Lot 48: girl is in love with my husband

July 31, 2014

girl is in love with my husband

this is my niece avery.  she is 2.  and she is in love with my husband.

let me give you a few examples.

if he is around and isn't paying constant attention to her, she exclaims "taran?? taran??" until he pays attention.  she wants to show him everything she is doing, she wants to play with him.  she wants to impress him.

she wants to hold his hand and go on walks.  she wants to play with her baby with him.

avery is very particular about where people sit in a room.  she often taps a spot on the floor/couch/chair and demands "sit."  in this picture, she looked at taran, tapped the chair, said "sit" and proceeded to gather a stack of books, along with her blankie, and climb onto his lap.  it was reading time, taran.  she pretty much ignores me when taran is around.

^^at her second birthday party^^

the best example of her obsession was last wednesday, when i went over on the day isaac was born to watch her for a few minutes so her dad could take the babysitter home.  i walked in and said "hi baby doll!" she looked at me.  peeked behind me.  looked to both sides of me and said "where's taran."  talk about a knife to the heart!! 

i told her that he was watching cousins lincoln and london because both "your mommy and their mommy was at the hospital with aunt andrea who was having her baby," but she didn't think it was an acceptable excuse.  so i said "i'm here! i'm fun!!" she just looked at me.  

my brother-in-law left to take the babysitter home and avery asked for a drink.  she is so smart.  i sometimes forget where the cups are (i don't know why i can never remember!) and she was very helpful and told me where everything was, including the water pitcher.  

i wanted to take some pictures together so i pulled out my phone.  taran is on my lock screen, so she saw his picture when i swiped it open. so naturally, she said, "i want to see taran."  i showed her some pictures and then she said "call him."  fine.  i did and she lit up when she heard his voice.  the conversation was interrupted because my mom called to tell me isaac was born.  i was so excited and told her she had a new cousin, but i don't think she got it.  brad, my brother-in-law, came home and i told him the news and i was just oh so giddy.  

avery was still staring at my phone and tapped it fiercley and said "call him."  again?  i said, "baby girl, we just talked to him."  and brad said "oh does she want to talk to taran?" and i said "we already did!!" she tapped the phone again.  "call him" she said defiantly.  so call him we did!! 

when we hung up, she asked if he was coming over.  i told her again that he was watching her cousins and now that her daddy was home, it was time for me to go join him.  she looked confused.  so i just kissed her and told her i loved her and left.  even though all she wanted to do is talk about taran!! 

i imagine this is what it would be like if i was friends with jennifer lawrence and i had a friend who only wanted to talk about jennifer lawrence.  

the funniest part about this whole thing is that when avery was really little, she was terrified of all men except her dad.  she would just stare at them.  for a full half hour.  when she first met taran when we were dating, she just stared and stared at him.  it didn't matter where he went in the room, her eyes would follow.  and she wouldn't get near them or play with them.  and now she has done a total 180.  even my dad, she would just stare at him.  her uncles, every guy, she would just stare, like "i don't know about you...."

my mom tells me she is exactly like this with my dad and is always asking "where's pop pop?" (above).  so, my mom and i are in this together.  getting ignored by our baby doll while she asks repeatedly where our husbands are.

ps.  happy birthday jk rowling and harry potter.  i thought about throwing a party for this many a time this past month, but..... i am not THAT big of a fan. i am looking to see what nadine does today, because she is the ultimate harry potter fan.


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    1. SO CUTE! i just wish that she loved me too!!

  2. My nephew used to be in love with me. He would sit so close to me. He wanted to hold my hand. If Josh and I ever kissed he would come between us and push us apart. Then, Josh and I got married and I was OFF HIS RADAR! haha. He moved on to someone else who was available. hahaha. But hey, we're close. And that's important to have that aunt relationship. She will love being close to your hubby!

    1. that is adorable!! i would love it if my nephew was in love with me!!! that would be amazing!!

  3. That is so adorable, but I totally get why that would kind of suck a little. I dated a guy for a long time and my nephew really liked him. So whenever I would come over without him, the kid would be like, "Um, excuse me..."

    And yes, Happy Birthday to Harry and Jo!

    1. hahaha i know it is so funny how kids get crushes on the adults!! it is adorable!! happy birthday to jo and harry!!!!!

  4. Hi there, I came over from the button on After Eleven's Blog, I just started following all your social media links and hoping we can be friends.
    I love how she loves ur hubby, that is so cute

    1. Thank you!! and yes!! let's be friends!!! i love making blog friends :) i am so glad that you reached out to me!! where do you live?

  5. This is too cute! I have a cousin who only asks for my brother :/ I always tell her, 'But I'm fun... Don't you love me to?' And she replies with 'Yeah but I love Jimmy more.'
    Trails and tribulations lol


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