Lot 48: August 2014

August 29, 2014

musings of an aunt + oh hey friday!

 this disability leave is kind of an ebb and flow kind of a situation.  some days are really good where i am so busy with physical therapy and other doctor's appointments and hanging out with my sisters and watching keeping with the kardashians that i am okay.  

and then some days are really hard.  the kind that hit me over with with a rock and i just cry all day and i don't know i am going to get through it or see life again.  yesterday was one of those days.  the thing with my health problems is that i am dealing with very, very VERY extreme emotional and physical problems.  problems that are out of my control and for me, lauren the perfectionist who wants to control everything and who has an "all or nothing" mentality, this doesn't go over too well.  

but then i remember that i have a huge support system in blogland, and that makes me really happy and that lifts my spirits.  and i remember everyone's sweet comments from last week's post when i announced my disability leave and how encouraging and loving everybody was.  i know i said it earlier this week, but i really, really mean it. thank you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being there for me.  for your prayers and for your kindness and for your support.

now, as i have talked about constantly, i have a 5 week old nephew, isaac.  little sir has gotten quite colicky, and it has caused quite the exhaustion from mom, dad, and isaac, as you can imagine.  wed. was the one day when i didn't have any dr appts (!!!) and so i offered to go to my sister's house and watch the kiddos so she could take a nap.  poor girl has had migranes like no other because she is so tired and i really wanted her to get a nap.  

her oldest, eli, is 4 and is in the "i'm too cool for you" stage.  knife to the heart. he was watching pixar shorts when i got to the house, and when i sat next to him, he ran away from me to the love sac.  #rude. 

and then when one of the pixar shorts were over and the credits were playing, i started dancing to the music at the credits. eli thought that was so annoying that he ran upstairs and barged into andrea's room but luckily she hadn't fallen asleep yet.  he just thought i was soooooooo annoying. i promised him i wouldn't dance and i wouldn't sit near him or bother him or sit next to him and then i managed to get him back downstairs. 

when the shows were over, i asked him if he wanted to play with some cars and set up his race track.  he decided that he wanted to play with mommy.  i tried to explain to him that isaac screams a lot and that makes mommy sleepy and that we want mommy to sleep so that her head feels better.  but he didn't care. and i wrestled with him and begged and pleaded with him that he wouldn't wake up mommy and let him sleep.  i offered him ice cream and said "i will give you whatever you want, just let mommy sleep, please, eli, i'm serious" but he is so strong, and since we all know that i am not in the best of health, i  couldn't keep him away.  he barged in the door and i whispered useless pleas of "please, eli, let's go play with cars, let's go eat ice cream, please eli, please eli, please." but nothing worked and he woke up mommy and demanded he play with her.  i felt so bad.  i tried so hard to keep him out of her room but that boy is so stubborn and was being such a brat, i couldn't do it!

i apologized profusely, and andrea tried to explain that i was here to play with him and eli said "i don't want to play with aunt lauren" and andrea said "that's really rude." and he just said he want mommy to play with him.  so what ended up happening was eli played by himself with a stick outside.  and i was not to go near him and i watched him from the steps on the car port and read blogs.   sigh.  that boy. 

and of course, the one time i come over to help the colicky baby, he was asleep in his swing by some miracle.  i kept checking in on him, ready to come to the rescue the moment he stirred so his mom could keep sleeping, but the little bugger just slept away, robbing his aunt of cuddles.  sorry for the blurry pictures.  he was in his swing and it was hard to get a good picture.  he slept for such a long time and i never got to even snuggle him or hold him!!  so sad.  good that he was sleeping, but sad for aunt who wanted isaac snuggles. 

