Lot 48: the best {and worst} chick flicks

June 25, 2014

the best {and worst} chick flicks

as promised, i bestow upon you, the best {and worst} chick flicks!!

what girl doesn't love a good chick flick right??


i think i want to watch this right now.  it is seriously and literally one of the best chick flicks rom/coms of ever. just, ever. ammirigggght.

i just find this movie so incredibly romantic. how much does he love her?!?! to remind her who he is, and make a tape for her everyday, its just so romantic! it makes my heart happy. i'm going to go watch this one now too. ps. don't see the movie that is currently out with these two, blended.  we saw it out of boredom and got even more bored.

classic!! classic!! classic chick flick! right? okay now i am just getting hungry for these chick flicks and i need to host a marathon. who wants to join me?

my awesome husband got this for me for my birthday! he had never seen it! can you believe it?!? i love this movie so much.  i love the whole "he doesn't see what's right in front of him until he snaps out of his stupidity."

this movie is so romantic.  we watched this when we were  dating and were newly in love and it was just swell.  am i the only one who loves this movie?

do i have something for matthew mcconaughey?? this chick flick needs no explanation.

all the smiles! and another "doesn't see what's right in front of them!" guard your treasure! eat the pringles! 


okay, so i watched this when i was bored one sunday night and it was on neflix, so there ya go. it's all ridiculous.  classic stupid chick flick, where the girl "accidentally" gets a good paying, smart job in the big city and falls in love with her boss while she is the only one who wears cute clothes in the entire office. you know.

really, they are all just dating the same guy.  i couldn't get through it.  so stupid. and the only other thing i have seen sofia vergara in besides modern family.  ps. she just broke off her engagement because their relationship "wasn't fun anymore." um....... hello????? how old are you??

sometimes i love this movie, and sometimes i'm like, why do i love this movie.  so, its a bit of a flip and flopper. but nonetheless, it is pretty silly. but you can suffer through it because of duh, chris pine.

why is voldemort in a chick flick.  why would you try on clothes from the room you're cleaning. why? somebody explain this to me.

what are your favorite chick flicks?

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  1. I totally agree with your worst picks but... I didn't like 50 first dates! eeek! I think Adam SAndler humor isn't for everyone haha

  2. Ohhh man, I LOVED 50 first dates. He is willing to remind her all the time about their love?! MELT!!!! ;)

  3. I love Win a Date with Tad Hamilton and the soundtrack was basically the soundtrack to my early college years. I still bring up the smiles all the time and my husband hates it. I need to watch it again!

  4. I missed the part where it switched over to the "worst" and I thought you were counting Beauty and the Briefcase as a "best"...I was thinking that was pretty crazy. Haha. Great list!

  5. So I definitely haven't seen like any of these movies except for How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days & 50 First Dates... I think I need to get on my chick flick watching... Perhaps it is time to sign up for Netflix lol

  6. I'm not a chick flick person but Crazy Stupid Love was great! I don't think I've seen it since it first came out, I need to watch it again!

  7. I LOVE 50 First Dates and totally just did a post on it today! One of my favorite movies ever. Another is Ever After. ;)

  8. Agree but I did love Maid in Manhattan LOL

  9. Crazy Stupid Love is one of the best movies EVER. I love it! So, so much.

  10. I love two of the movies you said were the worst: Maid in Manhattan and Beauty and the Briefcase. Mainly I love anything with J.L.O. in it so I cannot hate and I loved the cheesiness of beauty and the briefcase. But I ABSOLUTELY agree with you about The Wedding Planner. My most favorite romantic movie ever!

  11. Some Kind of Wonderful is soooo good. I've been watching it since I was like 10. It's such an underrated Hughes movie. The Wedding Planner, The Object of My Affection, and The Wedding Singer are my other favorites.

  12. I watched many chick flicks movies but Pretty Women, and “A walk to remember” are some of best movies I ever watched and I never get bored even after watching these movies countless times. You can find more movies on this movies website.

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