Lot 48: how i talked my way out of a parking ticket

August 26, 2014

how i talked my way out of a parking ticket

welcome to those of you who are visiting my blog from Rebekah's blog "Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles".  if you jumping over from her  blog, go ahead and skip to part 2 of the story.  if you aren't, read the whole thing story!!

last year, i was working as the media director for the local chamber of commerce. it was Christmas season and i was running late to our holiday luncheon.  there was a miscommunication about when i could leave the office to attend the luncheon, so i was running late.  

i was speeding along the road when i saw those horrible three colors.  i was caught! i think i was going 10 over the speed limit.  you know that horrible feeling when you get pulled over.  your heart starts racing and you are quickly start freaking out and thinking how this was going to affect my insurance and life. 

the cop came to my door and did the whole thing of "did you know how fast you were going?" and yadayada.  i knew i was totally screwed.  he took my insurance and such and then told me he would be right back.  

that's when my mind started to actually work.  how was i going to get out of this?? people got out of speeding tickets all the time! surely i could do this!! i just had to think...... 


and then i realized..... working for the chamber, i had gotten to know the police chief really well. he was my friend and he brought me cupcakes once when i did him a favor. i could drop his name!! maybe that would work??? i started breathing really hard and was super nervous because i didn't know if this would work and i had never talked my way out of a ticket before!!! 

the cop came back with my ticket.  oh no.  i took  deep breath and said "hey, is your police chief [NAME REDACTED]?  he's my friend.  i work for the chamber of commerce, i know him well.  the cop looked at me and immediately drew a big "X" across my ticket.

"why didn't you mention that before??"
"i'm not very good at thinking on my feet."
"okay, well i'm going to go ahead and just  give you a warning. slow down, okay?" and he just walked away.

SUCCESS!!!!!!!!! i couldn't believe that i did it!! i couldn't believe that i talked my way out of a ticket!!! i had never done that before!!! i was feeling so good about myself!!

i kept driving to the luncheon and then got lost twice because it was a really nice restaurant that i had never been to before that was really had to find.  i told my coworkers what had happened and they all congratulated me.  

the next time,  i saw the police chief, i told him what happened and said thanks.  

it pays to have friends in high places.

have you ever talked your way out of a ticket??

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  1. I have talked myself out of a ticket. As a matter of fact, this post inspired me to blog about it!

  2. Hahaha. I've actually been pulled over twice and been able to talk my way out of the ticket. I mean, well, ok, maybe the first one I burst into tears because I was 16 and what else is a girl to do?

  3. Ha that is awesome! I can never think on my feet. I just blank and am in a total state of shock. Kudos to you though!


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