then oliver woke up from his nap.  he is in his "too cool" stage too, and every time i kiss him, he says "don't kiss me!" and when i tell him he's cute, he says "i'm not cute, i'm a big boy!!"  so, watch out there.  but since he had just woken up, he was cuddly.  thank goodness!! i changed his diaper and we had some good convo as i asked him what he dreamed about.  my sister said that he needed to get dresses as she hadn't even gotten him dressed yet that day #3kids4andunderprobs and was soooo happy when ollie picked out my alma mater jersey!! utes foreverrrrr!!!!! you see, there is a HUGE rival between utah and byu, where my sister went.  my BIL went to the u, as did my dad and my husband, so it fills me with joy that adam is raising his sons right and not letting andrea fill their heads with lies that byu is a good school.  UTES FOREVER.  i high fived him several times. 

then after we played with some cars, i was outie because husband was getting home from work soon. 

oh. and this happened.

i cut off five inches.  i HATE HATE HATE having long hair.  my hair is so thick that if it gets long, it is like a hot blanket of hell.  so i chopped it off like a boss. more like the stylist did.  and now i can breathe.  ahhhhhhhh.  thank you, yes, yes, YES!! ps. disability leave makes me forget to put on makeup, so i have no makeup on in that picture.  oh well.

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August 27, 2014

the creepy professor: weird dreams series

i have share my weird dreams before, and all of you have loved hearing about them before, so i thought i would share the craaaazy dream i had on friday night.  because it was one of the weirdest.  

even though i graduated college two years ago, i still have dreams where i am back in school because i forgot to take a crucial class or forgot a test or something and they make me go back.  i have these dreams allll the time.  this particular dream started out like that.  but then it got reaaaaaly weird.

 for some reason, my husband was working in san fransisco and i was attending the university of utah, where i went to school, thousands of miles away from him.  in the first class i went to, i saw my friend i met while i was in LA, who had long since graduated college, and has her masters degree and got none of her degrees at the U of U.  she is pregnant and i asked her if her husband moved with her from south carolina to be with her while she attended school.  she said that she flies there every friday and flies back on sunday.  i said that sounded terrible but she said she didn't mind.  i was flying into utah from san fran on monday mornings and driving to san fran on thursday evenings.  

the professor of my class was married and a total perv.  he wrote love letters to each of his female students, including me.  it really creeped me out.  i was talking to my other classmates and telling them how great life is once you graduate college, and then one classmate said "how would you know, you haven't graduated, or else you wouldn't be here."  oh yeah....... good point.  so then i got real confused because i thought i had  graduated but why was i in school??

after the first week of class was over, i thought "this is stupid.  i am dropping out.  i don't want to be away from taran. i'm going to san fran to be with him."  i told my professor and he said "noooooo baby.... i'll leave my wife for you just give me a chance doooooon't goooooo." and i'm like waaaaaa??? 

also, i was living with my parents (who btw live 300 miles from U of U campus) and we lived in a house with no walls just a roof in the middle of an intersection and my room had no privacy and all the cars and commotion from the street kept waking me up.  

then for some reason, my friends and i decided that it was time to go halloween shopping.  and all the girls in school wanted to go halloween shopping and get the sluttiest outfit for the professor.  at the store, the professor was singing a song over the speakers that went "get your costume one size smaller so your boobs come out biggerrrr..." and everyone was running around trying to get slutty costumes to impress the creepy professor.  

so i got solid cabury eggs and a really frumpy funny costume that would be funny.

and then, true to lauren dreaming fashion, people started shooting each other.  and of course, my aim was perfect.  and i took everyone down perfectly.  and then when i woke up, i thought "you know, my dream shooting is probably improving my aim in real life.  i wonder what real life assassins dream about." and then i realized they probably don't sleep well because they probably just have nightmares about who they actually kill, because that stuff is rough to handle.

but for real, i really think my shooting in my dreams is improving my shooting in real life.  win.

the end. 

