Lot 48: July 2014

July 31, 2014

girl is in love with my husband

this is my niece avery.  she is 2.  and she is in love with my husband.

let me give you a few examples.

if he is around and isn't paying constant attention to her, she exclaims "taran?? taran??" until he pays attention.  she wants to show him everything she is doing, she wants to play with him.  she wants to impress him.

she wants to hold his hand and go on walks.  she wants to play with her baby with him.

avery is very particular about where people sit in a room.  she often taps a spot on the floor/couch/chair and demands "sit."  in this picture, she looked at taran, tapped the chair, said "sit" and proceeded to gather a stack of books, along with her blankie, and climb onto his lap.  it was reading time, taran.  she pretty much ignores me when taran is around.

^^at her second birthday party^^

the best example of her obsession was last wednesday, when i went over on the day isaac was born to watch her for a few minutes so her dad could take the babysitter home.  i walked in and said "hi baby doll!" she looked at me.  peeked behind me.  looked to both sides of me and said "where's taran."  talk about a knife to the heart!! 

i told her that he was watching cousins lincoln and london because both "your mommy and their mommy was at the hospital with aunt andrea who was having her baby," but she didn't think it was an acceptable excuse.  so i said "i'm here! i'm fun!!" she just looked at me.  

my brother-in-law left to take the babysitter home and avery asked for a drink.  she is so smart.  i sometimes forget where the cups are (i don't know why i can never remember!) and she was very helpful and told me where everything was, including the water pitcher.  

i wanted to take some pictures together so i pulled out my phone.  taran is on my lock screen, so she saw his picture when i swiped it open. so naturally, she said, "i want to see taran."  i showed her some pictures and then she said "call him."  fine.  i did and she lit up when she heard his voice.  the conversation was interrupted because my mom called to tell me isaac was born.  i was so excited and told her she had a new cousin, but i don't think she got it.  brad, my brother-in-law, came home and i told him the news and i was just oh so giddy.  

avery was still staring at my phone and tapped it fiercley and said "call him."  again?  i said, "baby girl, we just talked to him."  and brad said "oh does she want to talk to taran?" and i said "we already did!!" she tapped the phone again.  "call him" she said defiantly.  so call him we did!! 

when we hung up, she asked if he was coming over.  i told her again that he was watching her cousins and now that her daddy was home, it was time for me to go join him.  she looked confused.  so i just kissed her and told her i loved her and left.  even though all she wanted to do is talk about taran!! 

i imagine this is what it would be like if i was friends with jennifer lawrence and i had a friend who only wanted to talk about jennifer lawrence.  

the funniest part about this whole thing is that when avery was really little, she was terrified of all men except her dad.  she would just stare at them.  for a full half hour.  when she first met taran when we were dating, she just stared and stared at him.  it didn't matter where he went in the room, her eyes would follow.  and she wouldn't get near them or play with them.  and now she has done a total 180.  even my dad, she would just stare at him.  her uncles, every guy, she would just stare, like "i don't know about you...."

my mom tells me she is exactly like this with my dad and is always asking "where's pop pop?" (above).  so, my mom and i are in this together.  getting ignored by our baby doll while she asks repeatedly where our husbands are.

ps.  happy birthday jk rowling and harry potter.  i thought about throwing a party for this many a time this past month, but..... i am not THAT big of a fan. i am looking to see what nadine does today, because she is the ultimate harry potter fan.

July 30, 2014

i confess...

Vodka and Soda

i confess.....

