Lot 48: good things

August 5, 2014

good things

i'm not gonna lie, things have been really hard lately.  but there are still many, many good things in my life that i need to acknowledge and be grateful for.  i know i am 5 days late to the party, but i am linking up with belinda for her lovely "life is good" monthly linkup as well as emily's "grateful heart monday" linkup!! late to that one as well!!! sorry!
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first off, i wanted to give a HUGE thanks to all those who positively responded to yesterday's post.  it was so amazing and wonderful to hear everybody's feedback and that i am not the only one who feels this way.  this blogging biz can be rough, and i was so shocked by the amazing response the post got and the amazing support i received from everyone! that is definitely something that is a small victory!

another thing that is making life good is this sweet babe.  i really am sorry, i know that i am probably getting so annoying because i talk about him all the time, but look at him!!! how could i not?? he is 12 days old (!!!) and so fuzzy and rosy and sweet.  i LOVE it when he falls asleep in my arms or on my chest.  he breaths super hard when he is sleeping and is just the sweetest baby.  i am so blessed to be an aunt.  being an aunt is one of my greatest joys in life.  thank you, isaac for making me an aunt for the sixth time and i can't wait to meet my next baby in november (a girl!)  my family sure knows how to have babies!!

on that note, i am just loving having all my sisters living twenty minutes from me.  this is the first time this has happened since i was 12!!! it will only be like this until may 2015, so we are soaking up as much sister time as possible.  i love getting to know my niece and nephew that i haven't had as much time with since they have lived in kansas for the past five years, and of course, bonding and spending time with my sister that i usually get to see 4 times a year.  i am so happy that we are all together!! and yes, i'm the idiot that didn't take off my sunglasses in this picture.

i am so grateful for my job.  with the health issues that i have been having, my boss has literally been a God send.  God knew what he was doing when he made me wait 8 months for the perfect job.  i absolutely, totally and truly love my job.  i am so blessed that i am working in the field i went to college for and working for a company that is making such a difference in the world.  and my boss is so inspiring, kind and enthusiastic about all her employee's work.  i never feel like i can't bring up an idea with the fear of getting shot down.  also, there are so many amazing writers on my team that i am learning so much from.  you can read exactly what my job is here. (it's a really, really cool and interesting job!!)

donuts! it's the small wins, right?  there is this AMAZING gourmet donut shop (doughnut shop?? i don't know...) in my city and it is out of this world.  i don't even know how to describe how good they are.  and they make me happy.  life is good when i have them.

what about you?  what good things are going on in your life? i would love to hear so i can be happy for you!!

also...... win a $75 gift card to target?  wouldn't that make your life good?! YES! good luck!!


  1. Yay for good things! Those donuts look so yummy! Your nephew is such a doll! And I'm hoping to win the Target gift card since I've been on a shopping ban, lol!

  2. It's never too late, you are right on time :) I think it's awesome you love your job! There are too many people who are "trapped" in jobs they truly dislike and dread going to every day... makes me so happy to hear of someone who feels differently!

  3. This post just made me so happy and smiling. Babies, sister talk, donuts....yes! Have a blessed week. So happy to be a new follower of your blog.

  4. So glad you have so many things that are making you happy! so awesome to have your sisters nearby and what a cute baby!

  5. He is so freaking cute and this is a great happy list!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. It's good to just sit back and really appreciate the good things in life, everything from family to doughnuts. I must admit that those doughnuts look amazing, you have me wanting to run down to my local Krispy Kreme now.

  7. It was a good post yesterday, and very heartfelt. I think a lot of people are feeling that way, especially in this time when so many organizations are trying to teach you just how to make blogging a business and forgetting the personal connection.

    I love your happy list and it reminds me that I really need to call my sister!


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