Lot 48: how to beat writer's block

July 16, 2014

how to beat writer's block

Hello my dears!  Happy humpday!  Do you notice anything different?  I am capitalizing things! Oh my goodness! What has gotten into me! Well, today I thought I’d share some tips that I have learned in my years of being a professional writer on how to beat writer’s block.  So, I thought I should use proper grammar and stuff.  Ready?

We have all been in a situation when you have something you want to write about but are having trouble writing in a way that actually makes sense/putting your ideas on paper/writing a good opening line, etc.  I think a lot of bloggers struggle with this, so let’s dive in, shall we?

Storyboard it.

We all remember in high school English classes when our teachers would have us make a chart of what exactly we wanted to say before they had us write something, right?  I have found this to be really helpful, so thank you high school English teachers!  I take a notebook and write down the key ideas I want to get across to my audience.  Why is this interesting?  Why would someone want to read it?  Why am I excited to write this article?  I find this is a very crucial and helpful first step, because then I can number them in order of what I want to say first, second, etc.  I have found this really helps with the flow of my articles and ensures my writing isn’t all over the place.  

Print it out.

Then, if I have already written a draft, I print out the article and break out the highlighters and pens.  I highlight parts I like, cross out things I find repetitive, and make notes in the margins of what paragraphs need to be expanded, and make notes of ideas I have to include in the article.  It’s like the storyboard is the skeleton and now I am adding the muscle and bones. (gross??) 

Start making changes!

While looking at my printed notes, I make all the changes I made on paper.  The article that I was stuck on is now filled with ideas, has a voice and a direction!  I’m not stuck anymore!  I now know where this article needs to go and what needs to be said.  The two above steps have given me a fresh look at the article and I am no longer frustrated! After a little more writing and tweaking, I can finally send it to my editor!  Joy!  

You can do all these steps with your blog posts.  Nothing is more frustrating when you get stuck writing something.  I hope these tips help you with your writing, and feel free to pin so i can be interest famous.  ooops! i slipped out of capitalizing! the post is over, guys.  it's time to be me again. 

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  1. Nice tips! Whenever I am stumped I always grab a notebook and just write down everything I'm thinking... something interesting eventually pops out and I'm like "YES!! I got it!" :P


  2. A storyboard is something I really need to try! What a great idea to take one idea and really expand it!

  3. These are some great tips. I have not thought about a storyboard in years!

  4. Story boarding is such a great tip! I also like to have a list of blogs that make me feel inspired when I hit a "wall"


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