  • that i hated nick so much that i couldn't even watch the bachelorette anymore and i looked up on reality steve who won so i could stop watching.  i did this at like week, 6.  it hurt me to watch him. i couldn't. and now i hear about what he did on ATFR and what he said to her and made public on national tv and i'm like, oooooookayyyyyy...... you're a #*$.  i like josh and i am glad that she picked him.  and i have learned that you should just never listen to the tabloids when they tell you that the couple has broken up.  follow their instagram!!! news from the source!  andi's instagram, josh's instagram.
  • speaking of ian somerhalder, ^^ i think he is one of the greatest and most underrated actors.  maybe i am just blinded by his good looks?  i don't know. 
  • i had a dream last night that taran and i finally were able to go visit NYC but we were only there for a few hours because of a layover and his family met us and we were all staying in this tiny little apartment that still looked too big to be an NYC apartment that we could afford and there were a lot of sleeping babies on couches that i didn't know.  i think we were sharing the apartment with another family?  and then i ran into someone random that i kind of know and hadn't really thought about in years. isn't it weird when you dream about those people?
  • i confess that i have been having a hard time figuring out what to write about here lately and am super glad that i have this confessional linkup today because this is easy and fun.  there are things that i want to write about and things that are written that are sitting in my drafts that i haven't published because now that i have almost 700 followers i am nervous.  i am thinking more about what i write than i ever have because i don't want to lose any of you.  also, less than 10% of my followers read my blog.  so............ does everyone else have this problem??? i average about 35 reads for each post, unless it's a linkup.  is this how it is for everyone?

  • i confess that if you are following me on instagram, i really am sorry for all the pictures i have been posting of my new nephew.  introducing isaac adam.  born july 23, 4:12 pm, 8 lbs 10 oz.  one week old today! middle name named after his father!  i have been posting pictures of his like nobody's biznasss because i just can't help it.  i mean, look at him.  look at him!! how am i not supposed to post pictures of him several times a day?! it's impossible!! look at his dreamy eyes!! look at his cheeks!! look how perfect!!! i am so head over heels in love.

linking up with kathy.

July 29, 2014

the things people say when...

this is me and my dad. its a super old picture.  we took it because we realized we were wearing the exact same sunglasses.  because we're cool like that. 

my dad is a doctor.  more specifically, a ear nose and throat and reconstructive facial plastic surgery surgeon.  what does that mean? your face gets burned in a fire?  my dad would fix your face.  you need your tonsils out, tubes in your ears, you broke your nose, he can fix that.  he is a much more respectable and nicer mcsteamy.  except he doesn't do butt implants and cosmetic plastic surgery. but mcsteamy is an ENT remember?  well technically, he isn't a surgeon anymore because he is semi retired.  another practice finally bought his practice (they had talking about it for four years) so he only works tuesday - thursday now and does no surgery. 

 i tried to find the picture of my dad that my mom posted on his last day of surgery, but i couldn't find it.  so i guess you will have to look at this one because he is the coolest and also is a guitarist, has had his own band for the past 15 years, writes his own songs, and recently got his pilot's license and shares a plane.  he likes to fly to the grand canyon mostly just for a few hours, but sometimes he takes it on trips.  in april my dad flew him and my mom to phoenix to watch spring training.  yeah. he's the coolest.  oh, and he also started a free medical clinic in my hometown when i was 10 that is so successful that they had to expand and now they have a physiciatric wing and a dental wing in addition to free medical care.  not that it matters and not that he cares (because he is humble like that but i am going to tell you anyway because i want to brag) but his clinic won a national award for... something (i just remember it was a big deal) and he also won doctor of the year several times from the medical association in our town. 

why am i telling you all this?  well, other than to brag, i wanted to write about.....

the most annoying things people say to you when they hear you're a doctor's daugther...

