Lot 48: am i a writer??

August 12, 2014

am i a writer??

am i writer?  i have been thinking about this a lot lately, especially the last few days.  if any of you read my profile on juliette's blog, you know that i am/not really/trying be/can't call myself one/whatever comedy writer for television.  also, if you read this post, then you know that i am a writer for a living. 

so i must be some kind of writer, right??  i mean, i get paid to write, i write on this here blog every day, and producers told me my script was good and that i was a good writer.  a good comedy writer.  

but there was an event at work last week that really shook me.  i don't/can't/don't think it's smart to talk a lot about my job here, but let me just say that this event left me feeling hurt and questioning my skills as a writer.

i was hired by this company to write stories.  to write tweets and facebook posts and linkedin posts. (yes! linkedin is where we get the most engagement, actually!!)  i am a rookie writer, only 2 years out of college and just winging it, really.  i haven't memorized the AP style book and i don't really know what i am doing, i guess??? 

but what makes a writer a writer, anyway?  just because we blog, are we writers?  if we can write letters and our name are we writers?  if we tell a story and write it down are we writers?  what defines a writer?? 

my conclusion is this: a writer is someone who says they are.  and i say i am.  i get paid to tell stories, to report on 9-1-1 dispatch  calls, to write!  i get paid to write.  doesn't that make a writer, in the least? 

and here! here! here i put my thoughts onto "paper" every day.  doesn't that make me a writer?

and my scripts! my comedy television scripts that i have written, i told a story, i developed characters, doesn't that make me a writer?

so, yes.  yes, i am writer.

i am a writer because i say i am.


  1. I really like this! Because it sums up how I feel about it. I'm a writer because I say so. And I happen to think you're a pretty darned good one!

  2. I would definitely say that you are a writer! I however would say for me that writing is just my hobby, I don't take it seriously enough to learn more about it and want to further my knowledge in it. For example, just because you give someone a camera it doesn't mean that they are a photographer, same goes for a blog. Or at least in my opinion.

  3. I would definitely consider you a writer as well! Your posts are always well written and thoughtful... mine, mine are usually more of a jumbled mess! ha!!

  4. I absolutely think you are a writer! And a great one at that! I think what you said is true-- if you think you are a writer, you are! Whether you write for one day or professionally every day, you can be a writer.

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