Lot 48: this is not a beauty blog

June 5, 2014

this is not a beauty blog

i am fantastically terrible at beauty and fashion.

i have never really had a style or a beauty routine/ritual/whatevs.  one of my favorite bloggers, Joanna, has been doing this amazing series where she interviews people are good at fashion/beauty and asks them to reveal their tips and tricks. it has been really inspiring for me.  i really wish i was one of those people who just had a natural knack for fashion and beauty.  i wish i was one of those people who knew how to look effortlessly beautiful. but i'm not! and sometimes it bothers me, sometimes, i'm like "eh."

my sisters are all very in-tune with beauty and fashion and always look like they just walked out of the latest issue of Elle.  i look like i walked out of a before piece of "what not to wear." really, the only cute clothes i have are the ones my mom and my sisters have picked out for me.  thank goodness for my sisters who tell me when something looks ugly and tells me tips like to "part your hair on the side if you're going to put your hair in a ponytail!" "color in your eyebrows!" "wear colored lipgloss!"

 they know wassssup.

but for my birthday, my bestie got me a sephora gift card.  i got very excited.  "finally! a chance to get some good beauty products that will transform me into olivia polermo!" i thought. and then when i came across the above mentioned post, i thought "the stars have aligned! now i know what to buy! i'm gonna look soooooo purrty."

so here are a few of my beauty finds that i have my eye on.  and you can bet that this is the one and only beauty post i will ever write.

//oribe hair style cream because my hair is very very bushy and frizzy and we need something to tame it, dang it! in harry potter books when they reference hermoine's hair, i always think "yeah, i can relate to that." my hair is big and thick and busy, guys!

//urban decay revolution lipstick because every girl needs a good lipstick! right? a classic lipstick that is classy and sophisticated. did i just overuse the word 'classy?'

//eyebrow pencil because coloring in your eyebrows makes your face apparently? my sisters have told me that before, but i just had no idea. i guess it makes a huge difference. i did it on my wedding day and am OH SO GLAD I DID.

//argan creamy concealer crayon i often have these gross bags under my eyes or some gross spot on my face, so this crayon apparently this crayon is magic and will remove all spots and make me look FLAWLESS. ordering now.

//face mist i really have no idea what a face mist does but it apparently makes you look fresh after a long day?? and man oh man do i need that. because we all get that look at the end of the day that makes you look like you just climbed out of a hole.  face mist to the rescue!

//NARS matte multiple because this can be a lipstick and a creme blush. and i love creme blushes. and so let's buy this now please.

do you have your eye on any of these things but can't afford them? never fear!!!  Marquis from Simply Clarke is turning 24 in about to two weeks, so to celebrate, i have teamed up with her and 12 other bloggers to bring you a $200 CASH giveaway. enter below to win and make sure to visit all of the co-hosts! this giveaway is open internationally. best of luck to you! 

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  1. I just recently learned about eyebrow pencils and now I don't know what I ever did without it!


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