Lot 48: musings of an aunt + oh hey friday!

August 29, 2014

musings of an aunt + oh hey friday!

 this disability leave is kind of an ebb and flow kind of a situation.  some days are really good where i am so busy with physical therapy and other doctor's appointments and hanging out with my sisters and watching keeping with the kardashians that i am okay.  

and then some days are really hard.  the kind that hit me over with with a rock and i just cry all day and i don't know i am going to get through it or see life again.  yesterday was one of those days.  the thing with my health problems is that i am dealing with very, very VERY extreme emotional and physical problems.  problems that are out of my control and for me, lauren the perfectionist who wants to control everything and who has an "all or nothing" mentality, this doesn't go over too well.  

but then i remember that i have a huge support system in blogland, and that makes me really happy and that lifts my spirits.  and i remember everyone's sweet comments from last week's post when i announced my disability leave and how encouraging and loving everybody was.  i know i said it earlier this week, but i really, really mean it. thank you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being there for me.  for your prayers and for your kindness and for your support.

now, as i have talked about constantly, i have a 5 week old nephew, isaac.  little sir has gotten quite colicky, and it has caused quite the exhaustion from mom, dad, and isaac, as you can imagine.  wed. was the one day when i didn't have any dr appts (!!!) and so i offered to go to my sister's house and watch the kiddos so she could take a nap.  poor girl has had migranes like no other because she is so tired and i really wanted her to get a nap.  

her oldest, eli, is 4 and is in the "i'm too cool for you" stage.  knife to the heart. he was watching pixar shorts when i got to the house, and when i sat next to him, he ran away from me to the love sac.  #rude. 

and then when one of the pixar shorts were over and the credits were playing, i started dancing to the music at the credits. eli thought that was so annoying that he ran upstairs and barged into andrea's room but luckily she hadn't fallen asleep yet.  he just thought i was soooooooo annoying. i promised him i wouldn't dance and i wouldn't sit near him or bother him or sit next to him and then i managed to get him back downstairs. 

when the shows were over, i asked him if he wanted to play with some cars and set up his race track.  he decided that he wanted to play with mommy.  i tried to explain to him that isaac screams a lot and that makes mommy sleepy and that we want mommy to sleep so that her head feels better.  but he didn't care. and i wrestled with him and begged and pleaded with him that he wouldn't wake up mommy and let him sleep.  i offered him ice cream and said "i will give you whatever you want, just let mommy sleep, please, eli, i'm serious" but he is so strong, and since we all know that i am not in the best of health, i  couldn't keep him away.  he barged in the door and i whispered useless pleas of "please, eli, let's go play with cars, let's go eat ice cream, please eli, please eli, please." but nothing worked and he woke up mommy and demanded he play with her.  i felt so bad.  i tried so hard to keep him out of her room but that boy is so stubborn and was being such a brat, i couldn't do it!

i apologized profusely, and andrea tried to explain that i was here to play with him and eli said "i don't want to play with aunt lauren" and andrea said "that's really rude." and he just said he want mommy to play with him.  so what ended up happening was eli played by himself with a stick outside.  and i was not to go near him and i watched him from the steps on the car port and read blogs.   sigh.  that boy. 

and of course, the one time i come over to help the colicky baby, he was asleep in his swing by some miracle.  i kept checking in on him, ready to come to the rescue the moment he stirred so his mom could keep sleeping, but the little bugger just slept away, robbing his aunt of cuddles.  sorry for the blurry pictures.  he was in his swing and it was hard to get a good picture.  he slept for such a long time and i never got to even snuggle him or hold him!!  so sad.  good that he was sleeping, but sad for aunt who wanted isaac snuggles. 

then oliver woke up from his nap.  he is in his "too cool" stage too, and every time i kiss him, he says "don't kiss me!" and when i tell him he's cute, he says "i'm not cute, i'm a big boy!!"  so, watch out there.  but since he had just woken up, he was cuddly.  thank goodness!! i changed his diaper and we had some good convo as i asked him what he dreamed about.  my sister said that he needed to get dresses as she hadn't even gotten him dressed yet that day #3kids4andunderprobs and was soooo happy when ollie picked out my alma mater jersey!! utes foreverrrrr!!!!! you see, there is a HUGE rival between utah and byu, where my sister went.  my BIL went to the u, as did my dad and my husband, so it fills me with joy that adam is raising his sons right and not letting andrea fill their heads with lies that byu is a good school.  UTES FOREVER.  i high fived him several times. 

then after we played with some cars, i was outie because husband was getting home from work soon. 

oh. and this happened.

i cut off five inches.  i HATE HATE HATE having long hair.  my hair is so thick that if it gets long, it is like a hot blanket of hell.  so i chopped it off like a boss. more like the stylist did.  and now i can breathe.  ahhhhhhhh.  thank you, yes, yes, YES!! ps. disability leave makes me forget to put on makeup, so i have no makeup on in that picture.  oh well.

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  1. Love the haircut!

    Man, nephews can be so frustrating sometimes. They're totally awesome, but they can really break your heart. Don't worry, though. Soon enough you'll be the favorite auntie again.

  2. "He played with a stick by himself outside." hahahaha! Hope your sister got some much needed rest. Sounds like he has her hands full! Great haircut!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. It's so funny that kids can be so temperamental, huh?! I am loving your haircut!! :)

    And I hadn't read your other post yet (my laptop died! tears!), but I just did and I will be praying for you!! :( It sounds a lot like my BFF who is battling anxiety/depression, but that story would have me typing for a year! Praying for you! Keep that beautiful chin up!! :)


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