Lot 48: more confessions because it's wednesday

August 13, 2014

more confessions because it's wednesday

Vodka and Soda
these aren't so much confessions as random thoughts in my head.

amen amen amen to this article on the mindy project.  mindy is one of my writing idols and i LOVE her show and am so excited for it to come back!! these summer breaks are so stupid.  what are supposed to watch during the summer?!

i started reading jk rowling's book "the cuckoo's calling" and it is so good.  like that is a surprise.  and i love that she wrote it under a completely different name so nobody would know it was her so she could see if she could get it published.

dried mangoes are my crack.  but they have to be the right brand.  the great value brand from walmart or the other brand that looks the same. thinly sliced, sugar sprinkled on them, oh. man.  i cannot get enough of them.  i love them so much.  my husband bought me two bags on friday for our anniversary and i ate them so fast and then my stomach hurt.

THERE IS A REAL LIFE BEN WYATT who was a mayor at the age of 5 and you can watch how cute he is here i couldn't figure out how to embed the video

why do we shut the door when we go to sleep if we live alone?  we don't have roommates, but we always shut the door at night when we go to bed.  why?  its kind of weird when you think about it.

i just love trashy magazines.  i love reading about celebrities lives.  it always makes me feel so much better about my own.  like, "oh well, at least i am not crazy like her" or "at least i am not on my fifth husband." or "at least i am not suing my baby daddy because he is a jerk."  celebrities lives are so messed up and i love it.  i guess it kind of makes me a terrible person because it makes me happy to see other people's lives be difficult? but guys, the stuff celebrities do!! it's just like, why????

i got my first letter from jordyn and i am so happy we are pen pals!!  her note was so sweet and i can't wait to get more letters from her.

i just really love my husband, guys.  and i just really miss him when we go to work and i miss him even if he is gone for 20 minutes.  we are disgusting and you shouldn't probably be around us if you don't want to end up gagging because that is how mushy gushy in love we are with each other. 

there is a REAL LIFE BEN WYATT.  there is a 5 year old mayor and he lives in minnesota. 

so on monday, i went to a deli and there was a full on wedding luncheon going on.  it was so weird.  i went to the salad bar and the bride going through the salad bar in her wedding dress and i was trying not to step on her train.  and there were pictures of her and her new husband on the tv and they had decorated the tables and everyone was wearing the wedding colors and the mother was speaking on a mic about how much she loved her son and was telling a story about when he was little.  and then everyone else was just getting sandwiches and it was a deli on a monday and i was like what. the. heck. so weird.

what day of the week do you typically get the most traffic on your blog?

what's the deal with disquis?  good? bad? no opinion? should i do it?

should i have GFC on my blog?? is it beneficial?

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  1. My friends and I are having a Mindy Project premiere party and I can't wait. We'll be eating Thai (in honor of Beyonce Pad Thai, obviously) and having sticky buns (the ones Mindy kept eating as she crossed the street when she met the cop last season) and of course drinking wine, but probably not from a wine bra.

    Hmmm, Monday deli wedding... so weird! I wish you would have been able to ask where that came from!

  2. I feel like we're the same person come 8pm September thru may our tv likes are so in tune with each other!

  3. I LOVE MINDY SO MUCH! And seriously what the heck is with summer breaks?! Do they really think I have so much to do in the summer I'm not watching TV? False.

    Did you read her book?! I really want to be her when I grow up. ;)

  4. I guess I am a horrible person, too, because I love reading trashy magazines about celebrities being complete idiots! You would think with a lot of money they could afford to pay someone to just be around to say "yeah, that's dumb. Don't do that"

    Just found your blog through the link up :)

  5. I totally love this post! I've been meaning to read The Cuckoo's Calling, but haven't gotten to it yet. Did you read The Casual Vacancy? That book shocked me! I was like, "But, Jo Rowling, you don't know those words!"

    I love the 5 year old mayor. It's too bad he lost to an older kid!

    Also, celebrity gossip? I say I hate it, but I kind of secretly love it.

  6. I'd rather bring a picnic to my backyard- a deli wedding reception on a Monday? Geez.

  7. I live alone and also close the door to sleep. As in, I literally cannot sleep if the door is open. I'm kinda paranoid about it.

  8. Shut up. A bride in her gown at a salad bar?!? That makes me giggle. I guess you shut the door so the burglar doesn't wake you as he takes all your posessions?!?

  9. If you get this comment twice -- oops :)

    Anyway, I'll attempt to comment again: Having a wedding party on a Monday IN a deli is pretty bizzarre. But hey, if that's what the couple wanted, then so be it, right?!

    I don't look at my blog stats, but I guess that's something I should really start doing! And as for Disquis, I have a love/hate relationship with it. For starters, when I switched to disquis, I lost all my previous comments on my entire blog.. and then when disquis stopped working a few months later, I lost all my comments that were made on disquis.

  10. I can't wait for The Mindy Project to come back!

  11. i don't track my traffic on my blog but i do get a lot of comments on wednesdays :)

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  12. Mindy is seriously my favorite! I've been wondering about disquis too. Is that a thing I should do? Is it better in some way than just letting my comments stay as they are?

  13. LOL I also close the door even whether I'm home alone or not, it's weird... least I'm not the only weird one in blogland!

  14. I close the door because if I leave it open I hear noises from other windows in the apartment. Does that make sense? Plus, I like it to be AS DARK AS POSSIBLE.



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