Lot 48: five on friday

July 18, 2014

five on friday

i love these friday linkups.  it's like chatting with friends about our workweek.  it's so much fun! linking up with karli and whitney

1. i am doing this AWEOME thing this weekend and am SO EXCITED.  it is a 1000 foot waterslide in downtown salt lake city on saturday.  it was stupid expensive.  it was $45 for ONE ride for both taran and i.  stupid. but i guess it all goes to charity.  but whatever.  

2. my sister is due any day now and i am getting really excited!! for those of you who follow me on instagram, you have already seen this picture but i had to share it again.  andrea (my sister) had a dream that the new baby was just as squishy as the one above and i am so excited! i like my babies nice and fat! 
3.  my sister is due any day now and her house flooded.  it flooded a few weeks ago and she has been living at her in laws but i am just so worried about her all the time.  she can't bring her baby home to the nursery she worked so hard on.  he just gets a little corner in the basement.  the contractor is making no progress on her house.  it is just so sad.  but she is handling it sooooo well.  i want to be more like my sister.
4. have you entered the two giveaways i am involved in right now?  enter here and here.
5. blogmopolitan quiz!! i love these! download yours here and enter the linkup!! have a happy weekend my loves!
ps. a song for your weekend! found this gem yesterday!


  1. I love that the best part of your day is when your husband comes home so sweet :)

  2. Aw. I love every answer to your quiz! I think Fall is better than Summer too, although I recently came to that conclusion only last year!

  3. You sister sounds so level headed! Especially for being near the end of her pregnancy...impressive!!

    I too hate summer! Yuck! Who wants to be hot??

  4. We need a new car too! Here's hoping that next year brings one! Stopping in from the link-up! Happy Monday!


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