August 26, 2014

how i talked my way out of a parking ticket

welcome to those of you who are visiting my blog from Rebekah's blog "Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles".  if you jumping over from her  blog, go ahead and skip to part 2 of the story.  if you aren't, read the whole thing story!!

last year, i was working as the media director for the local chamber of commerce. it was Christmas season and i was running late to our holiday luncheon.  there was a miscommunication about when i could leave the office to attend the luncheon, so i was running late.  

i was speeding along the road when i saw those horrible three colors.  i was caught! i think i was going 10 over the speed limit.  you know that horrible feeling when you get pulled over.  your heart starts racing and you are quickly start freaking out and thinking how this was going to affect my insurance and life. 

the cop came to my door and did the whole thing of "did you know how fast you were going?" and yadayada.  i knew i was totally screwed.  he took my insurance and such and then told me he would be right back.  

that's when my mind started to actually work.  how was i going to get out of this?? people got out of speeding tickets all the time! surely i could do this!! i just had to think...... 


and then i realized..... working for the chamber, i had gotten to know the police chief really well. he was my friend and he brought me cupcakes once when i did him a favor. i could drop his name!! maybe that would work??? i started breathing really hard and was super nervous because i didn't know if this would work and i had never talked my way out of a ticket before!!! 

the cop came back with my ticket.  oh no.  i took  deep breath and said "hey, is your police chief [NAME REDACTED]?  he's my friend.  i work for the chamber of commerce, i know him well.  the cop looked at me and immediately drew a big "X" across my ticket.

"why didn't you mention that before??"
"i'm not very good at thinking on my feet."
"okay, well i'm going to go ahead and just  give you a warning. slow down, okay?" and he just walked away.

SUCCESS!!!!!!!!! i couldn't believe that i did it!! i couldn't believe that i talked my way out of a ticket!!! i had never done that before!!! i was feeling so good about myself!!

i kept driving to the luncheon and then got lost twice because it was a really nice restaurant that i had never been to before that was really had to find.  i told my coworkers what had happened and they all congratulated me.  

the next time,  i saw the police chief, i told him what happened and said thanks.  

it pays to have friends in high places.

have you ever talked your way out of a ticket??

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August 25, 2014

grateful heart monday

Grateful Heart Monday w/ Ember Grey

in light of friday's post, i thought it would be a good idea to think up with emily and talk about things that i am grateful for.  given my recent news that i announced on friday, i really need to focus on positivity and noticing the small everyday things that i can be grateful for.

the first thing i want to say i am grateful for is you. all your encouraging words and sweet comments on friday's post meant the world to me, it really did.  this really is one of the hardest things i have ever done in my whole life and all of your support means the world to me. it really, really does.

i am grateful for my father in Heaven who loves me and is standing by me through all of this.  He is the remedy to all pain, physical and emotional, and is the answer to every problem.

i am grateful for this really good book i am reading.  i read the husband's secret by the same author, and although i didn't agree with everything that happened in the book and the characters were morally repugnant and the plot was a little splotchy, i wanted to give this author another go and am so glad i did.  i am really enjoying this book.   it is making my days on disability a lot easier.

i am grateful that my sisters live so close and that i can go spend more time with them than i originally could. 

i am grateful for medicine.  i am grateful that i can take away my daily pain.

i am grateful for my physical therapist.

i am grateful for my doctors who are working hard to help me get better.

i am thankful for my loving family who is so supportive of what i am going through.

i am grateful for my AMAZING, loving, supportive husband who i love more than i thought humanly possible. 

i have a lot to be grateful for.  i need to remember that.

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August 22, 2014

i have something to tell you

well my dears.  it is time for me to confess something.  i thought long and hard about telling you this, but like this time, i need support again.

i am on disability leave from work for 8 weeks.  this was my first week. 

i don't want to get into what is going on with me because there is a line on what i will share with total strangers, and this is so personal and private that i am not going to tell you exactly what is going on.  

but what i will say is that what is going on right now is one of the hardest times of my life.  i have sooooo many issues, and i originally thought  that i would be able to be on disability for 3 weeks,  but my doctors all agreed that i should be gone for 8 weeks.  

it is all very scary and daunting.  and hard. so very hard and difficult.  i wrote yesterday about how i love my job, and most of that contributes to the fact that i work for a company where i have the option for disability.  i have never worked for a company where that has been an option before.  i would just get fired if it was any other company.

