Lot 48: a lovely stroll through a garden

September 8, 2014

a lovely stroll through a garden

i know i said on friday that we were going to go the greek festival and farmers market this weekend, but it was also comicon so parking was going to be a nightmare.  so we decided to go to red butte gardens instead.  

the gardens are located on our alma mater's campus, and it is kind of crazy to me that i never went there. it is so absolutely beautiful there and you can get in for free with your student id, but it is $10 without it! i was kicking myself the entire time.  

above is the medicinal garden where there are the plants that they put in medicines (obviously.)  it seemed like a hippie's dream to me, the kind of person who uses oils instead of pills.  my best friend is just like that, so i took this picture and texted it to her and said "i am in a medicinal garden.  it is a hippie's dream.  aka you're dream." and all she texted back was 10 heart eye emojis and said THAT IS MY DREAM WE HAVE TO GO THERE!!!!!!"

this was the fragrance garden.  it is where a lot of people get married and obviously it smells really, really good.  really, though.  it smelled really good.

taran told me that when he was looking for places to propose he picked this place as one of the options.  there a worker setting up for a wedding for that evening so we had her take our picture.  he would have proposed under that pretty arch.  but the proposal was perfect and i am so glad he did it where he did it.

this is the gorgeous view overlooking the valley from the spot where we would have stood where he would have proposed. so, being the great wife that i am, i had him propose again.  he got down on one knee again and felt so uncomfortable and embarassed because there was that worker nearby and i said, "yes, i guess. we're already married, whatevs. i'll keep you."

i snuck a picture of the bridge who was getting married that day!! she looked beautiful!!

the next day was isaac's baby blessing.  in our mormon church, we bless babies when they are really young to bless them with a life of happiness and... you know, other good things.  i don't know! it's a blessing from  God that a worthy Priesthood holder (usually the dad) gives to the baby.  if you don't know what Priesthood means, just ask, i'll try to explain as non-awkwardly as i can.  also for the blessing, there is a circle of priesthood holders around the man giving the blessing.  the men in the circle are typically the family of the baby who is being blessed. i was in charge of voice recording the blessing on my phone so my sister could type up the blessing later and keep it for isaac and give it to him when he was old enough to understand. 

 i  was really jealous of my dad who was the lucky one who got all the babies around him.  look how many babies are around him! i think it's because he had the stickers.  but i knew how to get them to love them.  i  just kept offering them candy.

you might have already seen this on instagram, but real men let their niece put stickers on their lapel during church.

baby blessings are a family affair and look how many people showed up to support that sweet babe!! he is one loved little monkey.

that night at dinner, my mom surprised the grandkids with silly string.  she gave a can to each grandkid and let them go to town.  it was a lot of fun!!

 ollie's can got stuck! so sad!

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  1. Gorgeous! I would love to take an afternoon and write in a place like that. Such a sweet picture of you guys- I'm off to read about your proposal now! :)

  2. Those gardens look absolutely beautiful. Couldn't you just move in and live there?? Beautiful!

    I'm glad Isaac's blessing went well. Looks like it was a great day for the family!

  3. OMG those gardens are soo pretty! I want to go! Looks like everyone had fun with the silly string too. Love that stuff. :)

  4. Thank you for the giveaway!

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  5. Awww! It looks like the kiddos had so much fun! My niece loves to sticker up my husband! That garden looks really, really peaceful. What a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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