Lot 48: a thank you letter to all the jobs that rejected me

August 21, 2014

a thank you letter to all the jobs that rejected me

i absolutely love my job.  i really do.  i feel like some people say that but they don't actually mean it, but i am here to tell you, i mean it. 

prior to landing my dream job, i worked at a company that shall remain nameless for a little over a year.  8 months out of that year i was looking for a new job.  i sent out countless resumes and cover letters, had countless interviews and second interviews, but was "never the quite the right fit" for the job or they had "decided to hire within in the company."  

i really can't even tell you how many jobs i applied for that rejected me.  it was terrible.  job hunting is terrible. really, really terrible.

but now that i am at my dream job, i want to thank all those who rejected me.

thank you so-and-so company who thought i didn't have enough technical writing experience for the position. 

thank you, countless companies who brought me in pointlessly because they knew it would be an inside hire but had to bring in outside people anyway.  thanks for wasting my time.

thanks for making me pay for my own parking validation and making awkward excuses at work to go on these job interviews.  

thanks for telling me i was "one of the best candidates" but had decided to just go with someone smarter or someone they already knew.

to all of you, i say THANK YOU.

because now, i have by dream job.  i absolutely love love my job.  i really do.  it was literally a blessing sent from heaven.  

God knew what He was doing.  even though it was horrible and i had to wait 8 months to get my dream job, God knew that if i would just be patient enough, then He would bless me with the absolute perfect job for me. trust in Him always. He always knows what lies ahead and what is best for you.  

He sure did in my case.



  1. Love this! Way to really look at the bright side!

  2. Awesome post! I'm going to ask Kevin to read this. He has been job hunting for months now and keeps getting rejection after rejection. It's really tough!

  3. I love this! Sometimes when you're in the process of having companies waste your time + get your hopes up, it's easy to forget that doors are being opened to something so much better.

  4. I love this, Lauren!

    I'm going to try to remind myself that the perfect job is coming. Even if it's taken 2 years to find it...

  5. It's so wonderful how things like that work! I feel the same way about my job, lots of rejections, but I ultimately ended up in the right place.

  6. AMEN! I got rejected from so many jobs in the year after college that I lost count. However, if I had ended up at any of those, I wouldn't have landed right where I am- my absolute dream!

  7. I have similar experiences with regards with employment. As a new graduate I was eager to enter the workforce. However, soon I was hit with rejections left and right. I either didn’t have the experience for the job, or right major. I felt incompetent and useless. However, I didn’t give up. I kept looking and six months later I landed a job as an intern. It wasn’t ‘dream job’ per se, but it’s a stepping stone. I truly believe, with anything in life, you just have to try, try and try again to succeed!

    Celine Goodson @ RMS Recruitment

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