Lot 48: i have some questions for you

September 19, 2014

i have some questions for you

hey it's friday!! this week went by pretty quickly!! that's good. okay for oh hey friday i have a few questions for you. because there are some things in life that i just don't get.

please, please, please take no offense to this, i am not judging.  i genuinely want to know.  okay? you want be offended?  i just really want to know.

////but why do people drink?  you can go back to this post where i speculate what kind of a drunk i would be, but i don't understand why people drink.  but at the same time, i do understand why people drink.  it sounds fun. if you are new  here, you know that i have never had a drop of alcohol in my life.  and i am 24.  yes, i'm mormon, and we don't drink.  but that isn't the only reason why i don't drink.  i don't drink because i don't want to. 

 the smell.  as being a waitress for 4+ years, i have smelled plenty of alcohol, and i don't get how you can get past the smell.  it smells like poison to me.  which, technically it is.  but at the same time, when things are hard and i don't want to feel emotions, i think "a drink sounds nice." and wine and margaritas sound nice.  they smell fruity.  ish.  are they?  what is drinking?? and also, how can you pick up someone in a bar and just start kissing them? they smell like alcohol, which smells so bad! i probably don't get it because i have never had a drink.  and i don't want to ever have a drink.  also, i have seen it destroy so many lives and have seen up close how it can hurt people and i don't want to go down that road.  so if i go to a club or a bar, sprite for me! because sprite is my favorite. 

///something i forgot to include in my post about siri is that why can't she auto correct when i am typing in all caps?? it makes no sense to me.  why. WHY. it is so frustrating.  i yell a lot (I'M WORKING ON IT) and when i type in all caps, there is no auto correct! what is a girl to do!! 

///how are people friends with their exes?? this is something t hat i will never be able to understand.  i have never talked to or seen the majority of my exes.  my first ex wouldn't let it go so he kept bugging me, like one of those bugs that won't fly away no matter how much you swat away at a picnic.  how can you go from being romantically involved and doing romantic things to just being friends and going out on double dates with your ex dating someone else and being okay with it?? i don't get it!! i just don't!!! 

/////i live in the murder ca-pita of my city.  my dad is always pushing taran and i to move.  but i like it.  we live next door to an ambulance center so there are sirens always going off and there is barf everywhere on the steps and i have always wanted to live in NYC and i feel like this is close!! and there are always adorable diverse kids playing in front of my apartment which i love.  i like where we live.  would you move?  i have never felt unsafe or scared.  but my dad is always worried about it.

/////why are we half way through september and it is still sooooooo hot?? it is still 90.  and this craziness needs to stop and fall needs to begin.  because fall brings happiness.  and fall is the best time of year.  and fall is wonderful.  and you better believe that there will be a post on the first day of official fall about my favorite things about the season.

also, it is my sister's birthday today! i have no idea how old you are! but i hope you enjoyed the breakfast i made you!! 


  1. Drinking doesn't necessarily equate to kissing random people at bars haha although I guess drinking too much can cloud your judgement and then lead to that. Although I drink I have also seen lives really messed up by alcohol abuse so I am very careful...like anything alcohol shouldn't be used as an escape from your problems. I do not enjoy most hard alcohol, and I do not enjoy beer. However I very much enjoy a glass of champagne or a mimosa...not to hook up with random guys at bars but just to relax and be silly with girlfriends (usually a night out dancing or a girls night talking about boys or whatever). I don't need alcohol for these activities but I find champagne so delicious it's a nice treat sometimes.

  2. I know what you mean about seeing alcohol destroy families. Some people aren't so good with pacing themselves and have tendencies to overdo it. I very rarely have a drink but when I do it's usually something like a margarita because I love the way they taste. It's like drinking a lime Popsicle. LOL Sometimes my husband will have a beer after an extremely stressful day at work and it helps him relax. But I can't remember the last time either of us have gotten really drunk or anything. Also, I think some people are able to remain friends with exs because maybe they realize that they didn't truly love them but they did care about them. I'm not close friends with any of my exs but I don't think I would feel strange saying hi if I ran into them in public either