but i am also angry.  i am angry that this is happening in the honeymoon phase of my marriage.  i am angry that this is happening and it is something beyond my control.  i am angry that i need help.  i am angry that i have to deal with this giant of a monster.  

but i am so blessed.  i have so many amazing health care professionals that were FOR SURE sent to me from God to help me.  i have amazing family and friends that are helping me through this impossible time.  i am so overwhelmed by the love and support everyone has shown me.  

i am grateful for my Heavenly Father, who loves me and comforts me.  who knows what i need, who knows me and carries me when i am so emotionally strained that i can't walk.  i am grateful for my amazing husband who supports me and is doing everything he can to help.  just being in his arms makes everything better. 

there is always light at the end of the darkest tunnel, even if you can't see it.  i can barely see the light.  it is just a tiny dot, far off in the distance.  but it is there.  

i avoided going on disability for as long as i could, but it got to a point where i couldn't run from myself and from my problems anymore.  the curse of being human is going through trials like this.  or is it a blessing?  depends on who you ask.  

i am sure once i am out of the tunnel and standing in light once again, that i will say that it isn't a curse, but a blessing to be human, because trials help you grow and turn you into someone you always wanted to be but never imagined you could be.  

with the risk of being dramatic, i have two choices right now:  i could lay down on the battlefield, throw my hands up in  the air and call it quits, admitting defeat.  or i could fight. fight hard and fight to death to heal and grow and get better.  

i choose the latter.  because i want to live a happy, healthy life.  this disability leave has already been hard work.  i am very emotionally tired.  i don't have much time to relax, it has all been very, very hard work.  

but i know this is what needs to happen.  i know i need to be off work for 8 weeks.  that causes me to feel lots of feelings.  lots of overwhelming feelings that are all over the place. 

but i believe that i will prevail.  that i will come out the other side.  that i will get better.  i believe in the plan God has for me, i believe in the healing powers of medicine, i believe in myself.  i believe that this is the best thing for me.  

so prayers/good thoughts/smoke signals/whatever is your jam would be appreciated.  

stick with me.   

work, see you in two months.

August 21, 2014

a thank you letter to all the jobs that rejected me

i absolutely love my job.  i really do.  i feel like some people say that but they don't actually mean it, but i am here to tell you, i mean it. 

prior to landing my dream job, i worked at a company that shall remain nameless for a little over a year.  8 months out of that year i was looking for a new job.  i sent out countless resumes and cover letters, had countless interviews and second interviews, but was "never the quite the right fit" for the job or they had "decided to hire within in the company."  

i really can't even tell you how many jobs i applied for that rejected me.  it was terrible.  job hunting is terrible. really, really terrible.

but now that i am at my dream job, i want to thank all those who rejected me.

thank you so-and-so company who thought i didn't have enough technical writing experience for the position. 

thank you, countless companies who brought me in pointlessly because they knew it would be an inside hire but had to bring in outside people anyway.  thanks for wasting my time.

thanks for making me pay for my own parking validation and making awkward excuses at work to go on these job interviews.  

thanks for telling me i was "one of the best candidates" but had decided to just go with someone smarter or someone they already knew.

to all of you, i say THANK YOU.

because now, i have by dream job.  i absolutely love love my job.  i really do.  it was literally a blessing sent from heaven.  

God knew what He was doing.  even though it was horrible and i had to wait 8 months to get my dream job, God knew that if i would just be patient enough, then He would bless me with the absolute perfect job for me. trust in Him always. He always knows what lies ahead and what is best for you.  

He sure did in my case.


August 19, 2014

kardashian part II: #guiltytotalsocial

Helene in Between
i am just LOVING this #totalsocial monthly linkup with sarah and helene!! this month's topic is guilty pleasures! i have written before about my love for the kardashians and it was one of my most popular posts! 
so i thought i would do the same thing again, because let's face it: watching keeping up with the kardashians are my #1 guilty pleasure.  BY FAR.  they are what i watch when i am feeling really sad, because they are just so ridiculous and hilarious, they always make me feel better about my life.  

