Lot 48: a letter to the person who stole my husband's car

July 2, 2014

a letter to the person who stole my husband's car

dear vermin,

on monday morning, my husband being the hard worker, responsible man that he is (which you clearly are not), went outside to our apartment complex parking lot to get in his car and go to work.  
but there was no car, you had stolen it, you little piece of s*** vermin, you.
my poor husband walked around our parking lot for nearly 40 minutes looking for the car you had stolen.  his car.  the car he had worked so hard to buy.  

luckily, my mother in law allowed my husband to take her car to work but i had to drive him to her house, making me late for work.  

that night, the police called us to tell us they had found what you had taken.  you dumped the car in an apartment complex 5 miles away?? did you want us to find it?  or were you too high or dumb to be a decent criminal.  thank goodness you've been smokin' all that weed, your stupidity at least helped us get the car back.

and you took my husband's long board?  that his best friend made for him?? claaaaaaassssy.  and the nice prescription sunglasses and leather winter gloves my parents bought him as a gift? why did you take those too? do you have the same prescription as my husband? are you just going to sell those gloves on ebay??
what was the point of all this?  you didn't even have the car for more than 24 hours.  why?  why?? who raised you?  i just don't get it.

i don't want to waste any more of my time with you. i'm going to now go write write a thank you note to the cop who found my husband's car.  thank YOU, sir.  and then i might spit in your general direction, which i assume is down, since you are obviously the scum of the earth.

all the worst,
the wife


  1. who does that?!? People seriously suck sometimes. Thankfully your husband wasn't around to get injured though if they had a gun or something.

  2. Oh, man! That's awful! But I'm glad you got the car back. That's something. Even if they stole all the stuff out of it. Seriously, what is wrong with people?

  3. I really to hate to think these things actually happen. This is the lowest of lows. I am so sorry you all had to go through that. I'm glad you got it back.

  4. OH my gosh. People really are just untrustworthy these days! Glad you got the car back!

  5. Well that is crummy, sorry you had to deal with that. Its great that you got your car back!!!!

  6. What?! Glad you go the car back, but what a horrible experience!

  7. What in the hell is wrong with people!? I'm sorry you guys had to deal with that but at least you got the car back...

  8. STOP IT. You are KIDDING! Oh my gosh, I seriously cannot imagine. I'm so sorry!! (So glad you guys got the car back!)

  9. Ugh! People suck so much sometimes. I'm so glad you were able to get the car back but seriously who does that?!

  10. seriously? how did he steal it? what a punk! Is he in jail?

  11. That is CRAZY! It sucks that they took all that stuff but at least you were able to get the car back. But still...seriously?!

  12. Not fun at all!! I'm glad you found the car, but really bummed that you lost some possessions in the process :(

  13. Sigh... people who steal are the worst. My home was robbed last year and they took everything my hubby and I worked so hard for. They really are scum and the worst kind of sh** in the world!!

    Glad you found the car though :)



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