Lot 48: i am so embarassed

July 9, 2014

i am so embarassed

i love this link up today with juliette! this is fun! i think i talked a little about it in this post but i can't wait to share with you my most embarrassing story, because it really is silly. 

i think it says something about me that i really can't think of anything embarrassing to tell and i have had to go all the way to elementary school to think of something.  does that mean i just don't get embarrassed or am just really really lucky?? who knows. 

i was in 6th grade.  and there was a boy in my class who was kind of annoying ladies man. you know the type.  it was recess and he was following me around trying to get me to let him read my palm.  i said no! because he was weird and ewww boys! right?  but he wouldn't stop pestering me about it and was being really really annoying.  but then it got awkward so i let him read my palm.  he was holding my hand and saying a bunch of junk.  and i was just getting reaaaaallllly uncomfortable.  i think at this point i need to tell you that i was terrified of boys at this point in life.  TERRIFIED.  so scared.  so for me to even having a boy "hold my hand" while he read my palm was so terrifying.  he kept going and i just wanted it to stop.  boys were scary!  he made a move to turn my hand over or something and i just kind of lost it. 

so i slapped him.  hard.  teachers got angry at me.  it was a whole mess.  my mom had to come to the school that day for a parents meeting.  my teachers told my mom. she got mad.  it was all just so horrible and embarrassing.  tears happened.  i had to go to a tennis lesson afterwards and didn't want to go because i was  just so embarrassed and just wanted to hide.  missing a tennis lesson? my mom was mad. so she took me to tennis and i just sat there the whole lesson. the teacher told my mom that i just sat there.  my mom got mad.

in my 11 year old brain, i thought "this is the worst day of my life!!" sob. sob. sob.  i was really just acting like a punk and a scared, tiny little girl who thought boys were scary!! but you know, i was 11! 

so yes, that is my most embarrassing story.  and if i ever run into that kid, i will apologize for slapping him because he really wasn't doing anything wrong. 

ps. that picture is of my nephew.  isn't he adorbs?  he does that when he is sleepy and wants to take a nap.  



  1. haha! What a cute story, the things we did when we thought boys were icky should probably be struck from the record when we turn 18!

  2. Ha ha super cute story. I think we all did crazy things involving the opposite sex as youngsters and I totally agree with Kim.

  3. This is so funny! I love reading other people's embarrassing stories because it makes me feel better about the fact that I have a lot of them!

  4. Bwuahahahahaha!!! This is an awesome story... and something I can totally see myself doing, too. I was scared of boys, too :) I wonder if he still remembers the hand slap?!

    Also your nephew is the cutes.


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