OMG ME TOO KRIS.  meeee too!!

i am so glad i am not the only one who kisses my nieces and nephews like that 



....because somebody finally told me the truth that all the makeup i am wearing makes me look like a clown.

i think i'll start using that word now too, khlo.

AMEN. there you go.

this is my face whenever somebody mentions camping/hiking/the outdoors. or sports. best face ever.

what are your guilty pleasures?

August 18, 2014

how to save money on textbooks

school is nearing!! thankfully, i have been done with college for 2 years (whaaaa???) but i know some of you are still chugging alone in all the learning and paper writing and......

buying textbooks. which is one of the worst parts of school because they are just sooooooo darn expensive.
luckily, Campus Book Rentals can save you a TON on textbooks, with a few other perks as well!! such as: 
  • save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
  • free shipping both ways
  • you don't have to worry about writing/marking up the textbooks because that is allowed!!
  •  flexible renting periods
  • when you are done with your textbook, you can rent the textbook back and make some cash on it with Campus Book Rental's new program, Rent Back.  every time your book gets rented, you get paid!
and........ the best part!!!
for each book rented, they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented.  isn't that amazing?? why would you rent a book from your school's book store and get ripped off when you can save on textbooks and also help someone!! it sounds like a win win to me!!
Operation Smile is an organization that with more than 48,000 volunteers who surgically fix cleft lip palettes in all parts of the world.  Operation Smile also provides long-term, sustainable medical care through the establishment of year-round treatment centers.  
so why not get your textbooks from an organization that gives back and saves you money?  no brainer.

August 15, 2014

five things

happy friday!!! here are my five things on this friday day.....
on my wednesday confession post, i said the exact same thing and nobody told me. i feel so embarrassed. i told you about the real life ben wyatt twice and i feel so stupid.  i mentioned ben wyatt twice and i feel so stupid.  oooops! there i go again!!

my mom has been up here where my sisters and i live for nearly a month to help with the baby and my dad is just about had it!! he is coming up tomorrow to take  her home.  he really, really misses her when she is gone, it's really cute.

editorial meetings are not for figuring out to write about in our magazines, but rather to argue if beyond glaze donuts are better than banberry donuts.  BEYOND GLAZE FOREVER.

my sister moved into a house and she has this huge back yard now with all these trees that grow fruit and my little niece is in heaven and has just taken rule over the entire place.  this is her turf.  this was a picture my brother in law posted that captioned "If only my younger self could hear me now: "Don't touch dead bugs with your popsicle!" #thingsparentssay

now go win pretty things to kendra scott!! good luck and have a really, really good weekend.


August 13, 2014

more confessions because it's wednesday

Vodka and Soda
these aren't so much confessions as random thoughts in my head.

amen amen amen to this article on the mindy project.  mindy is one of my writing idols and i LOVE her show and am so excited for it to come back!! these summer breaks are so stupid.  what are supposed to watch during the summer?!

i started reading jk rowling's book "the cuckoo's calling" and it is so good.  like that is a surprise.  and i love that she wrote it under a completely different name so nobody would know it was her so she could see if she could get it published.

dried mangoes are my crack.  but they have to be the right brand.  the great value brand from walmart or the other brand that looks the same. thinly sliced, sugar sprinkled on them, oh. man.  i cannot get enough of them.  i love them so much.  my husband bought me two bags on friday for our anniversary and i ate them so fast and then my stomach hurt.

