Lot 48: this is how we family vacation

June 19, 2014

this is how we family vacation

we have family vacation once a year.  it is either in california or in park city, utah, 30 minutes from where we all live. (in case you live under a rock, park city is where sundance film festival is every january. you can read about my guilt over never going to sundance here and how i finally went here.)

i am not one for nature.  i really hate being in nature.  i like looking at it and as long as i can see civilization from where i am in nature, its allllll good.  park city is really, really beautiful and is one of the only gorgeous places on God's earth where i actually appreciate its beauty.

we stay in large suites because there are sooooo many of us and sooooo many babies. a rundown: i have three sisters, all older. all of us are married.  all my sisters have children.  there are five babies out of the womb and two in the womb (from separate sisters. one due next month, one due in nov) 

^^london. london jane. my little londy loo.  she just turned one and is trying to grasp the concept of kissing. its okay. i'll kiss her until she gets the hang of it. and yes i know my smile is weird i don't know what happened.^^

^^oliver in a speedo. aka the only man who should wear a speedo. my husband with a baby. nuff said^^ 

swimming was involved, because duh, its family vacation and that's what you do on family vacay. also involved: water squirt guns that grandma had bought and lots and lots of giggling and squeals while i sat on the rocks nearby because i didn't know we were swimming. #winning

one of the best and most fun things to do in park city in the summer is go on the alpine slide.  it is this huge, grand concrete slide that takes you all the way down the mountain.  you ride in those little yellow carts seen above and then you push the red handle forward and go as fast as you want down this mountain and its AWESOME. so as you can see, park city is very beautiful and that there is my entire family. the family who slides together stays together.

 see?? you sit on this concrete slide in the cart.  due to my sister's enormous 35 week pregnant belly, she couldn't put oliver on her lap, so my dad got to take him. he had a huge cheesy grin the entire ride down the mountain.

ps. the sweatshirt my dad is wearing is the sweatshirt from the college he and i both attended.  when he put it on, he said "you and me lauren! you and me!" all my other sisters went to our college's rival school, and my dad just was dying to have one of us go to his alma mater.  me, being the obedient daughter that i am, obliged his request. you and me, dad.  you and me.

pps. yes, my brother in law is a lawyer and that is why he is wearing the shirt in the picture above. moving on.

 ^^"seriously, aunt lauren? ANOTHER picture of me?" yes. oliver. another picture of you. stop being so delicious and i'll stop taking pictures.  the father and son behind him is my other nephew lincoln and my bro-in-law) i was really trying to take a picture of lincoln, but okay oliver, OKAY #conceded^^

^^it was like, 50 degrees and SNOWED in park city today. and its JUNE. utah weather, man. what. is. up. so yes, that is me wearing winter boots and my knotts berry farm impulse buy and yes it was very cold, thank you for asking.^^

^^no, oliver, i was just taking a picture of you and your cousins on the airplanes, just in your general direction. i can't help it that this was my only good shot. geez.^^

i am going through this faze where i don't like eyeliner? so i haven't been wearing any and now that i see this...... hmmmm....... i had no idea i looked so ugly.

SMORES. when i had this amazing smore in my hand, my sister was like, "you should put another marshmallow on top of the chocolate so there are two marshmallows on both sides of the chocolate" and then my eyes lit up and i was like YES YOU ARE BRILLIANT THIS IS WHY YOU ARE MY SISTER and then i said "and then we put it in ice cream" and she said "okay, wow" but i kept going and said "and then we put a brownie on it. with fudge sauce. and a reese's on top." and she just did her older sister laugh and said "wow, that went from sane to just......wow" and i said "you have created a monster." 

and this is my family. my dad with his "mister camera" recording every family moment. my babies. my pregnant sister. my aunt. my mom. my sisters. my husband. my sisters' husbands. more babies. family.

we played this fun game on father's day with the babies where we asked them questions about their dads and their answers were sooooooo funny.  

when we asked my 2 1/2 yr old nephew (lincoln) what his dad does after he puts him to bed, his response was that his dad went to home depot and got bug spray and sprayed all the bugs.  when asked how old his dad was, his answer was 3.

when we asked my 2 year old niece what pop pop's name was, her response: "pink!" when asked how old pop pop was, her response: "pink!" 

that's exactly what i would have said, avery.



  1. what a fun family vacation! Can't believe it snowed, crazy weather.

  2. This all look so fun! I am going to Park City next month for the first time and back at the end of September. Both times for work but may have a little down time. You have made me super excited, by your pics it looks beautiful! I am really interested in the info on the slide if you have it. Thanks girl!!

  3. I love Park City, even though I've pretty much ONLY been there for Sundance. It's a great place. Looks like a fun family vacation!


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