Lot 48: not pregnant, not in jail: more weird dreams

June 22, 2014

not pregnant, not in jail: more weird dreams

monday. bleh. i hate you. so much.  it has been kind of rough at work lately and i do not want it to be monday.  my husband and i get really sad on sunday nights because after two days of spending time together, we don't want to go back to being apart all day! i know, i know, we are sooooo pathetic. but this weekend was good!! my nephew and niece had their birthday parties which was so much fun and so cute. i'll share pictures soon.

i have honestly been feeling pretty down about blogging.  i have been comparing myself to other bloggers a lot lately: comparing followers, the amount of money other bloggers make, if  who i think are "cool bloggers" actually read them, etc.  i want to sit at the cool table.  i want to be serena vanderwoodsen but i am more of a liz lemon. but i'll find my way.  bottom line, blogging makes me happy.  so that is why i should do it and ignore everything else.

i think everybody enjoyed this post on my weird dreams so i thought i'd share some more!!

i dreamt taran and i were shopping for an apartment in NYC.  i have always wanted to live in new york (kelly, you are living my dream life), even if living there would only be for a little while. so we were hunting for an apartment to live in, even though we had no jobs lined up there and we had no plans of moving there. i just wanted to have some new york experience of some kind that involved living in the city.  so we met with a realtor and deluded her into thinking we were going to take one of the places.

then we found this enormous 8,000 sq ft, multiple floor apartment that we would have to share with 7 other people.  some roommates were boys, some were girls. we would obviously all share a kitchen.  there was a terrace.  every roommate in the house were dancers.  and i looked to the hubs and was like, "sooooooooooo, lets move in, yeah??"

due to everyone's OBSESSION with orange is the new black (seriously, guys, its getting kind of annoying. i'm sure its a great show!! but lets just talk about something else. i feel the same way with the world cup and the issues with iran.)  i had a dream where i was in prison because i was in this super, super minor car accident that got completely blown out of proportion and i had to go to jail for 5 years.  i literally just bumped somebody else's car and into jail i went. and my mom came to visit me and i was like "i am reading books on law. my  brother-in-law is a lawyer. i am going to get myself out." and i was terrified and so so so scared and i missed my husband. and it was just horrible.

my greatest fear is to be wrongfully accused of a crime and having to go to jail. literally one of my greatest fears. years ago, i had a dream where this happened and my sister turned herself in and said she did it and went to prison for me. she was newly married and i'm like "what about your husband?!?!?"
but that's the kind of sister she is, she goes to jail for you.  when i told her about the dream, she was like "oh yeah, i would totally do that for you.  you wouldn't last.  i would rule over everyone."  yes. yes, she would.

moving on.

then i had a dream where i was pregnant WHICH I'M NOT but when i woke up i was relieved/sad. it is not the time for us to have a baby. we are not ready financially and other personal things and we have only been married for four months for crying out loud!  but we are both so baby hungry and are desperate for a baby.  we talk about our unborn children all the time. we can't wait to meet them.  but now is not the time. so i will just have to cuddle with my nieces and nephews for now. and my sister is 8 months pregnant and could give me a new nephew any day now, so that's exciting!

anywhos, my dreams are weird.

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  1. Oh girl wait until you really do get pregnant, I never knew dreams could get so screwy!

    1. Oh and I would totally choose the taupe or the salmon clutch

  2. You should read this post: http://abziggy.blogspot.com/2014/04/feeling-inadequate-in-blog-world.html about feeling inadequate and comparison in the blog world! It's a hard thing to not do, but it happens to everyone, even the "big" bloggers.

  3. I know what you mean about being down on blogging. Sometimes it's SO hard not to compare ourselves with others. And sometimes I just give into it and use it to push myself to be better.

  4. I too want to be the Serena, but sometimes even she's a hot mess, right? (not that I think you're a hot mess!!!)
    Love the weird dream stories! I dreamt I got into a huge fight with one of my students parents (the nicest of them all) and it was so horrible, I carried it with me all day today.
    Happy Monday!

  5. oh my gosh, Lauren! I adore your blog!! It always makes me so sad when other fabulous writers start feeling down because they're comparing themselves. When I first started, I was doing that all the time and it was taking all of the fun out of it. I pretty much just force myself NOT to do it now. Sometimes I just remind myself, "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle." (Love that one.) Keep believing in yourself! Plus- I really like your weird dream posts, haha!!

  6. I know more followers sounds good in theory, and I struggle with it too, but there are a lot of problems that go with being big - more people to offend and you have to be more careful about everything. I enjoy my community of blog friends, and of course I get irritated when I see bloggers whose posts I think totally stink getting 100 comments and 1000 followers, but then I focus on my people who know me and it's not as big of a deal.


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