THERE IS A REAL LIFE BEN WYATT who was a mayor at the age of 5 and you can watch how cute he is here i couldn't figure out how to embed the video

why do we shut the door when we go to sleep if we live alone?  we don't have roommates, but we always shut the door at night when we go to bed.  why?  its kind of weird when you think about it.

i just love trashy magazines.  i love reading about celebrities lives.  it always makes me feel so much better about my own.  like, "oh well, at least i am not crazy like her" or "at least i am not on my fifth husband." or "at least i am not suing my baby daddy because he is a jerk."  celebrities lives are so messed up and i love it.  i guess it kind of makes me a terrible person because it makes me happy to see other people's lives be difficult? but guys, the stuff celebrities do!! it's just like, why????

i got my first letter from jordyn and i am so happy we are pen pals!!  her note was so sweet and i can't wait to get more letters from her.

i just really love my husband, guys.  and i just really miss him when we go to work and i miss him even if he is gone for 20 minutes.  we are disgusting and you shouldn't probably be around us if you don't want to end up gagging because that is how mushy gushy in love we are with each other. 

there is a REAL LIFE BEN WYATT.  there is a 5 year old mayor and he lives in minnesota. 

so on monday, i went to a deli and there was a full on wedding luncheon going on.  it was so weird.  i went to the salad bar and the bride going through the salad bar in her wedding dress and i was trying not to step on her train.  and there were pictures of her and her new husband on the tv and they had decorated the tables and everyone was wearing the wedding colors and the mother was speaking on a mic about how much she loved her son and was telling a story about when he was little.  and then everyone else was just getting sandwiches and it was a deli on a monday and i was like what. the. heck. so weird.

what day of the week do you typically get the most traffic on your blog?

what's the deal with disquis?  good? bad? no opinion? should i do it?

should i have GFC on my blog?? is it beneficial?

linking up with kathy

August 12, 2014

am i a writer??

am i writer?  i have been thinking about this a lot lately, especially the last few days.  if any of you read my profile on juliette's blog, you know that i am/not really/trying be/can't call myself one/whatever comedy writer for television.  also, if you read this post, then you know that i am a writer for a living. 

so i must be some kind of writer, right??  i mean, i get paid to write, i write on this here blog every day, and producers told me my script was good and that i was a good writer.  a good comedy writer.  

but there was an event at work last week that really shook me.  i don't/can't/don't think it's smart to talk a lot about my job here, but let me just say that this event left me feeling hurt and questioning my skills as a writer.

i was hired by this company to write stories.  to write tweets and facebook posts and linkedin posts. (yes! linkedin is where we get the most engagement, actually!!)  i am a rookie writer, only 2 years out of college and just winging it, really.  i haven't memorized the AP style book and i don't really know what i am doing, i guess??? 

but what makes a writer a writer, anyway?  just because we blog, are we writers?  if we can write letters and our name are we writers?  if we tell a story and write it down are we writers?  what defines a writer?? 

my conclusion is this: a writer is someone who says they are.  and i say i am.  i get paid to tell stories, to report on 9-1-1 dispatch  calls, to write!  i get paid to write.  doesn't that make a writer, in the least? 

and here! here! here i put my thoughts onto "paper" every day.  doesn't that make me a writer?

and my scripts! my comedy television scripts that i have written, i told a story, i developed characters, doesn't that make me a writer?

so, yes.  yes, i am writer.

i am a writer because i say i am.

August 11, 2014

that time i stole a producer's debit card

^^this picture doesn't really have anything to do with the story except i took it and it is in LA and is the chinese theater and picture-less posts are boring so there you go.

hi everyone!  if you are coming over from Mindy's blog to read the rest of my guest post, you are in the right place.  skip to part 2 to finish the story.  if you are new to the story, start reading the next paragraph!

Today I am going to tell you an embarrassing/terrifying story that happened to me while I was interning at a production company in LA.

You have all seen The Devil Wear Prada, right?  Well, all the errands Anne Hathaway runs in the movie wouldn't actually be run by an assistant, they would be run by an intern, so that is what I did.  I ran a lot  of errands.  One particular errand that I did frequently was to walk one block over to Target to withdraw money from a producer's account.  There was the option to see the account balance on the ATM, and man was I tempted, but I never did. 