  1. "just go ask your dad for money." this the one that is the most offensive to me.  just because my dad is a doctor and you assume he has money, doesn't mean he gives me whatever i want.  my dad is an extremely hard worker (obviously) and he did an amazing job teaching me the value of hard work.  my dad would wake me up from a deep sleep if he got home and realized i hadn't done my chores.  that's good parenting and i am so glad that he did that.  i am very blessed and my dad has helped a ton, but it's not like i don't work for it.  it's not like i could call him and be like "daddy, i want an apartment in new york.  pay for it."  i wanted to go see celine dion's show in vegas?  i paid for it. (my hometown is 120 miles away from vegas, so it we just drove and my dad came with me because we both love music and that was a fun daddy/daughter date.) but i paid for my own ticket.  please don't assume that i am a spoiled brat because my dad is a surgeon.  he taught me how to work and raised me to be smart and hard working. how do you think he became a doctor?  by being smart and hard working.
  2. "woah, your dad totally put me through the ringer."  people would come up to me and tell me how much pain they were in after a surgery my dad gave them and complain to me.  i would say "i'm sorry you're in pain???" or, they would come up to me before a surgery and say "tell him to go easy on me." okay........
  3. "you don't know what that is???"  it is so weird.  people think i know everything about anatomy and diseases and such.  and they are so shocked when i don't.  knowledge isn't passed on by genetics.....  i don't know what that is...... maybe you should google it??
  4. "oh my gosh, you must be so rich."  ugh.  again with this.  it's just so awkward.  what do you expect me to say to that??
  5. "hey, i have a question for you..."  if my dad is out with his family, people just come up and ask him medical questions.  i am from a really, really small town so everyone kind of knows him and or at least has heard who he is.  i always felt bad for my dad when he would be trying to enjoy a night out with his family and people would ask him things.  especially if they weren't head, nose or throat related.
  6. "say it again."  okay, this one i don't really mind because it makes me feel smart.  the technical term for the kind of doctor my dad is otorhinolaringologist.  i have known that word since i was like, 5, and i remember so clearly kids coming up to me on the playground and asking me to say it because they thought it was sooooo cool that i knew i big word like that!!! 
does anyone else have any other experiences like this? maybe your mom was your high school teacher (i can't imagine!) or something?  i want to hear!! 

i know i have been talking about my town a lot so check out an old post i wrote about it here.

July 25, 2014

fictional places to visit

this five on friday is going to be a bit different. instead of listing 5 things about my life, i am going to list 5 fictional places i would want to visit.
when Amanda and Steph wrote about fictional places they would visit, i decided they were brilliant and that i wanted to join in.  this post has actually been sitting in my drafts for a while waiting to be written, and i'm glad i found it so i can share it with you.  but maybe i should have waited until next week to share this because this makes my second tv post this week.  as kenneth parcel would say "i love television."  because i do.

so! 5 fictional places i would visit are.....

right?? wouldn't you want to just sit in central perk and eavesdrop on their conversations?? i would try to make friends with gunther.  because he is cool and often forgotten.  then i would try to look cute to see if joey would hit on me and use his classic "how you doin.." because that would just make my life.  but i would NOT be one of the people who sits on the couch and takes their spot and throws off the balance of everything. respect, people.

oh my gosh i would have SUCH pawnee pride.  i think i would hang out at city hall near concilman houser to see if i could catch leslie riding by piggy back style on andy's shoulders.  because she ALWAYS runs into houser when she does that.  have you noticed that?? then i would go over and get a shoe shine from andy and unlike kyle, he would just LOVE me, in a friend way, because him and april are adorable.  then i would go into ron's office and stand there and make ridiculous requests just to witness some real ron attitude. then i would go into leslie's office and we would be immediate best friends.

i think i would do the same thing that i did with central perk. but i would really want to be a waitress here and serve george and see if he screams at me or thinks i hate him because of a certain look i give him. then i would put on a fake nose and ask jerry out and the whole episode could be about how jerry thinks i'm okay looking but he can't get past my nose and george is mad that he is dating the rude waitress.  it would be a whole thing. 

we all know how i love gilmore girls so this one really can't be surprising.  oh the things i would do here! i would do so much i am not even sure i want to tell because just the thought of visiting stars hollow gets me all warm and fuzzy.  i would go to luke's with a baby that would be crying the whole time and see how he would react.  and then i would just come up to lorelai and start talking to her.  and we would be best friends.  then i would go up to rory and start talking to her and we would be best friends.  then i would get a job at every business in town and be the new kirk.  but waaaaay  cooler.  and i would go to every stars hollow event and die happy.

really, i would mostly be scared to go to the agency of sterling cooper draper pryce.  i would for sure avoid joan.  because she is  ruthless and sca-ar-y.  for sure avoid her.  and everyone else.  because it is all kind of ruthless there and i think i would end up leaving in tears.  i think i would rather be a fly on the wall and just sit there and listen to the conversations and people talk and drink.  because all the do is talk and drink.  and drink and drink and drink.  

what fictional places would you visit?

