Lot 48: i'm in love with my husband

July 8, 2014

i'm in love with my husband

disclosure: this is a very romantic, personal and sappy post with the intent to show you that dreams come true. not to flash my happiness in others faces, but to show you, dear reader, that life gets better and dreams can come true.
the other day as i was going about my day, i saw this shiny ring on "that" finger. i stopped and remembered that i am married. and i just really couldn't believe it!

i have only been married for five months (five months today!!) so i still have those moments when I'm like, "oh yeah.." but this was different. 

for a long time, i thought i would never get married because nobody would love me enough to ask or rather, i would never mutually be in love with someone enough to want to get married. the year of 2012 was an especially hard year for me and was the time when i let this thought define me and my life. the second i started to believe that i was worth something and felt like i was finally okay with being single, taran walked into my life. with all his perfection and studly-ness and romantics and sweetness, he didn't just sweep me off my feet, but rather, i felt like my love for him knocked me over and hung me upside down. i fell very quickly, and knew i loved him desperately after just two weeks of dating. we just fit, you know?

22 year old lauren would never believe that i have this life. if i tried to tell her what was in store for her, she would surely slap me and tell me to stop lying to her. so when i looked down at my ring and remembered i was married, i felt my 22 year old self come through. "SHUT UP, you don't have this life! this is too good to be true!"

when i was single i had so many dreams about my future husband. my husband in my dreams was always faceless but in those dreams i was so happy and so in love with my husband. then i would wake up and realize it wasn't real and would start sobbing.

i am here to tell you that dreams come true. my dreams have come true. 5 months into marriage and i still feel like i'm dreaming. like this beautiful life i live is too good to be true because it is exactly how i dreamed it would be. i'm afraid i'll wake up and realize it wasn't real.

but it is real!! i really am married to the man of my dreams.  a man who makes me happier than i ever thought possible, and is so perfect for me in so every way.  the man who made me realize that i didn't know if was possible to love anyone this much.

you can find it. believe that you can find it. the pattern of bad dates and broken hearts will break and a man will walk into your life when you aren't looking that will sweep you off your feet. i am an example of how that story goes.

i TRULY believe that love is one of the greatest gifts that God has ever given us.  i thank my Lord everyday for sending taran to me.  He knew what i needed, and once i treated myself well and recognized my worth through His eyes, God sent my love to me.  believe in yourself. love yourself.  believe that you are gorgeous and deserve love, because you do.  

have an excellent tuesday my dears!!


  1. This just makes my heart melt. I felt the same way about myself and then my husband came along!

  2. This is just so good to read and be reminded of. Love is SO good.

  3. I love those days where you're just so full of love for your husband! It's the best feeling.

  4. Yep, sometimes I actually feel like maybe my husband is just a dream that I'm going to wake up from any minute. It's crazy! And he came into my life right when I wasn't looking for him (and he wasn't looking for me either!). Funny how that works!

  5. This post just makes me so happy!! It is so amazing that you have found someone that makes you so incredibly happy! I have to admit that I too have days where I just look at my rings and smile knowing that I have married the man of my dreams and that we will be together forever. We will be married 8 months this month... time is just flying by but I truly am enjoying every minute of it! I can only hope that you are just as happy 8, 10, 12 months down the road... and even 5, 10, 15, 50 years down the road!!

  6. Our 4th wedding anniversary is this week AND we're apart for it so I may just be feeling a little sappy, but this was such a good read! SO happy that you've found the love you always wanted. Happy 5 months!

  7. :) MELT. I am so happy for your happiness! When Christian and I were first married, there was a good 3 months where I'd have the same dream so often- it was always that me finding him and us getting married was just a dream and never really happened. (And each time I'd wake up, of course I was so relieved haha!) I think dreams (the dreams of our soul) will be different for everyone, but when your dream- whatever it may be- does come true- THAT is something worth celebrating :) Happy 5 months!

  8. I love this post! I know what the younger you would say and believe because I'm still in that boat! Although, I'm starting to think maybe there's a chance one day that things will change...


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