Lot 48: hey friday! + there isn't enough isaac on the internet

August 1, 2014

hey friday! + there isn't enough isaac on the internet

i haven't talked about my new nephew isaac sufficiently.  there isn't enough of him on the internet.  but before i get into that, i know that not everybody cares as much about him and is obsessed with him as i am, which is totally fine and so in order to not bore you, let's get this hey friday business goin' with karli.

my boss has decided she wants me to write more and be published in our journal!! it is very exciting and as i am kind of my own team in the marketing department (digital content team) she has decided she wants me to write for print as well, which i am so excited about!! there are really good writers in my department and i am looking forward to learning from them.  

i went to the dentist yesterday and i have NO CAVITIES! friends, this is monumental.  this has never happened before in my life.  in 2009, i had 12 cavities.  TWELVE.  that was the time of life when i didn't floss.  #gross.  but i have been mouth washing with cavity prevention stuff and really trying to not get cavities (they are expensive!!) so i was completely floored when i was told i had none!! 

i have a lot of really, really amazing people in my life right now.  to be honest, things are on the difficult side right now due to things i can't control.  the Lord has blessed me immensely with doctors and others who are going above and beyond to help me and i feel oh so loved and grateful.  

can we move onto isaac now??

8 days old!!  in case you are new here, name is isaac adam, middle name after  his father.  born  july 23, 8 lbs 10 oz.  and i am head over heels in love.  he is my 6th niecephew and 4th nephew. 

i had to do this.  how did he fit in my sister's belly?!?!? he weighs pretty much the same as when he was born, how did he fit?!?!?! how is this possible?!?! science!!!

and then my heart exploded.  taran was telling me that babies like being on chests because they can hear the heartbeat and it reminds them of the womb. 

he started to get a little fussy.  it had been a whole 30 minutes since he had eaten, after all!! he told me he was starving.

{insert face emoji with hearts for eyes here, sorry for the blurry picture.}

his brothers were rough housing and running around squealing avoiding bedtime and he looked really stressed out and his little arms were kind of shaking.  so i wrapped him up to give him comfort and warmth, because i thought he might be cold. 

okay.  there is now more isaac on the internet.  i feel good about things now.

i hope you have a really, really good weekend.  mine will involve lots of babies, just as i like it.

and! it's august!!! my least favorite season is almost over and my favorite season is coming!! the end is near! summer is almost over!!!! YAY!!!!!!


  1. Your nephew is so precious!! Congrats on the new writing assignments at work, too! :)

    1. thank you to both!! i am excited for the new opportunity

  2. Oh my gosh he is so tiny and small and perfect!

    1. Thank you!! If you follow my instagram, you will see that I got him this little onesie that says "single and loving it" and i just think it is the most adorable thing ever.

  3. Oh man - I will never bore of baby pics. Your nephew is so totally precious. And he is one lucky dude to have such a sweet auntie.
    No clue how they fit either - science is crazy. Ha.
    Thanks for linking up with me and Karli.

    1. Oh good I am glad I am not annoying anyone by how many baby pictures I have been posting to the blog. My mom tried to explain to me that they fit because their legs are more squished up under their bum and that is how they fit. but no wonder my sister was so miserable by the end!

  4. Isaac is so tiny and beautiful. I can see why you want him everywhere!

    Congratulations on the new writing gig at work!

    1. Thank you to both! I am SO NERVOUS about these new writing assignments. Send good thoughts my way!!


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