we could keep her, and she responded that we would tire of her after four days, tops.  that's probably true. 
 andy's 8 year old daughter, brenna, holding isaac like a pro!

getting that six week old acne.  poor boy has some colic.  i have found that singing "edelweiss" really calms him down while rocking him back and forth.  that puts him to sleep everytime.  but you must not stop singing! you must at least hum! note to self, learn words to "edelweiss" because, i only know like, 5 lines.  also, learn more lullabies. 

andy's family was so nice (he is that really smart looking guy in the plaid shirt standing in the center) he brought presents for all the kids!!) they loved it!! 

my squishy oliver opening his present!! it was a book that he had recently destroyed by ripping it apart, so it was perfect!!! success!! thanks wiggins!! 

taran and i are DYING to visit san fran, so thanks for the offer to stay at your house when we eventually make our way out there!! thanks for visiting!! (ps. these pictures were two family dinners combined)

on labor day, i cuddled up with this book i mentioned (still sooooo good and am soooo into it) and then we saw the expendables 3.  it really doesn't take a lot for me to be entertained in movies and i LOVE LOVE LOVE action movies.  and it was a good one!! and mel gibson is really good at playing evil!! it was a non stop shooting-explosion-fighting-awesome-fighting thrill ride for me, and i fully enjoyed the movie.  

we went home and took a nap and then i got to meet this angel!!

karen from a peek at karen's world!!  karen has literally been a God send as i have dealt with my health issues and my disability leave.  she and i have been texting so much lately and i am so incredibly grateful for her.  i literally can't even describe how grateful for her i am.  i am SO HAPPY that i got to meet her.  she was everything i imagined her to be: sweet, easy to talk to, warm, charming, and every other good adjective you can imagine.  she is my literal angel.  i prayed for help and the Lord answered my prayers with her.  i love her.  i tear up just thinking about how thankful i am for her.  she has saved me.  

i hope everyone had a really fun labor day weekend and now SUMMER IS FINALLY OVER AND WE CAN ALL REJOICE!!! fall is coming!! excuse me while i do a million cartwheels.  

i promise tomorrow i won't be so crabby.  i'm going to go read my good book now. 


  1. Babies are sooo cute! I love all the faces they make haha.

    And yessss. I cannot wait for Fall!!

  2. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE BABY!!! My niece turns 1 in 17 days and I'm like WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE!!

  3. Can not wait to hear what you think of the book when you're done....Waiting for you to finish it but then once it's done if you're like me you're sad. Can't find anything else to read now. Ugh. You have a beautiful family! So many adorable kids!!

  4. I'm so glad you had a good weekend. It was such a treat to meet you and get to chat with you and Taran. You two are an adorable couple and I loved every minute.

    And this post totally made me almost cry. That's saying a lot. :-)


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