Lot 48: things i'll never do

July 6, 2014

things i'll never do

hello my dear!!! how was your fourth of july weekend??? mine was great.  i swam in the lake, played with alllllll of my nieces and nephew, did fireworks, an, of course, good food!! i even got to spend some time with my best friends to catch up.  if you follow my instagram you will know what how much seeing them meant to me!  it really was just such perfect weekend. 

so i know that i am a little late to the party, but i am really loving this whole "blog everyday in july" linkup {more on that later} and wanted to join in on the fun!!! so here are some things that i will never ever do.

ok, you guys, feel free to hate me, but i just really, really hate nature.  it is beauty and God created that for us and that is really beautiful and everything, but i just really hate it.  i don't enjoy it at all.  maybe i'm a princess?? i just really hate camping and the outdoors.  so! you will NEVER find me camping. just, no. ever.

i'm not sure where it all started, but i really don't like cheese.  the taste has just never tempted me before, i just don't want to eat it.  maybe i'm allergic to it or any something?? i don't know.  whatever its just something that you will never find me eating.

totally not basing on anyone right know i promise!! i just find all that stuff boring  and i have never read comic books and i just don't care.  but if you do, good for you! i just will never be found at conicon.  just never. no. sorry!   can we still be friends???

its like that part on Parks and Rec when Ann was talking to Chris about their relationship and about how much she hated it when he made her run with him and his response was "it's healthy!" and ann said "i know it makes you healthy chris, but man, at what cost?" 
that is exactly how i feel about running.  i just don't get it! please, someone explain to me why other people love it so much! so i can get it! because i just don't.
but can still be friends, right???
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ps.  i am sorry for the messed up coding and such and for the blurry pictures. so i apologize for the messy alignment and such. i couldn't figure out how to fix it!!


  1. I am totally with you on the nature thing. It is beautiful and all... and I love to take pics of naturey things, BUT please don't ever ask me to go camping with you because I will tell you right now, it will NEVER happen. The irony of it all is that I married a guy who grew up with camping, hunting, fishing, etc. So long as he doesn't drag me with him I think I can deal though!

  2. You'll never go camping??? And you don't like cheese??? This is blasphemy ;)

  3. Camping is a giant NO for me as well. I like to look at nature, but not really be in it. I'm a running lover, but it's only come about in the last 3 years (after spending the previous 23 feeling the exact same way you do). I really can't explain it, it's like a flip just got switched!

  4. WHATTT no cheese? Crazy! And I don't like camping or running, either. But I would love to go to ComicCon for the TV and movie people that go there - my husband and I considered it briefly this year - but they don't announce who's going until just a few weeks before so it will probably never happen.


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