Lot 48: best dinner party ever

July 15, 2014

best dinner party ever

i love this prompt juliette!! it really didn't take me long to come up with 5 people i would want to have a dinner party with.  it was pretty easy, actually.

1. tina fey. who doesn't love tina? really. who? NO ONE. she is one of my writing idols and i would grill her all night about her writing process, how she is so funny, how she handled having her own show and a family.  if she ever sleeps.  if she misses 30 rock.  so many questions i woudl ask!

2. jennifer lawrence.  umm.... i think everybody in the world loves her.  she is hilarious.  and i think we might be best friends.  or i will just be really intimidated.  or she would hate me.  i don't know.  but i think i would be laughing the whole time.

3. my grandmother.  i have talked about her before so you might already know that i have never met her.  she died long before i was born, long before my dad was even married.  i ache to meet her.  i love her and from the stories i have heard, i look up to her and feel her presence often.  but there are so many questions that i want to ask her.  maybe she will feel out of place with all these hollywood peeps?

4. mindy kaling.  another one of my writing idols.  i would ask her to tell dating stories, because i bet she has a million hilarious stories to share.  i would ask her about her writing process too, if she is writing another book, her secrets to happiness, her secrets to being so freaking awesome.  and then she would realize that we are soulmate besties and there would be an immediate strong bond between us that would bind us forever and she would be like, "oh my gosh, you should write on my show!" and i would respond "i thought you'd never ask!"

5. lena dunham.  i have written about my love of lena before and i still think she is brilliant, all these years later.  i think we would just laugh and talk about life and she would impart some really great wisdom on me that would change my life.  because that's just what len does.  she is full of wisdom.

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  1. Festivals! Love how there is one practically every weekend!

  2. Sitting with Tina Fey would be awesome.

  3. With the exception of your grandma, and just because I don't/didn't know her, you have a pretty cool dinner table. I think it would be rather noisy!

  4. ohhh tina fey is a GREAT one!! love this!

  5. Going to the pool and or beach

  6. My favorite thing about summer is relaxing with my family!


  7. I love sneaking up to the lake to get away for a few days!


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