But every time I was asked to do this, I would be given the pin number along with the debit card.  I was usually asked to withdraw a few thousand dollars at a time.  So imagine me walking around Culver City (the.....not best/safest part of LA) with thousands of dollars of cash on me.

Not only did I intern for this production company, but I also interned for another production company three days a week.  The day after I had done my errand of running to Target to withdraw funds, I was at my other internship when I got a call from that producer's assistant (let's call him JP to make things simpler.  Oh wait.  That is his name.  He produced Leap Year, Butterly Effect, The Hangover movies and other things).  Anyway, I knew something was up when JP's assistant called me on a day when I wasn't working there.  
What happened next caused my heart to drop all the way to the floor.

PART 2 | 
JP's assistant asked if I had seen JP's debit card anywhere.  "Oh nooooooooo" i thought.  i had taken it yesterday to withdraw cash for him!! i realized that i had been wearing a jacket yesterday and that the card was still in the jacket!! and the jacket was at home in my apartment!!  

i started completely freaking out and started apologizing profusely.  i asked the assistant, Jed, if he needed it right away.  he did.  oh dear.  for those of you unfamiliar with LA, driving anywhere is a nightmare.  the production company i was currently at was in century city, i lived in studio city, the other production company was in culver city.  that would mean i would have to drive all the way to the valley to get the card and then drive all the way back.  this was going to take probably and hour and a half.  it was 2 o' clock.  i asked work if i could leave and explained the situation, and i wasn't doing anything particularly pressing, so they let me go. 

i drove so fast! i tried to avoid as much traffic as possible, but hello, it's LA and that kind of isn't a thing.  but i finally made it home, grabbed the car and drove all the way back.  it took two hours.  and was one of the most embarrassing things that have ever happened to me and man did i feel stupid.

at least everyone was nice about it!! because that would have just made it worse if i got yelled at.  but JP called me his favorite Mormon and knew i was trustworthy and he and  i were pals, so it was alll good. 

you tell me an embarrassing story now.

also, should i turn this into a series?? i have sooooo many stories like this, i think it would be fun to share them all as a monthly or biweekly series.  stories of meeting  famous people, getting yelled at, driving to directors houses to drop off scripts, stories like that. what do you think?? 

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August 8, 2014

things i'm bad at

hey!! do you know what today is?? i have been married for six months today! crazy! there is no need to write sappy posts today, i have written plenty. also, you can read about my wedding here and here and here because i am in love with my wedding day and my dress and i am just going only put one wedding picture here because i don't want to be too annoying.

moving on!! i am stealing the idea of this post from Elizabeth!  i tried to find her post on this topic, but i couldn't find it! oh well....

we all have those things that we really wish we could be good at, but we just aren't, right?? so for hey five friday, let's talk about things i am bad at....

