Lot 48: this is my job

June 18, 2014

this is my job

Venus Trapped in Mars

dear sarah and helene
i completely love this whole #totalsocial thing and i am so excited about this month's topic.  i have been meaning to write this post for a while, so thank you for giving me an opportunity to do so!

whenever i tell people what i do, their response usually is "oh, i never would have thought of that as a job! but i guess somebody has to do that and it is totally necessary!" 

yes. it is necessary.  my company is very, very, VERY necessary.

you know when you call 911, there is a person who picks up the line and gives you instructions on what  to do in your emergency? like if your dad stopped breathing and you dial 911, you want the person on the other end of the line to be able to tell you how to do cpr right? or if your neighbor falls off their roof? you want the person on the call to be able to tell you what to do.

well i work for the company that writes those protocols.  i work for the company that tells the 911 dispatchers what to do and say. i work for the company that trains the dispatchers. i work for the company that trains the instructors who teach the dispatchers. i work for the company  that writes protocols for fire, police and medical emergency communication (i say "the" company because we are kind of a monopoly.  there are a few other companies that kind of do what we do, but we are the biggest, the  best, and the  ONLY company that matches state legislature public safety laws).  we are in 48 countries. 11 (?) languages. we have hundreds of employees. i work for a company that saves lives.

and i absolutely love it.

i really wanted to write this post after my business trip because on that trip, i truly met some of the most amazing people i have ever met in my life.  dispatchers from all over the country come to this conference (there are 6 other conferences of the same, but just in different continents. there is a conference in australia, germany, middle east, china, and england) to learn how to be better dispatchers.  these people hear unimaginable things on these calls. and i know, because my job is to write about them. i am the digital content writer, so i hunt down stories and write them for "exclusive online content" for our magazine that we release every two months.  some of the things i have heard have knocked the wind right out of me.  i am EMD (emergency medical dispatch) certified as every employee of my company has to be, and i know what these dispatchers have to go through. i know how to do their job, but man oh man am i glad that i don't have to do it. the things they hear. the calls they have to take. unthinkable things they have to listen to.  i couldn't do it. i just couldn't.

and that is why i was so incredibly humbled when i met all these dispatchers on the business trip.  these people are completely and totally dedicated to making their community better, they are humble, they are smart, and they are as tough as hell.

even though we have these protocols and dispatchers have to follow them to a T, they still have to make judgement calls. what if they can't hear everything the caller is saying? what if they hear what they think is a gunshot but they aren't sure? do they dispatch just an ambulance? do they just dispatch a police officer?  these people are smart.  if you ever dial 911, your lives are in their hands.

and i can tell you with full confidence, that your life is in good hands. this job has humbled me so much and has opened my eyes to public safety in ways i never expected.  hearing these 911 calls is rough.  sometimes, it leaves me shaking, sometimes i have to hold back tears, in my dispatch class when i was getting certified, i just walked out of the room in the middle of a test call because i couldn't handle it.

i love my job. my job is very close to my heart. i love going to work everyday.  i am so blessed. i really am.


  1. This is definitely interesting!! Do you have to have a medical background for that? I always like to read what people do for a living cause it helps get a better picture of the whole person =)

  2. Wow, what an interesting field and I think that getting to hear people's stories and then share them with others would be an awesome job!

  3. wow! this is incredible! and how amazing that you truly love your job!

  4. Wow I never thought such a job existed! I'm happy to hear that you love it as well, not many people love what they do. Such a rare treasure.

  5. Such a cool job! I loved reading about this- it totally gave me goosebumps!

  6. What a neat job! Thanks for sharing about it :)

  7. What an amazing job you have. I can't imagine some of the stuff you have to hear.

  8. just got caught up on this post and what it is you do- your job sounds awesome!!!!!


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