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July 24, 2014

what's in a name

guys, this is going to be a super rambly gambly post.

i have 3 sisters. they are all older.  i am writing this on my sister's couch as i watch my nephew play while my niece is asleep in the next room.  today is a monumental day, but when you read this, it will be tomorrow.  
my nephew was born an hour ago.  a sweet, bundle of baby boy graced this world and made me an aunt for the 6th time.  this baby boy is the third child of my sister, and her third boy.  hopefully, by the time i am done writing this, my sister will be home and i can go meet my new baby boy. (just to be clear, i wasn't babysitting the kids of the sister who had the baby, but my other sister. all my sisters were with andrea when she had the baby.)  i just feel really giddy and happy and can't wait to meet him. i told andrea that she should have the baby yesterday, on prince george's birthday, but she didn't do it. sigh.  

anyway, the other day i was thinking about names.  names are so interesting.  they can mean everything to you because the person attached to the name. my sisters from left to right are andrea (second oldest) me (youngest), jessica (oldest) rachelle (third oldest).  we have no brothers.  because these are my sisters names, i would never think that those names wouldn't be combined together.  if a jessica and an andrea weren't sisters and best friends, that would be..... weird.  i would be like, "you are using these names wrong."  if i met someone named patrisha, and she was a horrible person, i would be really confused because my best friend is patrisha.   

same with my nieces and nephews.  avery on 30 rock is one of my favorite characters because that is the name of my niece.  if i meet an eli or oliver or lincoln or london, i am like, "oh! that is the name of someone i love! i like you." i can't wait to see what this baby boy's name will be!!

when i was 7, i decided i didn't like my name, so i had people call me by my middle name, christine.  i didn't answer to lauren and it went on for several months.  until rachelle told me that i was being rude to mom and dad by not liking the name they gave me.  so i went back. 

it absolutely drives me crazy when people call me "loren."  my name is LAU-ren.  NOT lo-ren.  ugh. drives me crazy.
sorry this post was all craaazy and rambling but i'm excited and there is a very excited toddler running around and screaming.

okay. real quick.  i am finishing this post in my own bed after meeting my nephew.  he was perfect and amazing and wonderful and looked exactly like his brother and has the softest skin and is so sweet and calm.  i can't wait to tell you all about it.  but let me just say this.  babies are miracles.  babies heal every broken part of every soul.  they are angels, literal angels.  they were just with God.  they are literally perfect.  they are the only people who really and truly are perfect.  i am so in love with this baby.  i held him for such a long time and rubbed my sister's feet and was with my other nieces and nephews when he was born and got to experience telling them they had a new cousin.  and just, babies.  all the babies. i love all the babies. follow my instagram for pictures because i will be posting a butt load of them.

do you wish you had a different name?  what names have you picked out for your kids?

AND NOW........

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July 23, 2014

shows that shouldn't have been canceled

disclaimer:  i just really, really love tv.

so, the inspiration for this post came when i finished lipstick jungle a few days ago.  it was suggested in netflix and i thought okay whatever. but after the first episode i just got really addicted and it was my crack and i blew through it at rapid speed because there were only 20 episodes and i was sick last week and now it's over and i want to cry.  whatyagonnado. it was just really good and really addicting, probably because it was produced by the same guy who produces scandal. the music in the show was horrendous.  sooooo cheezy.  that was its only flaw.  once it was over, i went into a rage and started throwing things yelling "why did this show get canceled?!?!" no. i didn't do that. i really didn't mom, i swear!! but i was heartbroken upset when it ended.

so then it got me thinking.  what other shows did i love wholeheartedly that ended before i was ready? and this blog post was born.  cue that lion king song when simba is hold over the dad lion's (really lauren? you don't remember his name?) head.

many years ago, i was babysitting my nephew waaaay back when he was just a wee baby (he is 4 now) at my parent's house.  i was home for the summer from college and was so stoked that there was a tv with cable.  my sister was watching it and then left me with eli so i could take a nap because i am suuuuch a good sister.  she left the tv on and this show started.  i have never seen the hills, but i was like, "wow this is so interesting and addicting." so in between covering eli's face with kisses (he was such a fat and squishy baby) and doing funny voices for his entertainment, i watched the show.  then last year, i saw it was on netflix instant and i was like "oh yeah!" so i went through it at rapid speed because there were only 2 seasons and again was hysterical cried when it ended.  the caddiness!! the drama! will whitney make it big? will her designs succeed? will she end up with her musician boyfriend? why does olivia get away with so much?! all the drama! ADDICTING.

