Lot 48: 7 things about me

September 10, 2014

7 things about me

well, you are in for a real treat (??) because emily at ember grey nominated me to write 7 random things about myself. so it is your lucky day!!! here we go.

  1. i do this really weird thing when i pee.  i have lately been needing to turn the water on because i can't relax enough to pee.  and then i have to imagine a waterfall and really, really hard core relax to get it to come out (too much?)  it is kind of frustrating and it is pretty ridiculous.  i am in awe when someone can just walk into a bathroom and just go.  even if i am bursting, i have to really, really concentrate and it is really, really annoying. and if it can be dark when i am peeing, that is even better.  i'm weird.
  2. i have started to get really offended when my nephews don't want to play with me.  let me repeat that so we all get the full effect of how ridiculous i am being.  i get offended when a toddler  who is not a rational human being and doesn't know anything doesn't want to play with me.  my 4 yr old nephew wipes off all my kisses and the only one who loves me is my almost 3 yr old nephew lincoln and my 1 yr old niece london.  and we all know how avery feels about me
  3. i had this crazy dream about lena dunham.  she was living in a trailer where her mom was allison janney.  right? you can totally see that right?? and the trailer was also a school where her mom was the teacher.  she lived with her little sister and mom in this room with one big open space where allison janney slept in a big bed and a side room where lena and her little sister slept in twin beds.  the secretaries of the school worked in the adjoining rooms and there was a bathroom nearby and all this was closed off by a door off from the students.  and lena attended the school and the two secretaries were her best friends and they were her age wait no she didn't attend the school she just lived there and she bossed around the secretary ladies and they were her age and they were awesome and lena was awesome  and her friends were awesome and then michael cera was there and lena wanted to lose her virginity to him and she was all making out with him and for some reason i was there and then snot came out her ear and i ran away because it was gross and allison janney was decorating everything for fall and was really into decorating and i couldn't get into the bathroom because there was this huge fake branch in the way with all these leaves and allison was like "oh, sorry, i'll finish decorating later so you can use the bathroom" and i'm thinking that's not the problem, the problem is that nobody can get in here because of the branch it's too big (ttss) and then i woke up because i had to pee.  also, don't forget about these lena dunham posts i did back in the day because they were awesome.
  4. i often lose my big toenails.  i was a serious dancer for 12 years, and had in grown toenails a lot so i had surgery on them a couple of times, so they just fall off.  it happens when i either bump into something with my toe pointed at a certain angle or someone bumps into me or whatever.  on our six month dating anniversary, taran bumped into me and made the toenail come half off so i had to walk around with a gauz wrapped around it for a few days and neosporin on it constantly.  it was fun.
  5. i was in the studio audience of rules of engagement for this episode.  it was when i lived in LA and the teacher of my internship program arranged for us to be in the audience and it was so much fun!! if you ever go to LA, you really should try to go get in the audience of a multi camera sitcom.  they have a comic to entertain you while you wait between takes and they feed you and you win prizes and it really is so fun!! and the comic was the one giving away the prizes and because our teacher was very well connected, we sat on the front row, so i talked to him a lot about how i was trying to be a sitcom writer and i really wanted that signed copy of the script he had in his hand right there and so he gave it to me at the end of the night!
  6. when i was 14, i went to a modeling/acting conference where i was put in front of like hundreds of agents all at once.  this will be all one blog post eventually but i want to include embarassing pictures with it which means driving 600 miles round trip to get them from my parents house.  i got called by tyra banks modeling agency and was one of 60 out of 700 chosen for acting to do a monologue for the judges.  i was awkward when i met with the acting agents and didn't look any of them in the eye and so none of them ever called me.  but the conference was in palm springs and i will never forget it.
  7. i was in a movie when i was 17.  i had a lead and my character was murdered.  it was a smallll indie movie that was filmed in the tiniest town you have ever seen in texas, two hours some direction of dallas.  such a tiny town.  i shot for one week and then flew back home to do summer theatre as a narrator in little shop of horrors.  did i peek as a child?? my life seemed so glamorous.  anyway, the movie is out and actually has won quite a few awards at a few film festivals.  i have a copy and only watched the part i was in and man was i terrible.  wow.  wow wow wowza.  what a bad actress i was.  horrible.  i can't watch it.  i can't.   
i nominate:
Whitney from After Eleven
Jordyn from The Fairy Princess Diaries

i can't wait to read 7 things about these lovely ladies! be sure to tweet at me once you have written your posts so i can be sure to read them!!

happy humpday!!


  1. Ahh I feel your pain about the big toenail thing. I did ballet for a very long time time, so I actually have big dents that run across my nail from when they used to crack all of the time. Sometimes if I dance for long periods of time the tip breaks off where the line is. OUCH! Not fun at all

  2. That modeling conference sounds super intense...and the indie film sounds like a lot of fun! You are a natural born performer girl! Thanks for nominating me (:

  3. What was the movie?! Or is it a secret!

    The only time I really need to concentrate to pee is when I'm using a public restroom and it's full of other people. I don't like it when people are around! haha

  4. Don't feel bad about #2, because I totally get offended when my (4 year old) son won't play with me. Like they're too good for us or something, right? The nerve! These were fun to read!

  5. What movie was it??

    I'm sorry about the nephews. They'll grow out of it and love you again, I promise!

    And I totally agree that being in the audience for a sitcom is SO FUN.

  6. Holy crap, you've gotten around lady! A movie, and acting, and all of that? How stalkerish is this.. but I'm pretty sure I found you on IMDB. ;D Heehee...

  7. This is such a fun post! I was a child model, and the worst part was meeting with the acting agents for the first time so I feel your pain! :)

  8. Oh awesome what movie!? Wonder if I have seen it?

  9. I have always wanted to go be in audience for a sitcom taping. Or any taping really. I used to dream of being on The Price Is Right but it's just not the same without Bob Barker. I want to see this movie you're in!

  10. hahaha!!!! All of these are awesome and I want to comment on each one. #2 - hilarious. I think I'd feel the same way. #4 - about puked and passed out reading that, gah!!! Also, you have the best, most entertaining dreams!!

  11. #2 is even better when it's your dog that you're offended doesn't want to give you any attention.


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