Lot 48: ugh, but the drive is so long...

July 10, 2014

ugh, but the drive is so long...

i am still loving this month long linkup with the lovely and hilarious juliette, faith and allie!!  i know i am a few days late to the party as i was supposed to write this on the 5th, but, you know, life.  

it really didn't take much time to think about what my superpower would be.  it would obviously be teleportation because i hate how long it takes to get places.  you know how you want to go do something fun, but then you think.... "ugh, it takes forever to drive there."  or if you in a long distance relationship "why can't i just use my awesome skills to just appear at my boyfriend's doorstep instead of driving 350 miles??"

we have allllll been there, guys.  how easy would it be if you just popped on over to a place that you really wanted to be at and BAM!! you're there. it would be so amazing!!!!  and you would never have to drive in the snow or go through traffic or anything!! it would be amazing!!!! and think of the safety features!! no more planes bombing towers and countries and no more flying or driving! it would be AMAZING!!! right?

what superpower would you want to have??



  1. Teleportation is a great answer! I've never thought of that one before! I'm always torn between flying and invisibility, but I like your answer! x

  2. YES!! I am about to make a seven hour road trip in two hours and am dreading it. Oh goodness, how I wish I could have this super power :(


  3. Yes or moving things with my mind, that would be pretty great.

  4. Yes! I didn't even think of this when I was thinking of super powers. I might actually have to do this prompt now ;)

  5. YES. That is what I would want also!!!

  6. Ohhh that's a good one! I always thought I would want to be able to fly but now after reading your post I realize that I may be changing my mind...

  7. umm yeah that would be a pretty freaking great one!!

  8. I definitely never thought about that as a super power, but I agree that I think it would be wonderful! Can my super power be adding more time to the day because I always feel like the days are too short and that I can never get everything done that I need to. I mean some days I do, but some days just an extra hour or two would be great so that I could maybe get 8 hours of sleep a night?


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