Lot 48: its not just a block of wood

July 1, 2014

its not just a block of wood

sorry for the low quality picture.

have you ever seen this movie?  i think this movie is one of the most underrated movies of all time.

this brilliant movie is all about a mentor and his protege.  the mentor (dustin hoffman) wants his protege (natalie portman) to run his magic toy store when he......departs.  but natalie portman doesn't believe she can do it and doesn't believe that she is "magic" enough to run said store.  have i lost you? okay, just by saying the premise i can understand if you think it is already lame BUT ITS NOT.  i love this movie so much and it is so near and dear to my heart.  let me tell you why.

i am someone who greatly struggles with believing in myself.  we all know that we can be our own worst critic, but the thing with me is that i am not just a critic, i'm more like that mean teacher you had in gym class who told you you were fat and to run faster and stop being lazy and kick the ball in soccer.  this movie really resonates with me because the whole point of the movie is for natalie portman's character to see how amazing she is and to reach her potential.  and the movie is funny and cute too.

i always cry when jason bateman starts telling natalie that she is magic and he thinks she can run the store and that she do a lot more than she realizes.  i always cry because i feel like mr. bateman is talking to me.  and then i think to myself "i am magic!  i can do things!" and i feel all warm and fuzzy and then i'm sobbing and its all very embarrassing.

i always pull out this movie when my self confidence is at a very low point.  this movie always lifts my spirits and gives me a new outlook on myself and my abilities.  that is the point of movies, i think.  to make you feel, to inspire, to make you think, to move you.  i really don't understand why nobody likes this movie but me!  i made my mom watch it with me once and she didn't like it!! it has a score of 45 on imdb!! and i don't get it!

do yourself and rent this movie now.  i promise you will feel better about yourself after watching it.

as for the title of this post...... you'll figure it out once you watch the movie


  1. I haven't seen the movie, but it's been on my list for ages. I love that you got so much out of it and hope I will enjoy it as much as you did!

  2. You *are* magic, Lauren, and you CAN do all things! And I'll tell ya right now- I always look forward to coming to this space and reading your posts. I will have to rent this movie sometime this month!

  3. My best friend loves that movie--so there's someone else for you. ;) I've only seen it once years ago and was neutral about it... but maybe I'll see it again sometime and like it more the second time around. :)


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