  3. I like a good drink now and again, but my father was an abusive alcoholic so I know what it can do. I don't judge anyone who doesn't drink, but I do judge alcoholics. I think autocorrect doesn't work on caps because it might think you are writing an acronym or something? who knows. lol

  4. I agree that Siri should autocorrect all caps. Because I'm usually mad if I am typing in all caps, when I need autocorrect the most! Haha

  5. I think alcohol is very definitely an acquired taste.. and smell. Like coffee - people go on and on about how great coffee smells, but I don't like the smell or taste of it. So I would definitely say the reason people start drinking is not because of any immediate appeal but for the buzz, because it feels good, and it makes social gatherings more fun when you're able to loosen up and talk to everyone without feeling self conscious. Some people drink because it's trendy or classy, like craft beers or wine. Eventually they'll come to enjoy the taste of it, but I have trouble believing anyone does the first time they try beer or wine.

    Oh, and I'm totally with you on the "being friends with exes" thing! I tried it with 2 of my long-term relationships after breaking up, because after dating someone for a long time, they really become your best friend, and it's hard and scary to just lose such a big chunk of your life. But ultimately it has only prolong the hurt and painful feelings, and never accomplished anything positive (for me). My policy now is clean break. Until I can view that person with complete indifference, then I don't need them in my life, stirring up any kind of unresolved emotions.

    P.S. Sorry for writing so much, but they were such good topics!

  6. I think these are some amazing questions. Reading this I started having a conversation with myself, "why DO I drink?" I don't get drunk anymore (seriously, Melissa what was the point of that?!) Now, hubs and I will share an adult beverage after the kids are in bed. Honestly, I think we do it out of habit more than anything. We don't go out to bars and do shots or anything like that anymore... it's just a taste thing. We both enjoy a nice vodka mix drink. I dunno. You have me thinking and it's EARLY! (I still <3 you though). I will say I've never gone to a bar to pick anyone up.
    I also wonder about people that are friends with their exes. I couldn't do it. Of course, I don't hang out with guy friends w/o my hubby around anyway- that's out of respect for Josh because he's my #1 guy.
    Great post today, ma'am. excellent questions.

  7. Over the course of the past few months, I've really slowed down on how much I drink. I always had a hard time handling alcohol. I drank WAAAYY too much. My friends told me I was going through the normal partying stage and that everyone acts like that when they first start drinking. But I don't know. I also come from a family of heavy drinkers and I have seen how terrible the consequences can be. I have seen family members lose EVERYTHING over alcohol, and I always promised myself I would not do that.

    After a hard day, having a cold beer or margarita sounds lovely. There's a difference being a controlled drinker and only allowing yourself 1-2 drinks, or being someone who can't stop until they're blacked out. When you are able to just have 1-2 drinks and enjoy the drink -- and you're drinking because you like the TASTE more than you like the "buzz" -- then I really don't see the issue with drinking. But it's when people can't stop themselves - and they drink because they want to get drunk - that I think drinking is a problem and can lead to bad outcomes.

    Honestly, some people just enjoy having a beer or glass of wine at dinner. Just like some people enjoy having 2 cups of coffee at breakfast.

    I won't lie. It is fun being buzzed, but if I could do it all over again, I would have never drank alcohol either.

  8. I SOOOO don't get the friendly with Exes thing!

  9. I used to drink a lot in college because that is just what everyone did. (dumb reason I know) But then I grew up and realized I didn't like being sloppy drunk and then super hungover the next day so I stopped drinking that much. Now I drink because I enjoy having a beer or a glass of wine with dinner and unwinding, I just enjoy the taste at this point. I can't even tell you the last time I was trashed (and not just because I'm pregnant) and I'm perfectly happy with that.

  10. I actually like the smell and taste of alcohol. Getting older = bad hangovers, which is why I don't drink as much as I used to. But I really like beer so if I could drink it more, I would! On the flip side, I hate pop, which is something everyone loves. The smell makes me gag. To each their own!

  11. Those are some good questions.

    I don't know about the friends with exes thing. There's been one ex I really wanted to be friends with. I convinced myself that it was because we would have been better friends than boyfriend/girlfriend, but I knew deep down that it was really just because I wasn't over him. He was right to ignore me.


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