okay, for real, i really, really loved this show.  i thought it was hilarious.  in  case you don't know the premise, it is about a grief counseling group.  matthew perry helped create the show and wrote a lot of the episodes.  it was really, really funny.  the characters were dynamic and well developed and well thought out.  it only ran for one season, and it did get a little less funny towards the end, but it was a really good show.  

another show matthew perry created and wrote.  this one was funnier than go on.  and it only ran for 6 episodes!  it was about a man who ran an arena, like a madison square garden type arena.  it was oh so very funny, and the characters were again dynamic and well developed.  there was one character who was always really cheerful and peppy and was my favorite and GUESS WHAT he was also on lipstick jungle! woah.  that's crazy.  allison janney was in it too and was just HI-LARIOUS and why do good things have to end??

also, shows that just need to make more episodes because i am tired of watching the same ones over and over again:
  • parks and rec
  • friends
  • the office
  • 30 rock

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July 22, 2014

my husband is superman

today, i am stealing amanda's post on "who'd play you in a movie version of your life" because we have all thought about it right?  well, it really is an obvious answer for me.

everyone is obsessed with j.law right now and i don't blame them.  i have jumped on the j.law train, because obviously, why wouldn't i? maybe i just want her to play me in a movie so we can meet and be bffs.  because obviously, i have movie studios knocking down my door to get my life rights. obvi.

^^do you think we look alike?  i think we do.  or maybe i just want us to look alike because she's pretty.^^

who would play taran in this movie is kind of obvious.  since i started dating him, he has been told numerous times that he looks like christopher reeve.  strangers call him superman.  no, i'm serious.  when people meet him, they usually say "hey! you look like superman!" 

the above picture is from a few months before we were married.  my roommate had a little brother (the boy in the pic) and when he saw taran, he immediately said "hey! you're superman! show me your costume!" he then proceeded to try to take off his shirt. the boy's dad told me he had been watching the old superman shows that day and had it on the brain.

^^do you think they look alike?? i can kind of see it... but not really...^^

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July 21, 2014

slide the city!!

friends!! i am so excited for you to read this post!! the whole time i was experiencing this, i was writing this post in my head. because bloggers do that, right katilda?

okay, so you know that i was going to go on a 1000 foot waterslide this weekend because i told you on friday.  and let me tell you that it was so much fun and the most amazing thing to happen in life and i want to go again and again and again and it was just awesome and let me tell you how much fun it was. 
okay. deep breath.  it was just really fun and i'm just really excited to tell you about it.

on saturday, i was a bit busy.  i had a bridal shower to attend in the afternoon so i didn't plan on getting to the slide until the evening.  my sister, jessica, wanted to come bring the kids to watch us go down the slide because she was the one who told me about the slide and was bummed that she couldn't ride because it was stupid expensive.  so i told her we would wait for the kids to wake up from their naps and then we would go.

when i registered and bought my tickets a week ago, it said that the slide went until 10 pm so i thought we had plenty of time.  but at 5 i was getting antsy and really wanted to go.  so i called my sister and her kids were still napping so she told me to just go.  i went to print our ticket and now the site said it was only open until 7!!!! we had to hurry!! we drove downtown and i parked at work and we started walking around trying to find it because i didn't take the time to read the website and we didn't really know where downtown it was going to be.  we saw no slide so we went into the rite aid to ask someone and she said it was up the hill, near the capitol building. 

i nearly slapped my hand to my forehead! duh, lauren, of course it would be near the capitol! the slide has to go downhill, so of course it would be there! so we booked it back to the car and drove up the hill and parked.  we were finally in the right place, but where do we get the wrist bands!! we asked people and they told us it was two blocks away. it was 6 o clock.  we walked alllllll the way over and got our wristbands and then alllllll the way back to get in line.  