  • sports.  just, any kind of sports, really.  any.  kind.  it is just humiliating.  let's not talk about it.
  • word games.  scrabble, snatch, any of them.  SNATCH. do you know that game??  it is where people make words out of letters and if you can think of a way to rearrange the words that someone else has, you snatch it and steal it.  and i am sooooo bad at it.  i just sit there, trying to hard and i never come up with a word to do.  it is one of my family's favorite games to play and i hate it every time they pull out the game.  i just walk away. no way i am playing that. it is just embarassing.
  • crafting.  anytime i see a DIY post on any blog, i just skip riiiiight over it.  i have no desire to do anything myself because i am soooooo bad at it.  every time i would have to make something crafty as an activity in church growing up, it would just look ridiculous and unrecognizeable.  i do not have that crafting gene.  i always feel stupid and bad about myself whenever i craft, especially with people, because  everyone else's stuff always looks way better than mine.  so i have learned to avoid crafting at all costs.
  • fashion.  i have written about this before, but i am horrible at fashion.  because all my sisters and my mom have killer style and have taught me things, i luckily don't look ridiculous (most of the time) but you will never find me trying to be a fashion blogger (see link above).  to me, clothes are like, "oh..... this shirt is literally falling apart.  i  guess i haven't gone shopping in 5 years.  i should probably get a new shirt."  or "oh.... wow.... i look like a 90 year old in this."  i really hate shopping because it is all so overwhelming!  what looks good on me?!?! what will make me look skinny?!?! it all costs so much!! where do i begin?!?! trying on clothes always makes me feel bad about my body.  every time.  i don't mind shopping with my mom, because she has such cute style and always knows what it is in fashion and makes me feel pretty.  i like shopping with her.  she took me shopping after i got married for a "married woman wardrobe" which was a lot of fun! growing up 120 miles east of Vegas, we would always go back to school shopping there or whenever we needed to shop.  my hometown is so small, there is nothing there. our mall is a joke.  we would shop in vegas.  but my fashion sense is so bad that sometimes when my sisters see me, they make a disgusted face and say "um... what are you wearing....." it is kind of funny because i have mentioned that in another life i would have liked to be in the fashion industry, but i just don't get it!! this is the reason i don't follow fashion bloggers.  i don't get what you are trying to tell me!! why does that shirt and skirt go??!?
  • beauty.  i just have no idea. i have also written about this before and i love this series on Joanna's blog where she interviews these gorgeous women on their beauty rituals.  i find these articles fascinating.  how do these girls know that you are supposed to scrub your lips?  it's a brilliant idea! no peeling lips!  why don't i think about these things?!?! how do they know all this stuff? how? HOW? i did get an eyebrow pencil with my sephora gift card my bestie gave me for my birthday, and my sisters say i look much more put together, and i think it completes my face, so i think i did something right! but my beauty ritual is go on acutane {it is a MIRACLE DRUG} so i never have to even wear foundation and just wear mascara and my eyebrow pencil.  i do powder my nose.  i don't like having a shiny nose.
  • photography.  i am literally so bad at taking pictures that when my sister asks one of us to take a picture and i volunteer, she looks at me and goes "hm...... um........no........." because for some reason i am incapable of taking a non blurry photo!! are my hands just abnormally shaky??!? lighting, framing, angling, all of it, i just don't get it.  and i find it uninteresting.  i don't know.
amy and karli, this was more than 5 things on friday! will you forgive me?

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August 7, 2014

this is what you taught me

okay, so, really this should have been posted yesterday, as it was my dad's birthday, but you know, can't win 'em all...

so the other night i had more weird dreams and dreamt that my mom died.  in the dream i was writing this post and change the title to "thanks mom: what you taught me."  but then i woke up and realized my mom is still alive and everything is fine and she is healthy and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  (you better not mom! i know you're reading this!  don't die until i have life figured out! aka, never.)

but these are things that my mom and dad taught me that i am so thankful  for:

never be with someone because you want to fix them.  never date someone because they are broken and you want to help.  have respect for yourself. - dad

cut up potatoes into the same sizes when making mashed potatoes, otherwise, some will be cooked before others. - mom

when shooting a .22 rifle, aim lower than your target - dad

the best way to calm a baby down is to put it's head on your shoulder, stroke it and bounce it up and down while walking.  it's called the "mama bounce." - mom

never let a creeper know where you live.  if a guy is following you or looking at you creepily, go to another location.  don't go home.  don't let said creepy man know where you live.

jimi hendrix is the greatest guitarist that ever lived.

steven tyler has the best rock n roll voice in the history of rock

when getting in dad's car, be prepared to be blasted by rock music playing at full volume. (can you tell the last three were things related to my dad?)

be sure to hold a newborn baby's  head!! they can't do it themselves!!  - mom

really just being an example of a strong, very strong, independent woman who gave me the courage and bravery to go for my dreams because she did.  what an excellent role model she is. - life  example by mom

so thanks, parents, for being so supportive always and teaching me these things and many more.  things have been hard these last few months, and my parents have been standing by my side through it all.  i am so beyond grateful for them and couldn't be more blessed.  i love you both to the ends of the earth and back and i am so glad that we will all be together throughout eternity.

happy birthday dad!! you're one cool dude.