Lot 48: let them be little

July 13, 2014

let them be little

why hello! how is everyone's weekend going?  before we dive into juliette's prompt today, i wanted to gush about kids first.  we all know how much i love babies and how much i love my nieces and nephews.  if you follow me on instagram, you already know that i took my nephew and niece to the splash pad so my sister could have time to clean her house for a party.  it was so stressful!  i have taken my nephew out before, but that was only one kid! this was a 2 1/2 yr old boy and a 1 year old baby girl!  it was so stressful.  at one point, i just started awkwardly laughing/crying because i was so overwhelmed.  my sister had trusted me with her children and i didn't want to screw up! had they been drinking enough water?  had they eaten enough?  should i put sunscreen on them again? london! don't eat the grass!! lincoln! don't push your cousin! you mamas are THE SHIZ.  wow.  the day ended with them still alive and unburned, but when i brought them home, my nephew exclaimed "what happened to my mess?!?!?"  his dad had put all his toys away for the party and that made lincoln very upset.  it's hard to be 2 1/2.  

i know that a lot of people's answers are way more fun and funny than mine, so please pardon this deep response.  its just when i think about the one thing i can't live without, this is truly the only thing that comes to mind. 

the only thing i absolutely cannot live without is the gospel.  the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  "woah, lauren, what church is that?" that's the "mormon" church, the LDS church.  mormon is a slang term for us, the proper term for us is "LDS" (latter day saint.) 

i would be nothing without my relationship with God and the beliefs that the have gained from being a mormon.  it just makes sense to me.  everything about this gospel just makes sense.  it makes me happy.  there was a time in my life when i didn't follow the teachings of the gospel, and that was the lowest, most miserable, unhappiest time of my life.  living this gospel makes me happy.  it brings me joy.  the knowledge that my husband and i will not be separated by death makes me happy.  the knowledge that families are forever and are a family in the afterlife makes me happy.  not drinking makes me happy.  not having sex outside of marriage makes me happy.  living my values and beliefs makes me happy.  knowing that i am never alone, and that i can pray to God whenever i like for comfort, peace, help, makes me happy.  this gospel makes me happy.  it fills me with such joy, nothing else is like it.  it is the thing i love most in the this world.  my husband is second, but God is first.  i love the Lord more than anything.  He has saved me and comforted me and blessed me countless times.  i would be nothing without Him.  He is my rock, my salvation, my redeemer, my Savior, my comforter.

i absolutely, without a doubt, could not live without the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

now, i know a lot of people has misconstrued ideas about my religion, so i thought it would be good to let you ask me anything about mormonism here! its anonymous, so ask away!! i know there are plenty of things in my religion that people think are weird or people don't understand.  so instead of reading online something that might not be correct, why not ask someone who really is mormon? i'll answer the questions here on the blog next week.  unless nobody submits anything.  that would be awkward. 

a note: i try to be respectful of other's views and beliefs.  i ask that you do the same.  i don't mind if you don't believe in God, hate my church, or whatever.  i just ask that you be respectful in asking the questions.  let's be nice to each other.


  1. If someone in your family isn't mormon, is it true they can't come in and watch you get married? That seems so sad that they can't be there.

    1. thank you for your question! that is kind of correct. as i said in the post, mormon weddings in our temples aren't marrying man and wife together for time, but for all eternity. that is why the ceremony is called a "sealing" because we are sealed FOREVER to each other. death will not part my husband and i, we will be married in the afterlife as well. and i think that is really beautiful.

      so attending the sealing it isn't just a matter of being mormon, but "endowed." an "endowment" is when you "go through the temple" meaning you go through a very sacred ceremony where you get your garments, aka, the "weird underwear we wear." if a mormon hasn't been through that ceremony, they cannot attend a temple marriage. i was not able to attend my each of my sisters' weddings because i wasn't endowed. my two best friends who were my bridesmaid were not able to come to the actual wedding because they were not endowed. i think it is only sad if the excluded people don't understand the sacredness of a sealing and the importance of an endowment.
      now, mormons who haven't been endowed can still go into the temple, but that is called a "limited use recommend" and they can only go into certain sections of the temple. endowment gives you a full use recommend so you can do temple work for the dead (you can ask me about this too. some people think we baptize corpses. we don't.) and attend marriage sealings and things like that.

      my mom joined the church when she was 18 and my grandparents are devout catholics and didn't understand or agree with her decision. they were not able to attend her wedding and were offended by that, so they didn't come to be with her on the day at all. she had no family there at all. that is sad, it really is. all my sisters and i had ring ceremonies on our wedding days so that those who couldn't come in the temple could feel included. we exchange vows and read a scripture and sing a song and exchange rings. you don't exchange rings or say vows in a temple sealing, the sealer just asks you one question, and you say yes, and then you kiss and then you're married. its very short. i LOVED doing a ring ceremony so that i could proclaim in front of all of our friends and family how much i love my husband and he the same for me. i love that we did a ring ceremony.

      does that make sense?


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