when we got in line, one of the people who worked for slide the city was like "hey, it closes at 7 so if you get up there at 7 you won't get to go."  that's when i started to get really bratty and mouthy.  i rudely told him that the site said it was open until 10.  he said "show me." and i said "it doesn't say that today, but when i bought our tickets a week ago, it said 10."  he said "i built the website, it said 10." i wanted to say "i write websites too, i do this for a living, and i'm telling you, IT SAID 10."
 i was getting really riled up so taran said "sweetheart, it's okay" because he is nicer than i am and i was being rude. but then i said to taran, loud enough so the guy could hear "no! it's not okay! we spent $45 on this and it is not okay that the website gave false information and now we won't even be able to go!" then i turned to the guy and said "will we get a refund if we don't get to ride?" and he said "facebook message me" and told me his name was t.i. girly.  and then i just had so many jokes i wanted to make about his name that i just didn't say anything because there were just too many options and he was this white hippie and oh the jokes that were coming! ahhh! too many!!

the line was getting shorter and shorter, it was getting closer and closer to 7 o clock and my sister wasn't there yet. i was holding my phone, shoes, towel, etc. and she wasn't there yet! where was i going to put my stuff?? i called her and told her there were like 4 people in front of me and to please hurry.  i spotted her running down the hill to catch me as i was like 30 seconds away from getting on.  when she got to me, the guy was yelling at taran and i "go go go!!!" (they were running out of water because it was so late into the day and so close to closing.) we kind of threw her everything and got on.  

she took this picture right as we got on and you can kind of see us. take a closer look.

^^you can see taran trying to push me and my bum.^^

there were so many people and they wanted everyone to go as fast as possible because it was closing so everyone was barreling into each other.  because the water was running out, the water was only on one side of the slide, hence the barreling.  i kept yelling at people "i'm sorry! i don't know how to stop!!" as i ran people over. i was going so fast i didn't know how to stop! i tried to grab onto the edge but i couldn't! jessica said that she tried to run along side me to take pictures but i was just going so fast she couldn't keep up.  taran went slower because he had less clothes on and i think my swimsuit helped me go faster.

the whole time i was going down, i kept thinking "it must be over soon" but it wasn't even close to over every time i thought that!! it was awesome!!

there was this really nice guy who was ahead of us in line who recorded the ride with his GoPRO camera.  i asked him to email it to me and then i sliced it up a bit and tried to add "back in black" by ACDC but then vimeo decided to be stupid and wouldn't publish it because of copyright laws.  the ride was 4 minutes, but i cut it down.  i am the girl in the black one piece swimsuit.

^^after the ride! so much fun!!^^

^^we had to take a selfie after.  obviously.^^

londy loo (London, jessica's youngest) liked the slide too.  isn't she adorable? i'm kind of obsessed with her.

Slide the City is all over the country and goes to numerous cities all summer! visit the website to see if they are coming to your city!! i highly recommend it, it was seriously some of the most fun i have ever had. 

ps i found t.i. after and apologized to him for being so rude.  i told him it was a lot of fun, he gave me a hug and told me to friend him on fb, now we're buds. i kind of want to travel all around and go to each slide in each city now....

July 18, 2014

five on friday

i love these friday linkups.  it's like chatting with friends about our workweek.  it's so much fun! linking up with karli and whitney

1. i am doing this AWEOME thing this weekend and am SO EXCITED.  it is a 1000 foot waterslide in downtown salt lake city on saturday.  it was stupid expensive.  it was $45 for ONE ride for both taran and i.  stupid. but i guess it all goes to charity.  but whatever.  

2. my sister is due any day now and i am getting really excited!! for those of you who follow me on instagram, you have already seen this picture but i had to share it again.  andrea (my sister) had a dream that the new baby was just as squishy as the one above and i am so excited! i like my babies nice and fat! 
3.  my sister is due any day now and her house flooded.  it flooded a few weeks ago and she has been living at her in laws but i am just so worried about her all the time.  she can't bring her baby home to the nursery she worked so hard on.  he just gets a little corner in the basement.  the contractor is making no progress on her house.  it is just so sad.  but she is handling it sooooo well.  i want to be more like my sister.
4. have you entered the two giveaways i am involved in right now?  enter here and here.
5. blogmopolitan quiz!! i love these! download yours here and enter the linkup!! have a happy weekend my loves!
ps. a song for your weekend! found this gem yesterday!